I heard an actor say that he doesn’t like to work with children or animals, simply because they can “Steal the show” from him; not because they are gifted thespians (not the animals–haha), but because they now are considered equal to or more important than the star of the show.

The Creator God is the only important actor on the stage of life, and the rest of humanity are only earthly human “Props”. So when you read the Bible and you have God doing good works of Salvation in the lives of men, women, boys, and girls, by the Blood Atonement of the Messiah; you realize that the Messiah doesn’t want to share His Glory with anyone.

Not so incidentally, have you noticed that the Old Testament doesn’t go into elaborate detail about who the Messiah “Specifically” is or where you can find Him. If the Old Testament said you can find the Promised Messiah in Bethlehem 5 miles South of Jerusalem on a certain date and time, and go to 777 Repentance Ln near Salvation Blvd.; and look for the neon billboard just above the stable that says Jesus lives here, then you would have no problem finding Him.

If you were God Redeeming mankind, what could you do to keep “All humans from stealing Your Glory, especially 1st Century Christians? You would complete your Salvation Plan and then make the announcement public, after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For 40 days He walked this earth and was seen by about 500 people. Jesus said that if you don’t believe His Words, then believe because of all the miracles He did (he never told anyone to go talk to His mother about a virgin birth), and Jesus never told any Christian to delete or abolish the Sabbath and go worship on the first day of the week.

God’s spoken word was changed in the garden. Satan misquoted God’s Word in the garden. Satan told Eve “You shall not surely die”. God meant spiritually and Satan meant physically (words are ambiguous). Did you notice that God doesn’t keep Satan from changing His spoken Word? ┬áBeing perfect created beings, Adam and Eve couldn’t understand or embrace the concept of evil or anything negative. Basically, anyone created will sin because we lack God’s desire and ability to not change.

God’s written Word has been changed and added information about the mystical “Virgin birth”. In human history, there are many written stories of individuals born of a virgin. Read the letter under “The Writer” Many Mythological Virgins.

If God’s written word was written in His heavenly language it would be perfect because there is only one definition for any given word. Human language isn’t perfect for a dictionary might have 10 definitions for a given word. There are good, better and best categories in Bible translations (but using the word “Perfect” in a fallen world is somewhat ludicrous, for everyone says their translation is perfect). The Bible warns that the judgment of God is upon those who would change God’s Written Word (if His written word is perfect, then that warning is useless). Nothing is this world is perfect, this is Satan’s domain but Jesus is the light of the world that shines on our dark mind and spirit and helps us to understand enough truth to choose God’s Plan of Salvation.

Joseph and Mary having to flee the country because of King Herod is hilariously funny. Think about it, the God of the universe can get a virgin pregnant but He can’t protect the Messiah and His family where they are living. If Herod could have at his disposal all the weapons of the United States military and Coast Guard; King Jesus would be in no danger!

From the conception of Jesus until He turned 30, Jesus had a normal and non-spectacular life, just a normal-looking Jewish boy who didn’t stand out in a crowd (He looked so normal that John the Baptist needed some help spotting who He is)! Jesus’ desire or need to bring attention to Himself started when he was 30.

All the attention He gets in His early childhood is the way Satan tempts all of humanity to focus on how important humans think they are. Sinful Mary, Joseph, you, me, wise men, shepherds, King Herod and all others who have ever lived on our planet earth, do not share the stage with the King of kings and Lord of lord’s.

Especially at Christmas and Easter, just once try to think of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, without exalting His human creation, and giving them equal status and Glory that only God deserves; and God our Creator will bless you for not stealing His Glory, or giving it to others (Mary or others – good works). For, in reality, only God is Good!