There are two types of salvation in our human existence, spiritual and physical but only the spiritual salvation gets any recognition. It is true that Emmanuel (God with us) lived and died about 2000 years ago and purchased our Spiritual salvation. But everyone needs to be reminded that it is not our faith that saves us; it is the OBJECT or PERSON of our faith “Who saves us”, who is the ONE TRUE GOD. Humans get “No credit” for their salvation. We love and seek God because He loved and sought us FIRST. Our capacity to know, please or serve God doesn’t originate in our mind, will or emotions in what we think, do and say; for the Spirit of God gets all the credit for prompting all of us to desire to repent, and turn from our wicked ways and love God, self, and others more fully.

God has chosen in this life to allow my good and bad choices to be the determining factor that reveals to others and me what the levels of physical salvation that I can obtain and be blessed with in this life. The reason God holds me and others to be “Totally” responsible for all our physical salvation experiences on earth is that God has to allow all of us to embrace our own God-ordained accountability (free will) before Him. Which makes humans responsible for “All” the pain and suffering on this earth, which vindicates God. In other words, God has never done any harm to us. But we blame God for all the tragedies we experience in life because we know He has the power to stop all our pain and suffering.

If God created us and then prevented sin from ever happening in the first place, humans made in God’s image would hold the Theological view that created beings have the same piety or righteousness as their God does because they are also perfect and we would spend eternity believing delusional thoughts about us being “Equally” as righteous as our God is.

Even though God is still in the healing business, very few of us have experienced a wow kind of miracle in our lives; like seeing someone raised from the dead, a person growing all new teeth, the totally blind seeing, or someone walking on water etc. God favorite spiritual miracle drug or vaccine on earth is the main generic one called “PREVENTION”. God would prefer that there be very few miracles happening on earth, mainly because our sufferings, for the most part, are “Unnecessary” and “Avoidable” and self-induced, because humans are the cause of most of life’s tragedies, not Satan, and it certainly isn’t God fault.

Our physical salvation and living a long and healthy life is “Our responsibility” and not God’s. Because of the 10’s of millions who have died over a very short time-span in the U.S., probably 80 % of the deaths were humans making very bad choices in what they ingest, plus the medical professionals kill us with their “Treatments”. Our U.S. Government, for the most part, lets food processors and pharmaceutical companies “Self-regulate” themselves. This practice is like putting the fox in charge of hen-house security. Plus the medical professionals love this predicament because it keeps the patient waiting rooms full of very sick individual and guarantees job security so they can have that nice house and cars.

Our U.S. Government leaders at the city, county, state and federal levels along with “Almost all” food processors, farmers and ranchers (local an foreign), and health-care professionals who collectively kill millions of Americans each year, and no one goes to prison or gets the death penalty for their crimes against humanity. It is not God’s responsibility to heal our physical diseases, but we need to expose very evil individuals who sell us poisonous products that ruin our health.

Go to the Dr. William Davis website, or the Dr. Mercola website, or the Dr. Joel D. Wallach website and find out what is good and bad for your health and embrace the verse “Physician heal thyself” principle.

My mind, will, and emotions pretty much dictate what I think, do and say which distorts my perception of God and His Word. One example is when I read in the Bible ”Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God”. Everyone confesses that Jesus has come in the flesh of “Mary” his mother but pagans and Christians around the 4th Century started denying that Jesus has come in the flesh of “Joseph” his father and therefore they started teaching the unnatural and unnecessary virgin birth in order to proselytize the pagans into becoming Christians. God wants to save us from the “Traditions of men” that were added to our Bible. Only a very foolish and naive Christian would believe that God established the 100’s of Christian denominations that exist in the 21 Century.