Greek Mythology and Christianity  Strange Bedfellows

Long before the Christian Bible reveals the virgin birth of their Messiah; there have been many people throughout history that have seen a need for their God or God’s to come into this world via a virgin birth. Greek philosophers also promoted the ultimate religious “fiction” stories; and they too saw a need for their God to be virgin born and totally different and unlike our “Common and normal” birthing process of human reproduction.

What motivates human to believe in the necessity for a virgin birth? The simple truth is that every human understands that their sin nature is received from their parents, and grandparents etc. and they then pass on that sin nature to their children and grandchildren etc. So, logically speaking, a human male getting a human female pregnant would “Automatically” bring a sinful newborn child into this world. These people believe that they have to “Protect” their God from the sin nature that is transmitted to the next generation via male and female procreation. But humans should not perceive that their God has the same limitation or vulnerability that humans have.

What makes the virgin birth an illogical option in preventing sin from being transmitted to an “Unborn God” (in the flesh) is because a “Sinful human” mother would also transmit that same sin nature to her unborn God-child! Some Christians teach that Mary was virgin born so that Mary would be pure and therefore not contaminate Jesus with a sin nature. The Christian New Testament teaches that every created human spirit that is in a newborn child has a sin nature, and there is not even one exception.

Every Christian will shout and say that their Christian Messiah is an exception to the rule. Since I said every “Created” human spirit, then it is obvious that I can’t include Jesus with the mass of humanity that has been born into our world!  Our Spirit God is not a created being, but He is the Creator of all things.  God has no past or future; for His state of being is a “Present tense” kind of existence that can’t be corrupted in this sinful universe of humanity.

Christians believe that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that God dwells in them because they are a chosen vessel (not a pure or perfect vessel).  The only reason that Jesus the Christian Messiah is not corrupted by Joseph and Mary’s sexual union and conception of Jesus, is because God didn’t put a “Human created spirit” in the body of Jesus but He put His own Spirit in their child. Which makes Jesus 100% God because it is the Spirit of God that is in Jesus; and Jesus is 100% human because of Joseph’s sperm and Mary’s egg. Arthur Trafford and everyone else receives at conception a human, created spirit from God and our spirits can and will sin. The Spirit of God in Jesus The Christ cannot sin or be touched or changed by sin even in the womb of Mary.

You do realize that the Christian Messiah could have come into the world full grown, just like Adam and Eve? The reason “A birth” was involved for the Messiah is because God had already established the Institution of Holy Matrimony thousands of years earlier between Adam & Eve; and the consummation of their spiritual, emotional, and sexual union produced all the families that preceded The Messiah. The Institution of Marriage and the Family are the highest callings of God that you can enjoy while you are in the full-time ministry of God’s Work, or simply enjoying marriage and family in a secular vocation.

Many Christians will reject the above information because they believe that the 21 Century Christians have the same Bible and belief systems that the 1st Century Christians embraced and taught. The Protestant Reformation is the “Danger” warning light that proves that someone has already altered and blended their Pagan and Christian belief system that now expresses a more humanistic, pragmatic, understandable, and practical worldview.

It is true that there has always been a “remnant” that have “Kept the faith” all these 2,000 years, but Paul warned that after his death, grievous wolves would come in and not spare the flock. Some new ex-pagan Christians felt their way to have their Savior born without sin is to add scripture of a virgin birth story so that their Jesus would stay sinless. For everyone knows that males and females produce sinners in 100% of conceptions.

Satan gets blamed for much of what goes wrong in this world. I can sin and jokingly say to someone, “The Devil made me do it”. Satan smile at Jesus and says, “You know I didn’t tempt Arthur; he sinned on his own”. Well-meaning Christians almost 2,000 years ago wanted their loved ones, friends and even strangers to accept Jesus The Christ as their Savior. But the pagans they witnessed to couldn’t accept a God-Savior born of Joseph and Mary, because they perceived He must also have a sin nature because He is their biological son. Their pagan mindset has the solution that keeps His Deity and sinlessness intact and will lead other pagans to Christ. Eliminate an earthly father from His conception and all pagans who already believe in a virgin birth will no longer be a stumbling block that would cause them to reject the Christian Messiah.

But the virgin birth had a different effect on the Jewish community. The Jews initially reject Jesus because they couldn’t wrap their minds around the concept of a suffering servant / and ruling King Messiah. Plus the Jews know that their Messiah is a blood relative of the Davidic Covenant. Joseph is related to King David but the Christians now insist that Joseph is Jesus’ step-father; which means this Jesus can’t be their Messiah if He is said to be virgin born.

Say a man is about to get married and he introduces himself as Jack and says, this is my fiancée Jill and we love each other very much. Wouldn’t it be strange if the other person asked Jill, “Who do you want to be the father of your child or children”? Jill would probably laugh and say, that’s a ridiculous question, but then she would smile and say she wants Jack to give her sons that are as nice and handsome as Jack. And Jack will speak up and add that if he has any daughters that he hopes they are as nice and pretty as Jill. She would never say that she wants God to be the father of any of her children.

If Jill was raped a few days later and she realizes that she is pregnant by this stranger, should they still get married? In this case, Jack encourages her to get some counseling but insists that since they love each other, they should get married anyway. They have decided that the child should be allowed to live and be given up for adoption. Should Jill tell Jack that he can’t have any sexual contact with her until after the child is born? And I would say what a stupid suggestion. Obviously, near the end of nine months, the husband wouldn’t want his whole body weight on top of the mother-with-child. A wife refusing sex (when the marriage bed is undefiled in marriage) would be a sin against the Institution of Marriage, and maybe motivate the husband to commit adultery on his wife, or at least cause him unnecessary emotional and physical stress.

Mary the mother of Jesus refusing sex with Joseph in marriage would be her embracing pagan mythology and thinking that sex with Joseph would be displeasing to God or the “God-child” in her womb, which is ridiculous. Simply because God created the sexual experience, and no amount of foreplay and sex between Joseph and Mary is going to make Jesus a sinner. What is amazing is that Mary isn’t given a choice (you will have a child) which is a very patriarchal dogma; which means that Mary is being raped by God Himself. And Mary isn’t the only virtuous Godly woman on the earth at that time!

Mary could not or would not ever tell anyone about her immaculate conception; because no one would believe her. She would have been branded an adulterer. Joseph could have taken her to court and charge Mary with adultery. Joseph could swear on The Torah Bible and used the Clinton quote “I have never had sexual intercourse with that woman” and Mary would have been found guilty of adultery. If you think Mary told her family and Joseph’s family, her Synagogue leaders and all of her friends and even strangers in her hometown that she gave birth as a virgin, you are ignoring human nature. Everyone would say she is delusional and they would laugh at her or scorn and condemn her for Mary’s perceived act of adultery against Joseph. Her first child would forever be branded as Mary’s bastard child and other children would tease Him and call Him Mr. Virgin baby.

One religious leader said to his friend, isn’t this Jesus the Son of Joseph. Everyone who ever met Jesus considered Him the son of Joseph and Mary. Peter, James, John, and Paul knew Jesus as Joseph’s son, and their writings comprise most of the New Testament writings and never did any of them write a word about a miraculous virgin birth. None of these writers ever honored Mary by saying that “‘We are gathered together today to honor the Virgin Mary and thank her for her moral purity and letting God impregnate her. And no one ever congratulated or thanked the perpetual horny Joseph for doing without sex for over nine months (that was the real miracle) L.O.L.

When Jesus was asked to do a miracle and turn water into wine, Jesus said that His time had not yet come. He was waiting for the right time to reveal His message and Deity. He is about 30 and he doesn’t want to reveal Himself to the world; so you can know for sure that His conception, birth, and childhood were to be a secret so that Satan and evil men and women can’t harm Jesus or others.

Mary would do what most “Normal” women would do when they realize they are pregnant, especially if they are engaged and pregnant by someone else. Mary will say to Joseph, “I know we were going to wait another 6 months to get married, but I love you so much that I want to marry you and make love to you and have a child very soon”. Joseph and Mary both look forward to enjoying consummating their marriage vows because they love each other. Mary is hiding this problem pregnancy by having sex with Joseph and passing the child Jesus off as Joseph’s son (her action is not a sin in this case).

The Bible indicates that God loves Mary and He is pleased with the person that she has become. But God has a strange way of expressing His love for Mary. God says He is going to get her pregnant, and in doing so, everyone she tells about her virgin birth will think she is more like a prostitute than a righteous servant of God (no human will ever believe her story—why should they) All God had to do is motivate Joseph and Mary to get married on a certain day; God impregnates Mary at 12 Noon that day and has Joseph and Mary get married at 6 P.M. and they consummate their marriage at 10 P.M. PROBLEM SOLVED (if Mary is already pregnant, Joseph can’t get her pregnant). God doesn’t need to tell Joseph and Mary that this child isn’t a child produced by them; because Jesus’ time for his 15 minutes of fame is to be about 30 years later.

Apparently, the God of the Christians is guilty of getting all of Rachael’s children murdered by King Herod, ruining Mary’s reputation and that of her family and Joseph’s, and claiming a virgin birth. When an international corporation is marketing a new high-tech product, it will take every legal and practical measure to protect their corporate goals and only share information on a need-to-know basis. When it is time to share the new product with the world, then and only then will they completely reveal everything that was previously top secret and private. God had no reason to put Jesus in the “Spotlight” when Jesus is young. God telling Satan and evil individuals on the earth who the baby Messiah is and where they can find Him is making God look pretty stupid! When Jesus is full grown, then He is ready for the responsibility of starting His ministry and not a day sooner does He need the “Praise, honor and the attention of humans”.

The miracles that Jesus and the Apostles performed are the only miracles that validate the Deity and message of Jesus The Christ. The virgin birth couldn’t be substantiated in a court of law or by anyone in the medical profession 2,000 years ago. And not one person in the family of God that lived 2,000 years ago is going to believe a message that parallels or is a mirror image of Greek mythology.

If you were God Redeeming mankind, what could you do to keep “Humans” from stealing Your Glory? You would delay the “Good News of The Christ until, He in His adult ministry starts proclaiming His Salvation Message for 3 plus years that continued for 40 days after the Resurrection, and only His miracles as an adult validated His Deity, Power, and Glory; for a virgin birth IS NOT a bonafide, viable or recognizable miracle. Jesus said that if you don’t believe His Words, then believe because of all the miracles you see. A virgin birth never opens the eyes of an unbeliever and causes them to repent and accept The Messiah as Savior.

God’s Spoken Word was changed in the garden when Satan misquoted God’s Word; but God didn’t stop Lucifer from saying what he said, because Adam and Eve already had been told The Truth. In the same way, God’s written Word was change before the Protestant Reformation and the Protestants being human were also deceived and didn’t understand how humans wanted to steal God’s Glory, and have a religion that makes sense to them.

All the attention that Jesus gets in His early childhood in the added Scriptures is to put humans center stage and in the spotlight with the King of Kings and Lord or Lord’s. Joseph and Mary probably gave Jesus 33 birthday parties while He was on this earth, and not one time did they tell their family and friends and Synagogue leaders to “Come over to our house tomorrow and we will be praising God and celebrating the birth of our oldest son Jesus The Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord or Lord’s”. When Jesus was 5, 15, 25, and 29, he never raised anyone from the dead, never gave sight to the blind and never healed a leaper simply because his earthly ministry was not to start until Joseph’s death and that established Him as “Head of household” and the Spiritual leader of His family. For if Jesus is the Messiah and God in the flesh, God’s leadership can’t be subservient to a created being “Joseph”. It wouldn’t be right for Joseph to have more honor that the Messiah, and have Joseph in “The spotlight”, stealing God’s Glory.

If FBI agents are conducting a sting operation, they do not infiltrate a gang and tell the leader of the gang who they really are until they are ready to arrest them for crimes committed; and the gang members will never observe the undercover agents showing the FBI letters on their caps, vests or car door before the bust is made. Jesus is like an FBI agent who waits to lead a covert “Sleeper cell” group (The Apostles) 30 years later in time, that is to overthrow Satan’s kingdom and establish Himself as King of His new Kingdom; and the Son of God doesn’t want His Devine Mission to be compromised before God’s assigned starting date of the mission is to begin. The murder of Rachael’s children by the Roman soldiers looking to kill Jesus was preventable. God did not want Satan, King Herod, or any other evil people to kill the very individuals that The Messiah has come into this world to seek and save those who are lost. The death of Rachael’s 5 sons reveals the shocking truth that human logic and God’s ways are different. The God I believe in and serve would keep silent and preserve life while humans are screaming at the top of their voices “Mary virgin birth, Mary virgin birth, Mary virgin birth”. Innocent people died when religious people seek to share the “Spotlight” with God, and steal God’s Glory and try to pretend “Their human involvement of good works” contribute to or complete the work of God’s Salvation.

Rachael could have told Satan, Joseph, and Mary that they caused the needless death of her 5 sons. When Jesus started His Ministry, He was very grieved that His cover was blown 30 years before God was ready to share His Messiah with the world. If Rachael had any daughters that come to where He was preaching, I am sure that Jesus would have embraced them and cried on their shoulders and said “It wasn’t God’s plan to have any one of your brothers suffer, for the suffering servant Messiah is the ONLY person who is worthy to pay the penalty of our sins. None of Rachael’s sons contributed to Christ’s sacrifice simply because no human sacrifice creates, adds to or finishes God’s plan of Salvation for mankind; for no one is worthy to share the “Spotlight” with our Holy God.

Especially at Christmas, try to think of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, without exalting humans and giving them equal status and Glory with God, that only God deserves.  Jesus will bless us for not stealing His Glory, and giving it to people in His childhood story.  For in reality, only God is Good and deserving of our thoughts and prayers. Our Messiah is the King of Kings and Lord or Lord’s, and don’t let Mary, a church denomination or a doctrine steal God’s Glory FOR OUR GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD!!!

P.S. Joseph, Mary and Jesus having to flee the country because of King Herod is a hilariously funny concept. Think about it, the God of the universe can get a virgin pregnant but He can’t protect the Messiah and His family where they are. If Herod could have had at his disposal all the weapons of the United States military and Coast Guard; King Jesus would be in no danger! This reveals a very pagan mythology that expresses that our God with His plans experiences the same struggles and limitations that we humans are plagued with.


(1) The New Testament Church members should only pray to and worshiped God the Father in the name of the Son and in the power of His Spirit. Christian should never pray to a dead Saint of God for that is blasphemy, and angers The Holy Spirit.

(2) Mary is not co-redeemer with Christ. Mary referred to Jesus as her Savior, only sinners need a Savior.

(3) Confess your faults to one another and pray for one another (friend, neighbor, co-worker or any church member). No one can forgive sin but God.

(4) Jesus, His Apostles, and disciples never extorted money from sinners in order to make the Church wealthy, endorsing forgiveness through indulgences (Christians paying money instead of repenting).

(5) Christians are told never to deny that Jesus has come in the flesh. Jesus’ human being flesh is a blend of His human mother’s flesh that has been woven into the fabric of His human father’s flesh which then produced the God-man that we call Jesus The Christ.  No one denies the flesh of Jesus in Mary’s womb, but everyone denies the flesh of Jesus that is produced by Joseph; which makes Jesus 50% human and not like you and me.

(6) All Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians are to worship on the Sabbath Day (Saturday). On the first Sabbath Day, there is only Adam, Eve and God on this earth (this is not a Jewish tradition), but a Command from God on “His” chosen Day of Rest.

(7) Christians believed that the Word of God and the Messiah are the “Message” to be preached and focused on; and no Christian or Christian leader is to be put on a pedestal and considered more righteous than any other Christian.

(8) Christians are saved to perform good works but they are never saved because of their good works.

(9) When piety (self-righteousness) is married to celibacy (moral purity) you have a very “Unholy” marriage; repent and get married and have all the companionship, sexual pleasure and children that God’s gives you.

A. Sexual temptation is like a snake biting you, and you need an anti-venom serum.

To resist sexual temptation and mental lust, God provides a way for males and females to escape temptation; it is called a marriage commitment.

(10) God’s Word and the council from God’s people are a more reliable source of truth than Joseph or Mary taking guidance from dreams and visions which become two sure ways to be deceived by Satan who appears as an angel of light who motivates them and us to embrace pagan mythology!!!


“A complicating factor is that the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Torah –the five books of Moses) does not contain the book of Isaiah. It was added later, perhaps even after the fall of the Temple (70 AD). And there were varying versions of the Septuagint by this time, as well, muddying the issue.

In later years, c. 300 AD, the Septuagint copied for Jews said ‘almah’, and the version made for Christians said ‘bethulah’. Unfortunately, we do not have an older copy of the Septuagint to see what the original said. So there is no way to prove it either way.

However, the verse has no relation to Jesus, actually. The leading modern scholar on this question is Raymond Brown. His summation is:

“Isaiah 7:14 does not refer to a virginal conception in the distant future” but to “the imminent birth of a child, probably Davidic, but naturally conceived” (§ 5B2, i.e. p. 148).

Raymond Brown’s Birth of the Messiah

Since this comes from a renowned authority who is Catholic (and thus going against his biases), this conclusion carries special weight here.

Brown points out that a man might in the future take as a bride someone who is now a virgin. On that reading, “a virgin will conceive” in the sense that someone who is now a virgin, at the time Isaiah spoke, would at some point marry and have a child (possibly even conceiving the moment she loses her virginity). Certainly that would be considered a fulfillment of the prophecy.