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Hopefully some of my hind-sights are 20/20

Hopefully, some of my hind-sights are  20/20

Some of my friends and co-workers have known me for many years. I love to talk, tease and be lighthearted, but I didn’t realize that even in laughter the heart may be in pain, which described my situation.

Working long hours and trying to do a good job didn’t solve or resolve my hidden emotions of the past, buried in a sea of pain. Even though I am not looking for sympathy, I do believe all of humanity, struggles with life in varying degrees. It doesn’t matter if my experiences are less than, equal to, or greater than the pain in your life; what matters is that I find out what keeps me from loving and forgiving myself and others.

Time wise, work is the biggest part of my life, and I am here to offer service to the public and assistance to co-workers. In March of 2000 I cried when I became aware that most of my life, especially at work, I was too judgmental, and very often giving others that disapproving look. I just knew they were my problem, or “the” problem. I wanted to change them, but I am only responsible for myself, I am not their supervisor. These words express my apology! Ok, so I am a few years late; I was a slow learner, but better late than never.

To those that I have worked with in the past; what really brought joy to my life was having the opportunity to spend my life doing something “legal, moral, and non-fattening” that’s right- working with others! I enjoyed interacting with them, sometimes making them laugh, and always wanting to make their job and mine easier and more productive.

Being human, I can and will regress to less than positive responses to life situations, but I am striving to seek to be “free” to be myself, enjoying life instead of enduring it. Hopefully, I will spend the rest of my life seeking maturity and not perfection.

We are not born to condemn each other’s weaknesses or to envy each other’s strengths.

A loving attitude means you don’t under or overreact in what you think, do, or say.

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