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I really enjoy expressing my thoughts for you to read on electronic paper.

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Spiritual Tweets # 1

Arthur Trafford, The Press Secretary for Emmanuel (God with us)

Sharing Spiritual tweets with everyone made in the Image of God.


God allowed sin so that finite humans would not be delusional and think their perfection is equal to our Creators righteousness & purity.


All humans are made in...

Universal Salvation

Our human race would have remained perfect all of these last 200,000 years if our Creator had so desired to not allow sin to ever happen. If sin never happened and contrary to popular belief, this wouldn’t make us ROBOTS. Christians say that they aren’t perfect now, but they are...

How Universal Salvation has been destroyed

How Universal Salvation has been destroyed

In the hearts and minds of everyone

Made in the image of God

Individuals in all small or world religions have one thing in common, almost all want or desire to have God made in their image.  Whatever we would want to happen...

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Barabbas

I wish to enlighten everyone made in the image of God, that an all-powerful, all-loving God has the opportunity, desire, and ability to save all humans created in the image of God; be it today or 200,000 years ago.

A Christian will be considered a heretic...

Will each of us have a soul-mate in heaven?

Are all relationships in heaven PLATONIC or a mixture of emotional and physical intimacy?

Since Adam had a soul-mate while he and Eve were perfect; then it should be obvious that everyone made in the Image of God would have the same OPTION (in order to be complete...

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