God created us in His image, male and female. God has masculine and feminine attributes or qualities. It doesn’t matter if we believe in creation, theistic evolution, or evolution. We all have a deep longing to touch at least one person (don’t be greedy), and share a Spiritual, emotional and sexual orgasm with them.

Our new resident God was keenly aware that we humans could not adequately express visually His masculine and feminine qualities in one body; otherwise we would have a Spiritual duck-billed platypus icon of His person-hood; functional, but not very pretty. God is beauty personified in us. And two bodies to reflect in a limited form some of His being qualities of Omni presents (like us, we are everywhere), and omniscient (like us, we have all knowledge collectively. We all have 23 chromosomes from each of our parents, but we cannot see them, but they also reveal the completeness of God’s male and female qualities. Even our DNA code shows order and distinct separations of purpose revealing God’s harmony and unity in us about His character. Our biological knowledge and skills could never mate a turtle and a giraffe. The genetic code of one would tell the body to have short legs and neck, while the other genes would demand a body with just the opposite qualities. The building blocks of the animal would be receiving conflicting, impossible, and confusing orders. God doesn’t work against Himself. The same is true about which sexual organ we received at birth.

Our thoughts and expressions of our sex drive seem to be more motivated by our feelings, which are neither good nor bad, just real and sometimes unpredictable, and at times deviate (no value judgment implied) from the norm. Some days we are excited about and enjoy our sexual feelings and at other times we are fearful of even having a sexual thought, much less enjoying physical intimacy with ourselves or with another person. We go through life looking into the eyes of another person and seeing in them the image of God we so desire to unite, complete, and bond our male or female spirit with theirs so that our orgasms are a climax of our love for Gods goodness and our mutual love and forgiveness for self and one another.

Sex can never be the foundation of a good relationship. Predators, hypersexual, and emotionally starved individuals of varying degrees are clinging to life’s least common denominator of intimacy. Plus no experience in the present can rectify a past hurt even though we receive some comfort because of our present distraction of thoughts and pleasure.

Being in love is easily an illusion. We like what we see, but if we are not on the same page Spiritually and emotionally, the physical is an alluring, enticing feely touchy experience. Talking to, doing things for, and going places with another person, lets you both know within time if you are good for each other. But don’t be perfectionistic or unreasonable in your demands of another person, unless you really want to remain single all of your life.

The awareness of our sexuality and our belief systems of what attitudes and actions are right, wrong or neutral, have over 6 billion people thought variations. Some people are just a little too happy and expressive with the sexual freedom that God gave them. Their lack of commitment to that one special person destroys any real chance of bonding with a soul mate.

Life is not always a predictable norm. During conception, a new life now exists separate and distinct from its biological mom and dad. The DNA code in a cell or the examination of a body by all the tools of science cannot see or detect the reality of God’s Spirit, much less a gay gene, indwelling the human body. The new life created cannot reject the new and divine Spirit that now indwells it, for it is irresistible and bathes the person in love, forgiveness, and ownership. God fashions us in His image and once the body detects the sex of the growing life that is in the womb, the Spirit of the child embraces its sexual identity.

Concerning homosexuality, I don’t think all gay and lesbian individuals would say they are all born homosexual; or at least it can’t be proven either way. Nature is sometimes our friend and at other times it defies reason and logic. Nature can be fooled. Some lions in the wild have nursed a newborn antelope and did not consider it an enemy or food. We feel helpless and sad when we hear that a child in the womb for some known or unknown reason do not fully develop a brain or other parts of the body. Or twins sharing the same small place together are now conjoined and may never be autonomous and run and play independently.

Now I would like to express a theory about the born gay experience that some people feel is the start of their same-sex orientation attraction. If someone is born gay then his or her choice is not a moral issue but only a new mind bent with little to no interest in design function or reproduction.

But how does this happen? Here is one theory. What would happen if somehow a boy’s unconscious mind received an electrical or chemical message from the genetic code in his brain, which now is told the baby is female. The unconscious mind believes everything that it receives from the conscious mind and the intellect, for it would go insane if it doubted or questioned everything it receives. If your human spirit is told you are a girl, the wisdom of God would rightly give you an attraction to the opposite of what it thinks your sex is.

The converse is true, if your spirit is told you are male, the wisdom and selection for your attractions reveal what your opposite is thought to be. Therefore the unity of God is intact in principle and the oneness of God is pictured in the male-female identity.

These concepts are going on in the Spiritual and physical realm. A baby or child has an innocence that cannot deal adequately with the abstract or random thinking of an adult. A baby with an adult brain would look down at their sexual organ and acknowledge they are male or female in sexual function and from day one would rejoice in their attraction to the opposite sex.

Your start in life wasn’t over moral issues, it was receiving your identity through your emotions and the laws of nature, that opposites attract was erased from your psyche. A child, teenager or adult can ask God to change them and make them whole in a different way. Change can be a positive choice, for you know in your heart that nature sent you a different message.

Everyone will agree that the way our sexual organs are fashioned, determine what sex acts we can perform. We know that life is not always predictable. Say nature fooled you and a chemical reaction in your brain told you the baby boy or girl in you, is the opposite sex of what you biologically are. And God allowed your emotions to select what it thinks is the opposite sex that you would be attracted to in order to complete the image of God in you.

The “born gays”, and “chosen to be gays” bonding together would produce an unequally yoked couple, for their identities were formed by different circumstances. One would be the product of their environment, and the other gay would be from a social adaptation of experiencing emotional traumas of rejection, abuse, neglect, abandonment, or early and first-time sexual curiosity experimentation.

The bi-sexual individual is basically a sexual predator who is hypersexual. They have no commitment to lasting love for anyone. They don’t have a sexual identity that is stable or fixed. You can have more respect for the gay and straight community members than you can for the bi-sexual individual, for the bi-sexual lies to their mate or partner and are in a continuous state of being consumed by their sexual passions, unable to give real love to others and are classified as selfish “takers” and not “givers” in society!

Don’t take me wrong: Male and female bonding is a reality of life. The spirit of a male reflects and embodies the masculine strength and the protective nature of God, and a female reflects and embodies the feminine beauty and mothering nature of God.

Males bond in their strengths and so do groups of females. Even when you have self-help groups where individuals gather to deal with their weaknesses, they seek to bond to the strengths of others around them and thereby mature to overcome their adversities. If two homosexuals bond out of their weaknesses and they were not born gay, then they are embracing each other’s pain. But no one really wants to base a relationship foundation on pity or the adage “misery loves company”. Nor do they want to look at another person who is just like them and seeing them would be a constant reminder of their pain with no hope of healing their emotions.

Those gays who choose their lifestyle can learn or unlearn their responses to people. They can forgive others for hurting them and they can forgive themselves for not loving themselves and others of the opposite sex. Once they lose their fear, hate, or uneasiness around the opposite sex, they truly have two options of sexual choice for they were not born gay.

The straight community believes that the gays are “acting-out” their individual world view that was transformed because they did not learn how to relate to the opposite sex. The straight community fears that these same individuals will try to bond with their sons and daughters who have similar struggles.

Theoretically, all born gays would have a history of only healthy relationships with both sexes because they had no emotional traumas that devastated their emotions and prevented them from bonding to the opposite sex.

Usually, you can look at another person and tell which sexual organ they were born with. I won’t be dogmatic and say all born gays can change their predominant innate inborn attraction to the same sex. But I do believe that the God of creation can and will answer a prayer that request they be given the capacity to bond with the opposite sex, and that they will acknowledge to their inner child what sex organ they were really born with.

If you were born with both sex organs, you would have a unique opportunity to choose what sex individual you are attracted to, based on what predominant characteristics define the opposite of your perceived personhood.

Our sexuality is the most sacred, dynamic, and intimate aspect of our physical being. It is not a toy to be played with (pun intended). May all human beings rejoice in their sexuality, understand why they think like they do and be willing to change or not to change based on God’s will, truth, and logic. We read in the Old and New Testaments that the judgment of God is on those who are in the gay lifestyle. This being the truth, I think it is referring to only those who are choosing the gay lifestyle, because of their inability to bond with the opposite sex. They experienced events in life that severely squelched and inhibited their confidence in themselves and their ability to relate in a social setting on an emotional and spiritual level, without feeling impotent, foolish, scared, or inadequate. When a person denies that his or her lifestyle situation is a self-serving denial pathway of least resistance to make an excuse for their choices, rather than change and embrace the creator’s admonishment to be fruitful and multiply. Their sin is basically the sin of lying to themselves, hurting other people, and not wanting to be healed and changed.

We are only accountable to God and He alone can judge us or change us for His glory and our benefit. My prayer is that “gays and straights will be more loving and understanding to each other.

There are logical reasons why most people are excited about and attracted to the opposite sex. Life gets pretty boring doing the same repetitive routines every day. That’s why vacations are a blessing. We go places, see and do new things that excite us emotionally and physically because these happenings are not experienced in our predictable take for granted life existence. I am used to seeing my naked male body that I wash every day for all of these years. But seeing a woman’s breast, long hair and feminine voice and shape is a major turn-on because I do not possess those physical qualities. So, in my relationship with a woman, she is everything I’m not, which means I am forever on vacation with her; and enjoying the new exciting visual and sexual differences make me feel so happy having permission to see and touch another person, which could never be equated to same-sex touching. I am already familiar with a male (me), plus no one has ever gotten horny and aroused looking at their own body because it is not a vacation travel icon.

Men and women are wired differently emotionally and their plumbing is definitely the opposite of each other. No male doctor, after delivering 1000 babies would ever tell an expecting mother that he knows how she feels. These differences that alienate the sexes are intended to add mystic to these treasures of different but equal value. So, all men and women are naturally attracted to same-sex individuals of all ages, because they are woven from the same human fabric of like sexuality. This male-to-male and female-to-female bonding offer more positive affirmation, encouragement, and forgiveness; for the opposite sexed individuals tend to judge or misunderstand us because they are on different wavelengths of understanding.

A simple thank you is appropriate when a person meets your Spiritual and emotional needs, making it a sexual encounter is like going to a doctor and demanding sex with them before you will pay your bill for services rendered.

This is a warning to all individuals who are about 13 plus years of age and older. Once you reach puberty the pre-puberty child is no longer residing in your physical body. But your mind deals daily with your pre-puberty and post-puberty experiences of the past. You now have the raging hormones that need to be controlled and your expressions of your sexuality should never, never, never be directed to a child or a teenager, for they shouldn’t lose their innocence or childhood with actions that even most adults are too immature to receive. Wanting your damaged child with damaged emotions to connect to some child in the present will never relieve or heal the pain of your past. The adult in you has to heal your inner child. An adult knows that sexual pleasure is the most pleasurable physical experience and I think he or she wants to emotionally compare and connect their present sexual euphoric experiences with some innocent pleasurable time in the past. And somehow transfer emotional healing to their inner child. I have no experience or act-outs that would help me to understand their emotional problems or stress. But I do know they need to avoid any alone contact with the above-mentioned groups and get help.

Just be mindful that whatever relationships you develop, the propensity for the disintegration of a union can be equal to or greater than the 50 % of the divorces experienced in the straight community.

Social compatibility issues in relationships will not be resolved simply because you agree or disagree on your sexual orientation be it fixed or chosen.


Arthur  Trafford.com