Our human race would have remained perfect all of these last 200,000 years if our Creator had so desired to not allow sin to ever happen. If sin never happened and contrary to popular belief, this wouldn’t make us ROBOTS. Christians say that they aren’t perfect now, but they are forgiven and will be perfect in the next life (but so is everyone else, also perfect). Most individuals have a religious faith and they should acknowledge that every human ever conceived in the womb is saved, redeemed and a child of God; simply because we are all made in the Image of God.

God allows humans and angels to sin, in order to PROVE: “Only” a non-created being can STAY PERFECT
For our Creator has the opportunity, power and will to remain sinless

All created being learn about sin EXPERIENTIALLY
Once we know how God is different than us, we then know that ONLY OUR SIN NATURE
(what we think, do and say) is cast into hell for eternity
and NOT OUR SPIRIT that is made in the Image of God.

The concepts of heaven and hell are real, necessary and serve a purpose. However, I reject how religionists of all faiths having the mindset of “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. Since we have an all-powerful, loving God who can separate us from our sin ¬nature; and do so WITHOUT HARMING anyone in the process.

And once we are cleansed, we are like the man Mr. “Legion” whom Jesus met in a graveyard who was naked and grieving the loss of a loved one and scaring everyone around him. Emmanuel (God with us) healed the man and this is symbolic of the redemption of all of mankind. God healed Mr. Legion without hurting him in any way. Legion’s sin nature was separated from him and his spirit that is made in the Image of God is now healed.

All religious Holy Writ has one thing in common, every religionist unwittingly teaches that we inversely believe that God has our belief systems. But God says that His thoughts and ways are not sinful like our thoughts and actions. The Apostles said to Jesus “Shall we call down fire from heaven and destroy our enemies”? Every generation and nation wants God to champion their evil causes or agendas. Everyone wants to quote the verse “If God be for us, who can be against us” and claim it specifically applies to their religion only LOL.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” and we know that God allowed religionists to weave error and lies into the tapestry of all faiths. Humans instinctively hate God, because God allows all of us to suffer for the sins of satan, self, and others; which makes us FEEL that God is personally torturing us. Humans also want revenge on everyone who harms them or someone we love. We sometimes want God to punish our enemies with poverty, bad health or death; instead of praying for them to be blessed of God.

When religions teach that their gods want other individuals, tribes or nations to be destroyed, then we know this pagan satanic theology has been added to Holy Writ) in order for their religion to proselytize converts who already believe in a God of wrath and judgment.

We say “God is Love”, but ALL RELIGIONS are saturated with and promoting the expression of hatred and revenge that does not reflect God’s perfect love and compassion to everyone made in the Image of God. Judgmentalism feeds on our hatred and revenge of others different than us, which destroys us spiritually and keeps us from experiencing abundant life in our daily lives.

Universal Salvation embraces TRUE spirituality, logic, agape love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control given to everyone made in the Image of God; who will be living in the presence of Emmanuel (God with us) for eternity. Therefore, let God destroy our sinful nature in hell and place our spirit made in the Image of God in heavenly places.