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Confess and repent?

Confess and repent?

God DOESN’T FORCE our sin nature to confess and repent

The bottom line concept upfront is:

Only God is responsible for saving us and giving us eternal life “Spiritual salvation” (no human actions of good thoughts or works is required or needed). Unless someone thinks they are...

Names of God and our salvation

Names of God and our salvation

God provides our sacrifice with no human intervention for human intervention is only profitable for experiencing the abundant life on earth, which is human accountability to God, self, and others and has nothing to do with me or another being or getting saved. Jesus...

In the Image of God

Hello friend:

Thanks for your reply to my essays on website.

(1) In my interpretation of Christian Scriptures, I should believe that God loves (equally) all of the 900 billion humans born to Adam and Eve.

(2) God is able to separate every human from their sins and only...

Mary and Joseph

Most people try to think that Mary's moral character is more important than Joseph's.

I assure you that Joseph was her equal concerning their righteous relationship with God and each other! Joseph and Mary were not perfect, and the sins they did, and you and I "Do commit" is what...


Miracles: Degree of difficulty

A conservative Protestant point of view with some novel twists

Christians are especially intrigued by the concept of miracles. Most of us have never seen what we would consider a miracle. Our Christian faith demands that we believe in miracles or at least believe in the...

Abraham & Mary

I have been thinking about Abraham and Mary the mother of Jesus and realized that God put much more pressure and stress on Abraham than he did Mary.

Abraham didn't understand God telling him to kill his son on an altar, but he did know that God made a Covenant...

Rebekah, wife of Isaac

Rebekah, wife of Isaac ESSAY

Eliezer is the oldest servant of Abraham who is sent to go back home to Aram-naharaim and seek-out a wife for Isaac. In Genesis 24: 42 Eliezer prays to God that a “YOUNG WOMAN” will offer him a drink and also water his camels. If...

Dysfunctional family members

Dysfunctional family members of Jesus ESSAY

Yes, I do admit that the virgin birth is in the Christian Bible. But all of you ignore why it is spoken of in the Bible.

Christian’s keep saying Jesus is like us and they might even quote the verse “For this reason, he...

Truth about Jesus Joseph Mary

Greek Mythology and Christianity  - Strange Bedfellows

Long before the Christian Bible reveals the virgin birth of their Messiah; there have been many people throughout history that have seen a need for their God...

Miracles Trump Virgin Birth

The miracle of God Creating 2 human beings in the Garden of Eden trumps any virgin birth.

Not only did God not need a human father to create Adam or Eve, but God also didn’t need mothers to conceive either of them. God would prefer that both Joseph and Mary...

God, Jesus and Mary

Mary can only be a mother to a normal human being, Mary can’t be pregnant and give birth to a spirit because a spirit doesn’t have a body.

Mary can’t be a surrogate mother of God because a “Surrogate” mother bears a child on behalf of another woman. God is...

Pagan Mythological Birth

Hello Barry, thanks for the reply. As long as you think that the 1st Century Church’s taught that ancient pagan religions and Greek Mythology are a part of the same Theological beliefs as the Jewish community believe (then and now); then we will never be on the same page.


Water into Wine


The first miracle that Jesus did was turning water into wine John 2:1-11. When the mother of Jesus requested that He turn water into wine, Jesus refused and stated that “My time has not yet come”. Did Jesus abandon the will of His Heavenly Father? In...

Mary co-edeemer with Jesus?

Does the virgin birth of Jesus mean that Mary is co-redeemer (co-Redemptrix) with Jesus in our salvation?

Some Catholics would embrace this theological viewpoint while few Protestants would concur with that statement. Since most Catholics AND Protestants agree that Jesus would have a sin nature if Joseph were the father...

Many Mythological Virgins

The TRUE reasons why Christians believe in the virgin birth.

The reasons why Christians and pagans teach the virgin birth these last 1700 year.

It is true that the virgin births are spoken about by the pagans and taught in Greek Mythology NEVER happened to any teenage or adult female....

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