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Someone has said that the Democrats and Republican are two sides of the same coin.  I asked one young lady, “Would you rather be raped by a Democrat, Republican or a third party candidate; and she said ‘By none of them’”.

Penn State University

Humans by nature are egocentric, self-centered and all of us want to protect what we dearly love and cherish.  Employees at the highest and lowest pay-scale at Penn State were all fearful if these dirty little secrets were made public. 

Martin & Zimmerman

In the Zimmerman court trial, it looked like neither the prosecution nor the defense attorneys could prove that Martin or Zimmerman was a racist before the Martin – Zimmerman conflict encounter.  So I don’t think it is appropriate for Americans to beat the “War Drums” of “Racial discrimination” every time...

Confronting Evil

Dear concerned citizens of the United States of America:

Today Sunday 5-31-2009 we witnessed an end to the controversial services Dr. George Tillerprovided women at his clinic.  Dr. Tiller had very much in common with the infamous Chancellor and President of Germany (early 1940’s). They both waited for the winds-of-change...

Illegals, Bush & Israel

Dear friend:
Just thought you might like the following politically incorrect signs that I have created. Maybe you can post it on your website. Scan it and add my random thought letter on the "illegal" subject, and send it as an e-mail to your loved ones, friends, and even...


Health-Care workers

Healthcare professionals can get guidance from the 6 Nobel Prize categories and glean an understanding of how all 6 fields of accomplishments applied to health care can prevent, cure or minimize the spread of diseases.

The “Prize” or reward for health care professionals is to acknowledge that literature,...

Baby boomers and Health-Care

Baby boomers & health-care

Baby boomers have given life to the sinister, wicked and criminal ("New goose") that lays the non-golden eggs, no gold for the sick, poor, or those who inherit!!! This goose is symbolic of the evil and unholy marriage of health-care and capitalism. Everyone longs for and...

Death of a loved one or friend

These 2 poems should be shared with all humans made in the Image of God; who have hidden or damaged emotions that are buried in a Sea of Pain. 

I went to a psychologist when I was 50.  I said to the counselor that I...

A Love Poem

By Unknown Author

That love is more than fascination,
Is not a foolish proclamation;

For it's the thrill of admiration
Accompanied by fond elation,

In some romantic situation,
According to one's inclination.

So, if you get me implication,
Here is my ardent declaration;

To love you is my avocation --

My Choices In Life

Nothing I can do or say

Will make Gods' love go away


Even when I do what I should

God doesn't love me more because I'm good


I try to live life and experience contentment

I reach out to others and receive their resentment


The pain I endured has stayed with me


Jesus is like us

Jesus came into this world and took on all of our humanity in order to be “Like us”. He had all the human desires we experience and enjoy; to eat, sleep, be with friends, and have a mate and children. God created sex and marriage; so you can’t say it...

Spiritual tweets # 2

Arthur Trafford, The Press Secretary for Emmanuel (God with us)

Sharing Spiritual tweets with everyone made in the Image of God.


#God #saved & #redeemed me without MY HELP. I CHOOSE 2 embrace the abundant life on earth; honor God’s commandments & love God self & others


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