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The Messiah

Is your Messiah a real or counterfeit Messiah?

My Messiah is the same Messiah that is related to King David (of the Davidic Covenant); and the Messiah who walked with and taught the Apostles of Yeshua The Christ. My Messiah is 100 % human and 100 % God; whereas most...

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The Supposed Virgin Birth

The Virgin Birth is a fundamental tenet of most forms of Christianity. Yet it is very odd that none of the earlier Christian books mention it. The book of Mark, probably the first written, makes no mention...

Counterfeit messiah

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Dear Rabbi,
Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? Doesn’t it say in the Psalms, “They pierced my hands and feet”? Doesn’t Isaiah say, “Behold a virgin shall give birth”?

1 Scriptural References In order to understand anything in the Torah...

God’s Love for Humanity

God’s Love for Humanity  ESSAY

Individual Muslims, Jews, and Christians have an innate desire to proclaim that the Creator God loves them and their group “More” than He loves others. From my Christian viewpoint, I would say that God loves “Everyone” equally. In my Bible, I am told that God...

Universal Salvation

Our human race would have remained perfect all of these last 200,000 years if our Creator had so desired to not allow sin to ever happen. If sin never happened and contrary to popular belief, this wouldn’t make us ROBOTS. Christians say that they aren’t perfect now, but they are...

No virgin birth

The no virgin birth of Jesus concept proclaims that Jesus “Is like us in every way”, conception, childhood, teen, adult life and death experience.


Political Trinity

I believe democrats and republicans ARE GUILTY OF THE DECEIT AND LIES LISTED BELOW.

We are a corrupt and sinful nation that has abandon Christian ethics and we need a “Political Trinity” of God, Truth, and Righteousness as our...

The Evolution of Christianity

The Evolution of Christianity

I am a Christian but my views have changed over the years, for I no longer believe “Everything” I hear from religious leaders or read in the various Christian Bibles. Join any religion and all individuals will feel their Jewish, Islam or...

Emanuel & Jesus

Emanuel   &   Jesus

The words “Emanuel” and “Jesus” represent two separate and distinct conceptual ideas that emphatically delineate the crystal clear differences between God and Jesus.  My concept of “One” God is motivated by the Bible...

Jesus and Marriage

Most Christians would be appalled if you suggest that Jesus could have gotten married and had a child.  But if you asked those same Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have been a “Perfect” husband and father if He was allowed to get married;...

Will each of us have a soul-mate in heaven?

Are all relationships in heaven PLATONIC or a mixture of emotional and physical intimacy?

Since Adam had a soul-mate while he and Eve were perfect; then it should be obvious that everyone made in the Image of God would have the same OPTION (in order to be complete...


A Brian Harrington article condensed version.

“Julian Gillard isn't backing down on her hard line stance and one has to appreciate her belief in the rights of her native countrymen. The whole world needs a leader with guts and determination like Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australia.


Christian Gods?

Almost all of humanity believes in either one, a few, or many gods, with very few people being atheist. There is the Hebrew word Emmanuel that is translated "God with us". Which agrees with the verse "Hear, O Israel; the LORD our God is one LORD". There is ONE God...


This essay is written from a logical perspective. From a secular or religious viewpoint, I don’t care if someone embraces a Deist, Theist or atheist worldview; we should all agree that there is no need or reason for humans to be in a place called hell. Plus, I think it...

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