Analytical assessment of our spiritual versus physical salvation ESSAY

Our Creator Emmanuel (God with us) is responsible for our spiritual salvation. And all humans (in most cases) are responsible for their own physical salvation. The Christian Bible says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD”. But humans are ignorant and oblivious to the fact that God doesn’t need our help in securing our spiritual salvation. Plus, most humans ignore or resist our “Accountability” in securing our physical salvation or health.

Most humans have a religious faith, with very few individuals claiming to be atheist. Having a religious perspective motivates us in what we think, do and say. But we should never “Seek to play God” and think God needs our help in securing our eternal salvation. On the other hand, we should strive to obtain our physical salvation; which is our responsibility as humans.

We basically have reversed roles with God. We want God to be responsible to heal our planet, or our mind and body; and we want Allah, Jesus or Yahweh etc. coupled with our actions before God to make us “Worthy” of our salvation.

It is a self-centered, egocentric and self-serving for Christians in the 21st Century to say that “ONLY” professing Christians have been saved these last 2,000 years following the resurrection of the Messiah Emmanuel (God with us) of whom we call Jesus The Christ, the anointed of God; who has Deity dwelling inside his strictly human body.

Adam and Eve were not Christians and neither were the 100’s of billions who lived and died before Jesus was born. For the sacrifice 2,000 years ago secured everyone’s salvation when God said, “It is finished”. God has no past or future, for He is the “I AM” (present tense) kind of God. God didn’t give Jesus his 15 minutes of fame until his ministry started at age 30 and no one believes he is Emmanuel until after the resurrection, because his mom and dad, 4 brothers and at least 2 sisters said about Jesus in Mark 3:21 that Jesus “He is out of his mind” (translated Jesus is a lunatic and mentally ill). Jesus is speaking for God when he said, “Before Abraham was I AM (Jesus is not speaking about his own body).

Believing that God only has the power, desire and opportunity to save Christians is ludicrous and demonic in nature; and it is asinine and extremely stupid or foolish to limit God’s love for humanity and believe God can’t redeem the part of us that is made in His Image and “ONLY” cast into hell the part of our being that is sinful. God doesn’t have the limitations that humans have, so the Spirit of God can KEEP Jesus sinless, even if he has a human father and God can save us without our assistance.

Our bodies are temples that the Spirit of God dwells inside of. We observe “Very few” miracles in our lives. I have never seen a man’s amputated leg grow back, a person with dentures growing new teeth or someone being raised from the dead at any funeral I have attended. An ounce of prevention is said to be a pound of cure. We, humans, are responsible for our own health and the verse “Physician heal thyself” is a commandment from God to all of us. Drugs and surgeries can mostly be replaced by going to websites like and and finding out what foods and drinks or lifestyles are good or bad for our health.

I saw a bumper sticker that reads, “Eat right, exercise and die anyway” L.O.L. When most of our loved ones, friends and acquaintances die, it isn’t because Satan or God took them out of this world early; it is because humans are stubborn, naive and ignorant that they are violating God’s dietary best concerning their choices in life. And the medical professionals don’t really want to heal all of us, for that would put most of them in the unemployment line.

We don’t need our politicians to pass laws to restrict harmful products from being sold to us. If citizens in the U.S. REPENT and start eating what is good for them; then the “Bad food processors” will go out of business if they don’t start making good products. Even health food stores are seduced by their “Profit margins” and are tempted to sell us what we want and not what is really good for us.