Rebekah, wife of Isaac ESSAY

Eliezer is the oldest servant of Abraham who is sent to go back home to Aram-naharaim and seek-out a wife for Isaac. In Genesis 24: 42 Eliezer prays to God that a “YOUNG WOMAN” will offer him a drink and also water his camels. If Rebekah is unwilling to go with Eliezer to meet Isaac (Abraham son) then Eliezer is free from the oath promise that he made to find Isaac a wife.

In other words, Rebekah HAD A CHOICE to go or not to go and meet Isaac. Rebekah would be at peace with herself before God, regardless of her yes or no response to being a member of Abraham’s family tree. God had no desire to FORCE HER to do anything she wasn’t pleased to experience.

The word for “YOUNG WOMAN” Is “Almah” which means “Unspecified woman or a woman past puberty, regardless of sexual status) is a Hebrew word meaning a young woman of childbearing age who has not yet had a child, and who may be (but does not have to be) an unmarried virgin or a married young woman” (the above quote was taken from

Eliezer chose Rebekah because she was polite to strangers, even caring for animals that aren’t her own, with no thought of being paid for her acts of kindness. Isaac isn’t getting a “Slave girl” for a wife; for she has proven that she has the capacity to love others unconditionally, which makes her a suitable person for Isaac to marry.

What is humorous about the whole situation is that Rebekah is “Literally” fulfilling Eliezer’s prayer (and unknowingly being paid for her hard work) and she will be surprised with joy and amazement that the thirsty camels she is giving water to will probably belong to her and her whole family. And the 10 camels loaded down with precious valuable products is a very good return on her acts of kindness to a stranger who will bequeath abundant riches to a YOUNG WOMAN who has a generous spirit of servanthood to even strangers, and she didn’t expect anything in return.

Contrast the “YOUNG WOMAN” Rebekah to the “YOUNG WOMAN” Mary and you should be aware that “Both” women are young and no one would be rude enough to physically inspect them sexually in order to “Prove” each of them is still a virgin (couldn’t be proven, plus no one would care). The men they marry would only know if their wives were chaste and sexually pure with them on the date of their wedding.

Ideally, God would want Isaac and Joseph to be virgins and sexually pure when they get married; unless you think God has two different standards for males and females L.O.L.

Also, notice that the Angel Gabriel said to Mary “YOU WILL be with child”. Mary wasn’t given a choice that Rebekah was given (this is a red flag). Ask any woman who is engaged to a man that LOVES their fiancé, and I guarantee you that she will say she “Only” wants her HUSBAND to get her pregnant (this is a norm for “All” women who have ever lived —- no exception).

If a woman hates, detests and loathes the male gender; she WOULDN’T WANT a man to touch her, much less TO GIVE HER A CHILD, but she would want GOD TO GET HER PREGNANT (this is one scenario that justifies the VIRGIN BIRTH concept. The other reason for the virgin birth is in order to please the pagans in the 4th Century (who already believe in the virgin birth concept), which is contrary to what the Jews believe about their Messiah’s birth.

The final most damning truth that puts a nail in the coffin of the pagan birth dogma, is the fact that the Abraham/Sarah Covenant and a King David/Bathsheba Covenant that God had with their family trees, demands that all the following generations have a union of a male and female to produce the “NEXT GENERATION” otherwise the Covenant of God has been broken and has a missing link in Joseph’s lineage.

And “ONLY” the Abraham/Sarah Covenant is FULFILLED (but not with Abraham and Hagar). In other words, Sarah being the ”STEPMOTHER” of Abraham’s “1st “ son Ishmael voided Ishmael fulfilling the Covenant that God had with them.

If Joseph is the STEPFATHER of Jesus, it would void Jesus fulfilling the Covenant that God had with King David and Bathsheba, because both Joseph and Mary are in the genealogy of King David and Bathsheba’s family tree. If there can’t be a step-mother fulfilling one of God’s Covenants, then there CAN’T BE a step-father in fulfilling ANY OTHER Covenants of God !!!

Most Christians call it the Abraham Covenant and the Davidic Covenant but everyone knows that God uses 2 human mothers and 2 human fathers to complete His desired goals in the lives of humans. The added text of the virgin birth to the Bible (before the Protestant Reformation) doesn’t destroy my faith in God or His written Word; and I a positive that God lets me and all others in the 21st Century sin; along with our Christian forefathers were also tempted to sin against God in what they added, deleted or changed in God’s Word. The Spirit of God is a better guide in revealing TRUTH and denominational beliefs and conjectures should be thoroughly scrutinized and inspected closely.