When Greek Mythology, ancient pagan religions, and Christianity have beliefs in common; then we know that our Christian faith has been perverted and compromised. I have come to believe that God is the only person who can change the minds and hearts of His children, and my reasoning skills of persuasion cannot force an individual to change their mind concerning “What is Truth”.

The TRUTH is:

Pagan and Greek Mythology beliefs shouldn’t be thought of as being needed or necessary in order to fulfill and complete our Jewish/Christian worldview or Theological presuppositions. The two deviations or departures from the Jewish/Christian faith are the need for a virgin birth of Jesus or the belief that Jesus existed before he is conceived in the womb of Mary his mother. Before the Protestant Reformation, all scripture was handwritten by the scribes who had a vested interest in seducing the pagans into becoming Christians by adding scriptures that reflected their pagan and/or mythological worldview (which were embraced as a truth long before Jesus was born).

No human exists before they are conceived as a human, including Jesus!!! There are two concepts that Christians should entertain as Biblical facts, “God became a son” and “God sent his son”. In human or spiritual logic, “To become” (HAS TO PRECEED) “Being sent”. No human becomes a son (or is conceived “Twice”. If Jesus is a son before the world began, he would have to have a “Mother” in heaven to give him that “First “ conception into existence as a son, otherwise the word “Son” has no meaning if there is no “Heavenly mother” to give him existence. Son, mother, and daughter are all “Human terms that don’t apply to God or angels.

After two apostles performed miracles before a group of pagans, one of them shouted out loud for everyone to hear “Behold the gods have come down to us”, the “Coming down” implies or infers that they are perceived as being virgin-born gods who existed “Before they were conceived” in their human mother’s womb; henceforth a virgin birth of Jesus is needed in order to proselytize pagan converts to Christianity.

When Jews saw apostles perform miracles, they would collectively believed or say something like “Isn’t if marvelous how God has given these men these gifts to perform before us and increase our faith in our Creator” (no Jew would consider a human as God.
Emmanuel means “God with us” and if you think of the “One” and “Only” God putting His Spirit in a human body and making it a temple or tabernacle to house God and call his physical body Jesus; then you will be less likely to try to deify the body of Jesus. You deify Jesus when you don’t consider him a descendant of “Both” Joseph and Mary. Keeping him single is ludicrous, illogical, and unnatural 2000 years ago simply because a Jewish Rabbi had to be at least 30 years old and married (no exception).

Mary would have been stoned for adultery if she or Joseph had told any family member, friend, stranger or Rabbi that God got her pregnant. It is amazing that God can (supposedly) get a young virgin pregnant but this same God can’t protect this family and they have to flee to Egypt for safety L.O.L. Every teenage or adult female who loves her husband, only wants a man to get her pregnant and not God. You doubt this, go to a wedding and at the reception go up to the new bride and say something like “Thanks for inviting me to your wedding, and by the way, do you want your husband or God to be the father of your firstborn child”. The husband and bride will either laugh or be angry at you nonsensical comment. This would be true 2000 years ago or in 2016. Plus, Mary is told by the angel “You will conceive a child” and doesn’t ask her if she wants to have a child in an abnormal “Non-Jewish” concept. Mary, Joseph, and “All Jews” know that if this child is a result of the covenant that God has with King David and Bathsheba, then Jesus can only be the Promised Messiah if Joseph and Mary are his parents.

There is an Abraham/Sarah covenant with God. Sarah can’t be the stepmother of Isaac and fulfill this covenant with God. IN LIKE MANNER, Joseph can’t be the stepfather to Jesus and fulfill King David/Bathsheba covenant with God. Neither covenant can have a stepfather or stepmother involved, for that would make them null and void covenant.

A Bible verse says that there are those who “Deny that Jesus has come in the flesh”. No one denies that Jesus has come in the flesh of Mary his mother, but “Almost” EVERYONE denies that Jesus has home in the “Flesh” of JOSEPH!!! Jesus calls himself the “Son of man”. If Jesus had of said “I the son of a woman, came not into the world to condemn the world but that the world through me might be saved” EVERYONE WOULD KNOW he is talking about his mother Mary.

Another unusual situation is that from say, 18-29 (12 inclusive years) everyone demands that Jesus “Stay single”. “If” he is fully man and fully human (same body parts Arthur Trafford and other men have) you would think any “Rabbi” would still be “Righteous” if he was married and had a child. In those 12 adult years, there might have been “Literally” hundreds of fathers and mothers who would want their daughter to date and marry the man we call Jesus.

Even a “Perfect” man desires to eat, sleep, work, date, and/or marry for companionship, sex, and procreation (but no pagan can entertain a “Normal” Jewish lifestyle for Jesus of Nazareth). Surely no Godly Jewish female 2000 years ago would be attracted to and want to date or marry Jesus L.O.L. The flesh, bone, and blood of Jesus are created by Adam and Eve’s descendants’ which HAS TO INCLUDE a child from the sexual union of Joseph and Mary in order to fulfill the Jewish/Christian scripture. Otherwise, Christians are seeking to unite and solidify an unholy trinity (union of Christianity/paganism/mythological dogma).