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I really enjoy expressing my thoughts for you to read on electronic paper.

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Spiritual Tweets # 1

Arthur Trafford, The Press Secretary for Emmanuel (God with us)

Sharing Spiritual tweets with everyone made in the Image of God.


God allowed sin so that finite humans would not be delusional and think their perfection is equal to our Creators righteousness & purity.


All humans are made in...

Only God is Good

After someone called Jesus "Good" master, He responded by saying, only God is good.

In the English language, you have a choice of comparisons of good, better, and best. These are relative terms that can only apply in or to the created...

The real Jewish Messiah

There are three changes in Christian Theology: (1) texts are added (2) deleted or (3) mistranslated & interpreted Bible verses; leading to pagan views and Greek mythology being woven into the tapestry of Christianity.  A special thanks to Carrie at website for letting me know about the 3rd reality.

The existence of ALL...

Universal salvation and religious legalism

Too many Christians are basically Christian Pharisee’s who strain a gnat and swallow a camel LOL. They are baptized into legalism and show the cancer of paganism is eating away at our souls (our mind, will and emotions and making us doubt the eternal love of God toward us all.



Individuals, corporations, and governments are all motivated by greed and the lust for money, power, and fame. The best way for them to accomplish their goals is to use wars, religion, ethnicity, and health-care to impose or force unacceptable common national or cultural traditions on the other individuals or nations...

How all humans are saved

How all humans are saved 

All religionists be they of the Jewish, Muslim, or the Christian faith, etc. will not agree on how a person is redeemed of God, saved, sanctified to be pure and holy before our Creator God and saved for eternity.

God dispensing deserved punishment for wrongdoing...

Blood Sacrifices

An Old Testament story

To my fellow believers in Jesus The Christ:

I appreciated the message about Abraham and Isaac. And the comment about Abraham not having an Old Testament scripture to go to in order to help him decide...

Many Mythological Virgins

The TRUE reasons why Christians believe in the virgin birth.

The reasons why Christians and pagans teach the virgin birth these last 1700 year.

It is true that the virgin births are spoken about by the pagans and taught in Greek Mythology NEVER happened to any teenage or adult female....

God’s Nature

Are the Christian and Jewish God masculine and feminine in nature?

In Genesis 1:26 I have always heard that “Let us” make man in our image, after our likeness is referring to God and Jesus; but I no longer believe that doctrine. The “US” is plural, so God being masculine...

In the Image of God

Hello friend:

Thanks for your reply to my essays on website.

(1) In my interpretation of Christian Scriptures, I should believe that God loves (equally) all of the 900 billion humans born to Adam and Eve.

(2) God is able to separate every human from their sins and only...

Spiritual & physical salvation

Analytical assessment of our spiritual versus physical salvation ESSAY

Our Creator Emmanuel (God with us) is responsible for our spiritual salvation. And all humans (in most cases) are responsible for their own physical salvation. The Christian Bible says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,...

Remember The Sabbath Day

I am now aware that all Jews and Christians are to "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy".

Adam and Eve both sinned, so it didn't really matter who sinned first. Adam received more blame because he was to be the spiritual leader and protect his wife....

15 Minutes of Fame

What part of the “Not my time” concept do Christian not understand about the starting of the Messiah’s Ministry! Jesus said “No” to His mother’s request that would have gotten Him His 15 minutes of fame and at the same time pleased His mother instead of God. Only His Heavenly...

Analogies Of the Lord’s Suppe

Analogies Of the Lord's Supper  

During the Lord's Supper, we remember several truths of what Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. The crucifixion, indwelling of the believer, and the goodness of God are all presented in the...

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The Supposed Virgin Birth

The Virgin Birth is a fundamental tenet of most forms of Christianity. Yet it is very odd that none of the earlier Christian books mention it. The book of Mark, probably the first written, makes no mention...

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