I am now aware that all Jews and Christians are to “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy”.

Adam and Eve both sinned, so it didn’t really matter who sinned first. Adam received more blame because he was to be the spiritual leader and protect his wife. Protestants and Catholics throughout history have both been deceived by Satan and the Anti-Christ. They are in the same boat, christened CARNALITY, and sailing in the sea of deception, extolling the virtues of spiritually sailing in the wrong direction; and someday will wreck their ship against the Rock of Our Salvation, the Word of God and His commandments.

Most of humanity has a belief in a creator God, and we all want to perceive we have been taught the truth about our tenants of faith. We live in a fallen world where truth and error are seeking to grow in our fertile field of belief systems.

And what I will be sharing with you is in no way am I trying to attack or destroy your strong or weak faith. If you are a child of God, you are aware that Satan will deceive many people throughout the history of mankind. Everyone from Adam and Eve down to us has been and will continue to struggle with “WHAT IS TRUTH”

I have empathy for and a little anxiety with any professor who teaches history for 30 plus years and then finds out that historians were either lied to or were misinformed about what “Really” happened in the past.

To unknowingly believe a lie is forgivable and understandable. To embrace and propagate a belief error simple because tradition is a safer place to hide when the truth of God reveals our spiritual nakedness and we hope our clothes of human tradition will cover us; take away our shame and give us a peace of mind, that we are believing and doing the will of God in our thoughts and actions.

Satin is sometimes perceived as an angel of light when we view his actions lived out in the lives of humans. The anti-Christ will be a political and religious person INSIDE THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, who will appear righteous and hide his real identity and purpose. He will point back to Nero and say he was the anti-Christ, or he will point to the future and say in a future time the Anti-Christ will start a future tribulation and kill billions.

Later on, I will tell you who was initially responsible for breaking the 4th Commandment and teaching others to do the same!!!


1. All Jews and Gentile Christians are to honor the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy.

2. Jesus never taught or suggested Christians should worship on the first day of the week.

3. Jesus told His disciples he would be betrayed, killed but later resurrected, but never hinted to them that they should drop Sabbath worship for Sunday worship.

4. Jesus was on earth for 50 days after the resurrection and was seen by over 500 people but never hinted He wanted anyone to abolish the 4th Commandment.

5. No apostle of Christ after the resurrection wrote anything in scripture stating a special need to honor Jesus Christ on Resurrection Sunday.

6. The Lord’s Supper and the ordinance of Baptism are what we do to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. You can do that “In remembrance of Him” 365 days a year if you want to.

7. God’s Sabbath Day of rest predates the Jewish Nation, the 10 Commandments, Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden; and has its origin, being the following day after the last day of creation.

8. The Sabbath belongs to God and is not a Jewish tradition that they started.

9. Jesus kept the Sabbath. He is the Lord of The Sabbath and he expects everyone else to do the same.

10. Jesus never mentioned “The first day of the week”, before the crucifixion or after the resurrection; nor did any of His disciples instruct anyone to worship on Sunday.

11. No one in the scriptures authorized anyone to change the Bible Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. And if you honor the Sabbath Day, but tell others they don’t have to honor The Sabbath Day; you still are breaking the Sabbath by your “False witness”.

12. The Seventh Day is the Lord’s Day (Saturday). God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.

13. You can’t say the Jews have 10 Commandments and the Christian Gentiles only have 9 Commandments to live by.

14. The Sabbath Day points to the Creator of the world.

15. The Sabbath remains after the Cross. The Disciples of Christ were told to rest on the Sabbath.

16. Jesus died for our sins—-one of which is Sabbath-breaking (not honoring the Saturday of worship and rest!!!

17. The Sabbath will continue into eternity.

18. Jesus kept over 1000 Sabbath Days; from 12 years of age to age 33 (52×21 years=1092 Sabbath Days.

19. Jesus said “If you love me, keep my Commandments”, He meant all 10 Commandments.

20. Sunday did not become sacred because it is Resurrection Day.

21. Luke wrote his book about 28 years after the resurrection telling us the Christians rested on the Sabbath Luke 23:56. But didn’t indicate that the Sabbath is now, a day that Christians can reject, ignore, change or abolish.

22. All the Christian Apostles and Disciples keep the Sabbath all their lives.

23. The Apostles could only teach what Jesus commanded them to say. Jesus never mentioned Sunday, so neither would they talk about Sunday nor think of it as a special day.

24. Many times the Bible says the disciples traveled on the first day of the week—–but they never did travel on Saturday the Sabbath (at least not very far!!!

25. “Sunday cannot be part of the New Covenant because it began after the blood was shed”.

26. Isaiah said gentiles should keep the Sabbath. Isaiah 56:6,7 In Acts 13:42,43 gentiles wanted the word preached to them on the next Sabbath.

27. “The whole law is for the entire world not just for the Jews”

28. In the New Testament there was a controversy over, can I eat meat offered to idols. The Christians never asked, “Can I worship on Sunday and rename and designate Sunday as a Christian Sabbath.

29. “The seventh day Sabbath points back to the creation of the world and remains in the New Testament”

30. We should worship God every day of the week, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord.

31. “Baptism and the Lords’ Supper are how we remember and honor the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. To justify breaking a Commandment of God in order to honor Jesus Christ is being naïve or spiritually blind at best and is Demonic in the worst case scenario.

32. Christians going to Church on Sunday isn’t proof that God is pleased with their Sunday worship. Only 8 people got in Noah’s Ark; outside the Ark, the majority ruled in their wrong decision and the majority drowned in their act of rebellion. Sunday worship is a sin when a person presumes Sunday worship has equal importance to God, for His 4th Commandment cannot be honored on any of the other six days of the week; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!!! BUT ONLY ON SATURDAY IS HIS COMMANDMENT FULFILLED, COMPLETED AND HONORED.

33. The Romans worshiped the sun god on Sunday and when some Christians moved their day of worship to Sunday they experienced much less persecution because that action put distance between them and the Sabbath-keeping Jews and Christians; who were persecuted and killed for their Jewish connection.

34. Jesus never instructed Christians to abandon the Sabbath Day of worship and rest.

35. You extol the virtues of Sunday worship and completely ignore and break God’s commandment, SHAME ON YOU, REPENT!!!

36. Satan and the anti-Christ want you to break all of the Commandments. The easiest and most subtle way to break the 4th Commandment is to pretend that God doesn’t “really” care which day you choose.

37. Satan and the anti-Christ will say “If you really love Jesus” you need to have a different day of the week to honor, worship and praise the Lord Jesus Christ” apart from the Sabbath Day.

38. Jesus will say, you can’t honor me if you dishonor God and His word and willfully break the Law and command or encourage others to do the same.

39. Spiritual Israel, are all Jews and Gentiles who are descendants of Isaac (the child of God’s promise) and have a relationship with Jesus the Christ.

40. Modern day Israel are children of Ishmael who are separated from God.

41. It is true that the early Church had meetings house to house, most days of the week. Bur on the Sabbath they (Jew and Gentile Christians all went to their local Synagogue.


“The Catholic Church over 1000 years before the existence of a protestant changed the day of worship at their meeting of the Council of Laodicea in 338 A.D. and moved their day of worship from Saturday to Sunday”. The Protestants Kept the tradition of the Catholics and also denied God’s 4thCommandment; to “Remember the sabbath day and keep it Holy”. All of the Apostles and early church fathers are dead so the Anti-Christ was able to get the Pope to destroy the Sabbath Day of our heavenly Father and institute our present non-Biblical traditions handed down to us.

The Bible says “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy” “The Catholic Church says NO.”

“By my divine power, I abolish the Sabbath Day and command you to keep the first day of the week.” “And lo! The entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command the Holy Roman Catholic Church”

The Bible also says “All the world wondered after the beast Revelation 13.3”

The sincere Catholic parishioners (and the Protestants) have blindly obeyed traditions of men and have become pawns of Satan, the anti-Christ and the false prophet, and unknowingly help to destroy the Sabbath Day of worship and rest.

Martin Luther, John Calvin, and many others knew that the anti-Christ is the Church of Rome’s leadership (not just one man), it is the OFFICE OF THE PAPACY.

Alert, alert, alert, spiritual danger ahead; honor the Sabbath day and keep it Holy in Jesus name I pray!!!

You don’t have to join a SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH in order to be in fellowship with God and His Word; but you do have to repent, acknowledge you dis-honor God’s Sabbath Day. Have your church leaders and the congregation of Believers where you WORSHIP, return to Saturday Worship and seek to now obey the 4th Commandment.

Believing in only 9 Commandments is a very serious sin against God and His Word; it is worse than murder, adultery and child molestation, simply because your sin is against God Himself and not just an act against humanity!!!  Let me know you now believe in 10 Commandments, I will rejoice with you in you “Keeping the Faith”, and being part of the faithful “Remnant” few, that believed the truth about Sabbath Day Worship.

If you don’t have a way to get to a church that meets on Saturday, I pray that God will bless you with a car so that you can truly honor God on HIS DAY. If you have to work on the Sabbath, then acknowledging the 4th Commandment means you love God and reject Satan’s control of your life. If your church won’t repent, then change churches, if you “Truly Love Jesus” and God will bless you.



I give a special thanks to Mr. Steve Wohlbergfor his books, especially “End Time Delusions” which opened my eyes to the truth about The Sabbath Day of rest.