Arthur Trafford, The Press Secretary for Emmanuel (God with us)

Sharing Spiritual tweets with everyone made in the Image of God.


God allowed sin so that finite humans would not be delusional and think their perfection is equal to our Creators righteousness & purity.


All humans are made in God’s Image/our-wheat and our sin nature/our tares are what are cast into hell. Christians muddy the water of TRUTH


God destroyed Israel, in 70 AD and bankers, entrepreneur, religious leaders, lawyers, and politicians established Israel in 1948, & NOT GOD


God’s miracle drugs on earth are the generic ones called PREVENTION. Our physical salvation is in Physician, heal thyself REPENT & serve


Our Bible is for reproofs, corrections, and instructions promoting righteousness but only a heavenly-language that God speaks is perfect.


A virgin birth is unnecessary in religion, for a regular conception and birth is just as miraculous as a virgin birth.


The body of Jesus isn’t Deity but it has God’s Spirit inside. Let Jesus experience a normal birth – marriage and parenthood.


No humans in hell ESSAY. Everyone was Redeemed 2,000 years ago, not just Christians


I told my girlfriend that I want to take her to bed, bath, and beyond.

Her dad told me that I had better be referring to a retail store.


I can cultivate and embrace hatred and fear, of the same and opposite gender, but I should never say that I was born with that mindset


There is a double standard when a US politician can contact the Chinese communists but Trump can’t talk to Russian communists


Christian denominationalism leads to occultism; promoting they know, love and serve GAWD more than others do a self-serving lie from Satan.


Airlines need to apologize & compensate passengers when overbooked and passengers need to obey righteous lawful police commands BOTH REPENT


100’s of Christian denominations say that God started, funds & promotes their group, which makes God the author of confusion & lies LOL


The Apostles didn’t have to argue with the Jews or Gentiles: If I heal your blindness etc. Joseph is the father of Jesus who is the Messiah.


Pagans think their god’s are virgin born to remain perfect; Jews know God’s Spirit in human Tabernacle remains perfect in normal Conception.


Pagans think a pregnant virgin can keep their god perfect, Jews & Christians should know Emmanuel God with us doesn’t need any human help.


If Mary’s virginity is keeping Jesus PERFECT, then Mary is co-redeemer with Christ, who is keeping Jesus perfect and all of us saved a demonic proclamation.


Pagans and Greek Mythology taught all gods, pre-exist their conception; the Pope of Rome wanted Jesus to appear equal to all gods in power.


Jews and Christians know that a son can only exist after conception. There is no mother-of-God in heaven to create the person of Jesus. LOL


One Spiritual name for God is Emmanuel (God with us) and the other part of Him represents the human race, we call Jesus (which isn’t Deity).


We can worship Jesus only because he has no created spirit inside him. Jesus’ every thought or action as a human has to obey the Creator.


Jews, Muslim’s and Christians etc. should know the GOOD NEWS that all humans were SAVED when the Spirit said IT IS FINISHED, 2,000 years ago


ONLY one God: Jesus is praying to God, he is not praying to himself. Flesh & blood will not inherit the Kingdom; worship Spirit, not flesh.


We earn our diseases & we deserve a death sentence when we don’t use organic foods to heal us & promote drugs and surgery for most diseases.


God came into this world to be LIKE US “In every way”. His conception, temptations, and sacrificial death have to mimic human “Normalities”


Christians believe 9 COMMANDMENTS but not the 4th one. God worked 6 days & rested on the 7th. Christians rest the 1st day & work the last 6


If Mary really loves Joseph, she wants him to get her pregnant and give her an orgasm at the same time, no exception (unless she HATES MEN).


God creating a 9 month very dysfunctional marriage 4 Joseph & Mary means God does not love them or promote Jesus being like us in every way.


If I ask Mary, who do you want to get you pregnant, your loving husband or GAWD. She will think I am gruel, insane or have a demonic spirit


How did the Pope & pagans benefit from virgin birth story & preexistence of Jesus? Pagans became Christians only because of these concepts.


God did 5 billion virgin births of species in 6 days. Adam & Eve had a DOUBLE virgin experience & trump that of Jesus who needed a mother.


The first set of species God is responsible to create, and our Messiah and Savior will never be born if Joseph is not the father of Jesus.


The 100-billion+ humans (these were not Christians) died before Jesus was born and THEY ALL REJOICE that they were redeemed 2,000 years ago.


Easter reminds us that only God produces a spiritual birth; & Jesus’ conception & birth is ONLY ordained & accomplished by humans thru sex


God preventing sin in humans would keep us from knowing & understanding the comparison differences between a perfect God and created beings.


God is all-knowing, all-powerful, exists everywhere, and can’t die. Not so with Jesus, for his body is only a Temple of flesh to house God.


Thrusting my penis between your legs & vigorously massage your clitoris until you have an organism, but FIRST be righteous & pure and marry me.


Christians are deceived when they deny that Jesus came in the flesh of Joseph. But no one denies Jesus came in the flesh of Mary 2 John 1:7


Joseph’s mother & father would be full of sadness and anger if they are not Jesus’ grandparents. Plus Mary could be stoned for adultery.


MONEY, POWER & FAME are less of a SEDUCTION for a PRESIDENT truly wanting the best for America if they are already RICH, FAMOUS & POWERFUL.


Christians cut & paste ideas, ignore Spiritual logic & reveal the TRUTH that Forrest G & Rain Man are their equals in intellectual abilities


Christian denominational elites ignore the half-truths and lies added to their articles of faith in order to protect membership and profits.


Gov. should subsidize organic fruits & veg which =’s fewer diseases like cancers, diabetes & obesity; avoid grains, sugars & GM omega 6 oils


Mandate vaccines & charge “Everyone” but do not administer them; that way, drug companies will be very WEALTHY & humans will be very HEALTHY.


ALL SINGLES have the same sexual desires & needs a married person has. There is a “Self-induced ORGASM” or a mate or partner pleasures them


US of A IS NOT a BED & BREAKFAST for political refugees & poor in the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Asia etc Ethnic groups rescue YOUR OWN


Fine & imprison any person, corp. or co. member that hires a person who lies about being a US citizen; and also make them pay deportation fees.


ALL HUMANS were redeemed 2,000 years ago, & not just Christians. ALL “BELIEVERS” in God should know, no one is God’s favorite child. AMEN!


WW 2 German/Japanese military murder Americans, we now buy their cars. Israel murders Jesus and we think God establishes Israel in 1948 LOL


DENOMINATIONALISM tends to “Canonize & solidify errors” added to one’s faith, which also prevents TRUTH in another sect from being embraced


The 60 million gentiles who died during WW 2 TRUMP the death of 6 million Jews. Don’t be a religious idiot and say the tragedies are equal.


Men & women divorcing reveals extreme hatred & fear; should seek forgiveness & love then maybe they can give love to the child they conceive


The Unholy Trinity of health-care TESTS, DRUGS & SURGERIES (mostly unnecessary & harmful) Prevention & cures would lead to too many layoffs.


GREED 4 $$$$ makes us MONEY-WHORES & moms can’t stay home with a child, 4 it takes 2 salaries to survive everyone’s lust 4 possession’s & ego.


All children have the physical DNA of their parents & are sinful humans, but we all have the Spiritual DNA of God and are already redeemed.


THE VERSE THAT SAYS I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you; only applies before 70 AD the destruction of Jerusalem


Jesus The Christ 2,000 years ago redeemed all humans born on this earth, so ancient & modern day Israel is TRUMPED by God’s Spiritual Israel


People become very evil when they invade the US of A & violate the 9th & 10th commandment and decide to lie & steal blessings of US citizens


#God’s #blood #sacrifice redeemed us. Our good works in faith, hope & love, protects us from self-induced harm; = #abundant #life on earth


#NaturChristian with a genuine #FAITH are steps closer to being REAL, NORMAL and AT PEACE with self and others. Being a #prude is nonsensical.


#Jesus’ existence begins at conception. Pagan gods were thought to exist before they are human. Jesus BECAME A SON & then he is sent BY GOD


Joseph’s parents want him to F**K Mary, have their DNA & be the #PromisedMessiah that God is able to keep perfect without human intervention


Onan was to give Tamar a child; God killed him for lying & not for masturbating. He only wanted sexual pleasure without a LOVING commitment


Warning VERSES of #God’s #Judgment R UNNECESSARY if God SUPPOSEDLY didn’t allow humans to “Add, deleted, or change” text in our #Bibles LOL.


The day #Mary ask for #wine #Jesus says NO. After sunset (start of next day) ministry of Jesus begins; therefore Jesus is obeying God & Mary


#Temptations R neg. making it difficult to follow the letter or spirit of the law; tests R pos. & reveal what we think, do and say can please God.


Retired Conservative & liberal #politicians earn millions of $ in paybacks, (for good & evil ideas promoted); via their #CorporateSpeeches.


#ACAM doctors will rape us financially (insurance won’t pay) but they R more likely to prevent, stabilize or cure #CausesOfDiseases we have.


#Vaccine companies granted immunity against vaccines injuries & R determined “Unavoidable unsafe” Which means 100 % profit & #NoLiability


#Hospitals & other groups love #volunteers; #jobSecurity, billions of dollars in timely pay raises & money 4 their lavish elitist lifestyles.


The #FreeEnterpriseSystem KILLS US, but as long as it takes years or decades 4 #foods to kill us, there is no smoking gun for accountability


Christians in #USMilitary have adopted the religious and political motto of Israel if you really want to please us, KILL AN #ARAB for Jesus


New citizens exit a Trojan horse, appear to assimilate but want to replace the political, religious and cultural ideas with their old ones.


#NaturChristian reveals our #spiritual dimensions of intimacy on all levels are desirable, necessary and a blessing to all of #God’s Children


#BiSexuals are proof that anyone can meet our sexual needs & we will seek sexual intimacy with a person who best meets our #emotionalneeds.


#NaturChristian is a #nudist group promoting us seeing each other as God sees us. Reality tempered with #sexualPurity, no shame & at peace.


#Psychics will have moral integrity in #SolvingCrimes against humanity instead of the fleecing us over trivial ideas #logic should solve.


We all have varying degrees of #HATRED 4 & #FEAR of the SAME & OPPOSITE gender, seek counseling to experience MORE #PEACE with self & others.


There should be a lock on the US of A entry door that keeps #illegals out; regardless of whom you love or hate, on either side of the door.


GOD DAMN the #Christian #Pharisees who have become pawns of Satan who deny #TraditionsOfMen have been added to our Bible, click “LIKE”, LOL.


ALL #saved by Emmanuel 33AD. #God embodied a son we worship/honor #Jesus, enabling us to experience an abundant life & purpose N good works.


To be fair: 90% + of those who lie, steal, kill, lust for money, power & fame are done by #StraightPeople of FAITH & NOT by #gays & #lesbians


Mothers #aborted 58 million+ #UNBORN #BABIES in US deserve life in prison; no death penalty let them live with their guilt, shame & regrets.


Sarah CAN’T BE the stepmom of Abraham’s #ChildOfPromise. The #Messiah promised to David & Bathsheba mandates #Jesus to NOT HAVE a stepfather


Humans R CRIMINALLY INSANE when they MURDER an #unborn #child; because it was inconvenient, unwanted & they HATE THE FATHER Choose #adoption


Wearing a habit or covering ones face DOESN’T exhibit REAL #PURITY for N secret they can be naked, fornicating or into adultery FALSE #PIETY


#God shows us how to be a DEADBEAT dad SUPPOSEDLY gets a #Virgin Pregnant & gets #Joseph to adopt His son, NO CHILD SUPPORT pretty slick LOL

#89’#GreekMythology taught #VirginBirth. Catholics added V.B. N the 4th Century, in order to proselytize pagan’s otherwise Christian faith dies.


A NORMAL #conception & birth is just as miraculous as a #VirginBirth. God is doing the miracle & His #miracles have NO DEGREES of difficulty.


Taking legal #drugs & #vaccines is like rolling dice in Vegas, U have a VERY HIGH chance of compromising your #ImmuneSystem, B broke & dying


#10 #Commandments R offensive to our citizenry, & we wonder why to #lie, #steal & #kill R pandemic in our society REPENT or God DAMN America


No #President does everything right or wrong & Dem & Rep #partisan #politics try 2 DESTROY any good done by their opponent HOW EVIL THEY ARE


880 MIL doctor visits down to 176 MIL a year if #US Gov & #FDA would cleanup food & water supply & environment; 80% decrease N MED EXPENSES.


#Bible text deleted added or changed N #NT happened after ALL of the #Apostles R dead, N the 4th Century by Cath &1800’s by J Wit. & Mormons


#US #FDA promotes diseases from sugars, grains & veg oils @ food stores & #AMA LUSTS over JOB SECURITY, high pay & plenty of victims 2 treat


#9/11 -inside job UNJUST #WAR 4 political, financial & religious gains 2 murder 1-million Arabs, so REPENT or God DAMN #US & our descendants


#God could have chosen a FEMALE #SAVIOR, God is masculine & feminine. There R no female #Apostles because of the false piety of sinful males


K #Griffin imitates Apostles “Shall we call down fire from heaven & destroy our enemies” #Dem. or #Rep. try 2 HARM ALL #IncumbentPresidents.


K #Griffin is NOT SMILING in the infamous #Trump photo. She has EXTREME HATRED for Trump, #religion & #ProFamily values; and NEEDS THERAPY.


#KathyGriffin persecutes a defenseless child. She is very EVIL and CRUEL in making fun of #BARRON who might have an #autism #VaccineInjury.


5 reasons given for #abortion which reveal the 5 extremely insane NEGATIVE goals of a #MOTHER. under “THE WRITER”


#AliciaJay being a #virgin makes you MORE #SINFUL “IF” U think U R more #righteous & pure than others who #fornicate Romans 3:10 Romans 3:23


#AliciaJay spent her whole life feeling inferior at 6’6” tall & being #virgin would trump the non-spiritual NORMAL accomplishments of others


#AliciaJay has a job around tall men she thinks R WEAK. Her self-centered FALSE superiority is a turnoff, being a #virgin is not her baggage


#AliciaJay seems to promote child molestation, fornication, date rape, STD’s & abortion. She should say #masturbation stops most sex sins


All humans received Emmanuel’s saving #BloodATONEMENT in 33 A.D; #Jews, #Christians, and #Muslims etc. and even #Atheist are ALREADY #SAVED