Jesus: Son of God, husband, and father?

Most Christians would be appalled if you suggest that Jesus could have gotten married and had a child or children. But if you asked those same Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have been a Perfect husband and father if He was allowed to get married”, everyone will say an emphatic resounding “Yes”. Jesus was a perfect child and grandchild etc. He was also a perfect uncle, nephew, and cousin to His family.

All Christians believe that God created the human race and Jesus is God becoming man (Emmanuel —God with us). Therefore Christians think that God is committing incest with the human race that He has created if Jesus was allowed to get married. But God is a “Spirit ONLY” being. The human flesh, bone, and blood that Jesus has been passed down from Adam and Eve; for the flesh and blood of Jesus aren’t God like (but only houses God’s Spirit)! In the same way, the portable dwelling place of God was The Tabernacle; but the materials that The Tabernacle was made out of, only housed God, and in no way would you consider created materials as revealing the essence or person of God.

There is no New Testament verse or verses that reveal that Jesus got married and had a family; but equally important, there are no Bible verses that forbid Jesus getting married and having a family. If you go back 2,000 years, it was common for a man in his early 20’s to get married and have children; if he didn’t get married, he was a shame and disgrace to his whole family. Also, don’t forget, for Jesus to be a Rabbi 2,000 year ago he had to be at least 30 years of age and married. Jesus didn’t reveal His Deity until “His time had come” (when He is about 30 years of age) and starting His ministry.

The reason that it is ok for Jesus to get married is that Jesus is flesh, bone, and blood just like Mary Magdalene his human wife. The created human body of Jesus is having sex with another created human body of Mary Magdalene (Mary of Bethany, the sister of Lazarus) in marriage and their marriage bed is undefiled. Therefore you can’t say that God is having sex with Magdalene; simply because God doesn’t have a body, but He did put His Spirit in the body of Jesus.

God created sexual procreation and sexual pleasure for humans. Sexual temptation is like a snake biting you, and you need an anti-venom serum. To resist sexual temptation and mental lust, God provides Jesus the same way for all humans to escape sexual temptation; it is called a marriage commitment. After Jesus is married, His marriage bed is undefiled and Jesus is less tempted to sin against God, his body or another person; simply because the Institution of Marriage is the way for Jesus and Mary Magdalene to escape or avoid unnecessary temptation.

We say that God became a man in order to show us how to love God, self, and others. Isn’t it logical that if Jesus was married and had a child; then Jesus could not only show us how to be a better child of God, but He also could show us how to be a better mate and parent? Satan doesn’t want Jesus or men and women in the Ministry “Who know God’s Word” to be examples of being a Godly mate and parent; because Christianity and the family would flourish.

Jesus and all the Apostles and disciples had a right to “Take a wife” because they are all 100 % human beings. Jesus could have come into this world “Full grown” just like Adam and Eve. But God had already established the “Institution of Marriage” and the “Institution of the Family”; so there was no need for Jesus to come into this world “Full grown”.

We should realize that Jesus is our perfect example on this earth of what a perfect human child/teenager/adult, mate, and parent would look like; for He embraces all of our humanity, anything less, just means that Jesus isn’t human like us in our humanity.

Why do Christians get fearful, anxious and angry if I purpose that Jesus was a 100% human male just like Arthur Trafford.? What makes Jesus unworthy to be blessed with a mate and a family? Why would it be a sin for Jesus to be married, since His marriage bed would be undefiled? Many of the Apostles were married and we don’t know anything about their wives or children. We cannot presume Jesus stayed single just because The Bible is silent on the issue; Mary Magdalene is His help-meet, but this is not His wife’s Ministry.

What makes Jesus uniquely different from all other humans born on this earth is that Jesus doesn’t have a created “Human spirit” in His body (but the rest of us do). The Spirit of God came and took up residence in the body of Jesus and that is why The Messiah didn’t sin. The Spirit of God indwells Christians and Christians can’t contaminate God’s Spirit; in the same way, Jesus being born into the human race, with human parents, does not transmit sin into the life or body of Jesus.

When I say that Jesus could have had a wife and children, I am not saying that Jesus started a “Royal bloodline”. Jesus said that “His Kingdom is not of this world”. All Jews and gentiles that have a personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus The Christ are part of “Spiritual Israel”; and Christians should never embrace a type of caste-system and call themselves a Jew, Gentile, slave, free, male or female.

Throughout Christendom, there have always been Christians who have sought to live in opulence and be an ecclesiastical, academic, athletic, political or social elitist type of person. These people trying to say they have Royal blood in their veins; just means they have a problem with the “lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”.

Since it rains on the just and the unjust it is obvious that someone being egotistical and pious about their bloodline just means that when they die their money and prestige with being of no importance to them; but others will try to capitalize on their dead relative’s name recognition, fame, fortune or power.

It is a “Spiritual” Royal bloodline that Jesus started