Everyone who is responsible for teaching sex education has been emotionally traumatized by their own past experiences by well-meaning parents, religious leaders, and teachers in the public, private or religious schools, to such an extent that they; either promote an “Amoral lifestyle” or they embrace the “Total abstinence” concept taught by religious fanatics.

The total-abstinence groups try to appear more righteous in their extremist point of view; which is neither “More righteous” nor “More Practical” in its application of morality in our daily lives. Post-puberty males and females, be they married or singles all have the same raging hormones which will drive them to desire, seek-out and have a sexual org**m (regardless of their marital status).

It is sad that societies will unwittingly promote fornication, pregnancies, the spread of S.T.D’s. and abortion with at least an 80 % increase when they forbid singles to meet their own sexual needs. Religious people want singles to live by a standard of “Total abstinence” that even married couples would have to confess is an unrealistic standard for singles to live by. A married partner will seek a divorce or commit adultery if a mate withholds sex for months or years at a time (but we overlook the single person’s vulnerability to sexual temptation and how to escape it).

The enclosed letter (For singles: Freedom from sexual pressure) will show Philadelphia school students a more practical way to deal with sexual pressure; for premarital sex and total abstinence leads to unnecessary temptation, guilt and lack of self-control and defeat.

I appreciate the school systems effort to decrease sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies in their school district. I do not view condom machines in the school as promoting premarital sex. Educators know that a teenage boy sowing his seed and both him and his girlfriend praying for a crop-failure is a very naive approach to preventing unwanted pregnancy or disease.

If a teenager is too ashamed or embarrassed to buy condoms and afraid others will get them in trouble with their parents or others; then someone needs to make sure they are being “More safe” in their actions (societies should encourage good behavior but not force their viewpoints on others).

The problem with sex education is that parents, teachers and local and world religions want teens to ignore that their Creator gave them their capacity for, a desire of, and interest in sexual pleasure. It would be very cruel, unloving and unreasonable if I suggested to a young married couple both 25 years of age, that they should ignore their raging hormones, pretending the urge for sex and the sexual pressure and pleasure isn’t real and necessary. But we want singles to deny or ignore their sexuality.

Pagan religions have given us 2 extreme viewpoints on sexuality that is influencing our 21st Century culture, but neither one gives us a healthy balanced perspective on how to control our sexual passions without sacrificing our sexuality on the altar of what is expedient for religious fanatical prudes or sexual predators.

One group of pagan Temple worshipers had Temple prostitutes, so you know they “Really enjoyed” their worship services. For their Gods wanted everyone to experiment with and enjoy sex. And I assure you that the Temple congregations that had 18-year-old prostitutes had a larger congregation than the Temples that had 65-year-old Temple prostitutes L.O.L.

Most every individual in every generation desires sexual experiences. But there was one major problem with an unrestrained sex drive viewpoint of pagans; females by nature are monogamous. “Men look for a place for sexual intimacy; women look for a reason. Therefore, females pretty much guide, promote and encourage more healthy sexual relationships in all cultures.

The second group of pagans had a marriage of piety to celibacy (self-righteous bonded to sexual abstinence). They considered sexual pleasures as part of the sin nature of mankind (and not a blessing from God) and that you are more pleasing to God and more righteous before God if you stay single your whole life. Married couples were considered less spiritual than singles, especially in the ministry. But singles were considered just as sinful no matter if they fornicated or met their own sexual needs.

So if a person’s religious belief portrays all sexual experiences as equally sinful; then singles will choose the sin that feels the best (involving another person). Our Creator gives males the desire to empty the reservoir that holds the semen fluid (which is to motivate them to get married). We expect a male or female to empty their bladder but we shame them if they in solitude release their built-up sexual energy in order to endure the single life.

Religious and secular leaders should be encouraging and teach singles to meet their own sexual needs, and that action will give them more self-control to not defraud another person.

Sincerely, Arthur@ArthurTrafford.com P.O. Box 630468 Houston TX 77263-0468

P.S. School administrators should not adopt a Pollyanna, impractical, very foolish and blindly optimistic sex education curriculum that ignores the fact that singles have to experience the same sexual release that the same person would experience if they were already married !!! Singles should not use another person as a sex object and destroy another person spiritually, emotionally or physically.

What societies are really saying is that they would rather have our sons seduced and our daughters raped or seduced; rather than allow church leaders to marry or singles to meet their own sexual needs.