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Mary co-edeemer with Jesus?

Does the virgin birth of Jesus mean that Mary is co-redeemer (co-Redemptrix) with Jesus in our salvation?

Some Catholics would embrace this theological viewpoint while few Protestants would concur with that statement. Since most Catholics AND Protestants agree that Jesus would have a sin nature if Joseph were the father...

Many Mythological Virgins

The TRUE reasons why Christians believe in the virgin birth.

The reasons why Christians and pagans teach the virgin birth these last 1700 year.

It is true that the virgin births are spoken about by the pagans and taught in Greek Mythology NEVER happened to any teenage or adult female....

15 Minutes of Fame

What part of the “Not my time” concept do Christian not understand about the starting of the Messiah’s Ministry! Jesus said “No” to His mother’s request that would have gotten Him His 15 minutes of fame and at the same time pleased His mother instead of God. Only His Heavenly...

Counterfeit messiah

Taken from

Dear Rabbi,
Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? Doesn’t it say in the Psalms, “They pierced my hands and feet”? Doesn’t Isaiah say, “Behold a virgin shall give birth”?

1 Scriptural References In order to understand anything in the Torah...

Jesus came in the flesh

Who are those individuals these last 1,700 years who do not believe that Jesus came IN THE FLESH?

There is only one question that needs to be answered in this essay. Who are the individuals who “Refuse to believe” that Jesus came IN THE FLESH? “For many deceivers are entered...

Deifying human flesh

I have to acknowledge that Christians deify the human body of Jesus.  In the 1st Century, Jews and gentiles had diametrically opposing views on who the father of Jesus is.  By the 4th Century all of the Apostles, their children and grandchildren are dead; and there is no one to defend what...

Jesus and Marriage

Most Christians would be appalled if you suggest that Jesus could have gotten married and had a child.  But if you asked those same Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have been a “Perfect” husband and father if He was allowed to get married;...

Emanuel & Jesus

Emanuel   &   Jesus

The words “Emanuel” and “Jesus” represent two separate and distinct conceptual ideas that emphatically delineate the crystal clear differences between God and Jesus.  My concept of “One” God is motivated by the Bible...

Most eligible bachelor, Jesus

Most eligible bachelor, Jesus

In the 21st Century U.S.A., the tabloids and Hollywood’s high society will portray the most eligible bachelors as men who are charming, handsome, muscular, quick-witted, have name recognition, fame and a whole lot of “Show me the money” (for later, alimony and child-support payments) L.O.L.


Was Jesus allowed to marry?

Jesus: Son of God, husband, and father?

Most Christians would be appalled if you suggest that Jesus could have gotten married and had a child or children. But if you asked those same Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have been a Perfect husband and father if He was allowed...

Jesus, Facts & Fiction Blended

My concern is that the factual truths about Jesus have fictional pagan mythology roots woven into the fabric of Christianity. I could say good things about you, and say you graduated from Harvard and you have been married for 10 years and have 3 children. If that statement is a...

Stealing God’s Glory

I heard an actor say that he doesn't like to work with children or animals, simply because they can "Steal the show" from him; not because they are gifted thespians (not the animals--haha), but because they now are considered equal to or more important than the star of the show.


Christians Word of God

Christians' varied interpretation of the Word of God

Most evangelical Christians embrace the idea that their denominational Bible is inerrant, infallible and the “Perfect” Word of God. My assertion is that there is nothing perfect in this fallen, sinful world, especially language. Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Spanish, and English, etc. all...

Changes in Christianity

My response to someone named Rebecca:

Thanks for your reply; and adding “God bless you”.

You made a general statement "Stick to what it says in the bible”. Whose Bible? Mormon, Jehovah Witness, King James, Catholic or Islam Bible etc. (they “All” have traditions of men added to them.


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