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Someone has said that the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin.  I asked one young lady, “Would you rather be raped by a Democrat, Republican, or a third-party candidate; and she said ‘By none of them”.

Christian denominations

No Christian denominations in 1st Century churches

People of faith were first called Christians in the city of Antioch. No 1st Century Christians embraced any ecclesiastical faith that reflected an intense or passionate desire to promote any human church traditions. It is a matter of fact that God has never...

Deifying human flesh

I have to acknowledge that Christians deify the human body of Jesus.  In the 1st Century, Jews and gentiles had diametrically opposing views on who the father of Jesus is.  By the 4th Century all of the Apostles, their children and grandchildren are dead; and there is no one to defend what...

The Tribulation

Recently I became aware that the falling away (apostasy of the church), the great tribulation, and the anti-Christ being revealed all began and happened in the past.

I have two major presuppositions about life: Satan tries to hide the truth from us, and if he can't, then he wants us...

Penn State University

Humans by nature are egocentric, self-centered and all of us want to protect what we dearly love and cherish.  Employees at the highest and lowest pay-scale at Penn State were all fearful if these dirty little secrets were made public. 

Jesus is like us

Jesus came into this world and took on all of our humanity in order to be “Like us”. He had all the human desires we experience and enjoy; to eat, sleep, be with friends, and have a mate and children. God created sex and marriage; so you can’t say it...

How Universal Salvation has been destroyed

How Universal Salvation has been destroyed

In the hearts and minds of everyone

Made in the image of God

Individuals in all small or world religions have one thing in common, almost all want or desire to have God made in their image.  Whatever we would want to happen...

Confess and repent?

Confess and repent?

God DOESN’T FORCE our sin nature to confess and repent

The bottom line concept upfront is:

Only God is responsible for saving us and giving us eternal life “Spiritual salvation” (no human actions of good thoughts or works is required or needed). Unless someone thinks they are...

Mary and Joseph

Most people try to think that Mary's moral character is more important than Joseph's.

I assure you that Joseph was her equal concerning their righteous relationship with God and each other! Joseph and Mary were not perfect, and the sins they did, and you and I "Do commit" is what...

Martin & Zimmerman

In the Zimmerman court trial, it looked like neither the prosecution nor the defense attorneys could prove that Martin or Zimmerman was a racist before the Martin – Zimmerman conflict encounter.  So I don’t think it is appropriate for Americans to beat the “War Drums” of “Racial discrimination” every time...

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Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Barabbas

I wish to enlighten everyone made in the image of God, that an all-powerful, all-loving God has the opportunity, desire, and ability to save all humans created in the image of God; be it today or 200,000 years ago.

A Christian will be considered a heretic...

Confronting Evil

Dear concerned citizens of the United States of America:

Today Sunday 5-31-2009 we witnessed an end to the controversial services Dr. George Tillerprovided women at his clinic.  Dr. Tiller had very much in common with the infamous Chancellor and President of Germany (early 1940’s). They both waited for the winds-of-change...


Miracles: Degree of difficulty

A conservative Protestant point of view with some novel twists

Christians are especially intrigued by the concept of miracles. Most of us have never seen what we would consider a miracle. Our Christian faith demands that we believe in miracles or at least believe in the...

Names of God and our salvation

Names of God and our salvation

God provides our sacrifice with no human intervention for human intervention is only profitable for experiencing the abundant life on earth, which is human accountability to God, self, and others and has nothing to do with me or another being or getting saved. Jesus...

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