When “God” calls someone to celibacy, they are strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit and they have a holy calling (hopefully a lifelong commitment); and if they sin, they confess their sin before God and they are cleansed.

I see no problem with a priest, nun or any other Christian taking a permanent vow of celibacy; in order to accomplish an admirable or worthy goal. But I do object of any religious organization telling any of God’s children that they can’t serve the Creator God in His earthly ministry if they are married. No human being, be they a Pope, family member, friend or employer has the right to mandate or demand any Christian to celibacy in order to serve God!!!

Incidentally, Francis Schaeffer said something like “God doesn’t make a distinction between secular and religious; we are to do everything to the glory of God”. Many Protestants and Catholics have called themselves to the ministry when they should have become a teacher, plumber or sales clerk.

There would be more gifted and Godly men and women in the Catholic Church Priesthood if they didn’t promote the unholy marriage of piety and celibacy. I haven’t heard if Corrie Ten Boom took a permanent vow of celibacy or if she simply never found a man she wanted to marry or maybe no one wanted to marry her. But the choice “to be or not to be” married should be a decision between her, the man and their God — IT IS NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS!!!

God instills in humans a desire to have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A father or mother and the grandparents feel cheated out of other relationships if someone chooses to stay single. The shame or disgrace that parents or grandparents would project on a celibate child is a false guilt that the child shouldn’t own as being true. Individuals should stay single long enough to be healed enough to be more of a blessing rather than a curse to their future mate (but don’t seek perfection unless you plan on staying single).

The Bible doesn’t promote celibacy as a “mandated norm” for any groups of priests, groups of lawyers or groups of sales clerks etc. Human nature reveals that when a person deliberately makes a choice that affects many other people, then it is apparent that others will have their feelings hurt and therefore they can feel disrespected or shamed by a perceived disobedient child who has changed their dreams and goals by choosing permanent celibacy.

In the 1st Century most of the Apostles were married (they didn’t believe in permanent celibacy).  One of the Apostles healed his mother-in-law (you have to be married to have a mother-in-law  L.O.L.

All Christians, (Jews and Gentiles) worshiped on Saturday (The Sabbath Day) for the first 300 years after Christ’s resurrection; and then the Pope made a decree (Counsel of Laodicea) that from 338 A.D. onward, that all Christians will now worship on the 1st day of the week (Sunday)  Satan waited until all the Apostle’s, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren etc are all dead; and God’s Holy Fire of Truth that burned in the hearts of the early Christians has now almost been extinguished (but always a faithful remnant is faithful, even in the 21 Century)!!!

Satan couldn’t get Christians to not gather together for worship; he just wanted humans to break God’s 4th Commandment, AND NOT HONOR THE SABBATH DAY AND NOT KEEP IT HOLY!!!   If you were told to report for a job interview on Monday and you decided to ignore that  date and show-up on Tuesday instead; you will not impress your new employer, you will not get the job, because you are a rebellious, inconsiderate, and rude person who can’t follow instructions (you are an unprofitable servant of men and God).

The Jews have 10 Commandments and for the most part, most Christians, Protestant, and Catholic only believe in or have 9 Commandments.  On the first Sabbath Day, Adam, Eve and God are the only people on planet earth (therefore the Sabbath Day is not a Jewish practice or tradition).  When the Protestant Reformation happened, all Christians were used to Sunday worship and like Moses trying to get God’s rebellious children to repent is very much like trying to get 21 Century Christians to repent of breaking the 4th Commandment.

Also, some devout Christians were told: “If you really love Jesus you will give Him His own special day of the week to worship Him and call it Resurrection Sunday”.  Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the two ways to honor Jesus.  Our creator God has His own special day that we are told to Honor Him and it is on Saturday, The Sabbath Day of rest.

Jesus said, if you love Me, keep My Commandments (He meant all 10 Commandments).  Remember Cane and Abel, they both offered to God a sacrifice on their altars; Cane’s offering to God was rejected because Cane decided to change God’s specific requirements of what could be offered on his altar.  You are to worship God all 7 days a week, but Saturday the Sabbath is more Holy to God because that is the day “He chose” to rest!!!

Let me know if you and your church begin to obey the 4th Commandment and worship from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday; then you will be more righteous before God and you won’t have to change your church denomination!!!  You can be a Godly example of someone who loves God more than the Sunday worship “Traditions of men”!!!

You now have heard the truth, so repent of breaking the Sabbath Day of worship and stop promoting permanent celibacy that opens the door to all kinds of evil practices in the Catholic Church’s and hires Godly men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ, their mates, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren etc.

And if a righteous Priest or righteous Nun of their own will chooses to choose permanent celibacy then God bless them in “Their choice”.