Hello Barry, thanks for the reply. As long as you think that the 1st Century Church’s taught that ancient pagan religions and Greek Mythology are a part of the same Theological beliefs as the Jewish community believe (then and now); then we will never be on the same page.

I believe that the Jewish Jesus is the Messiah, the God of my Salvation, but the details of his life have been changed by the Catholics in the 4th Century to proselytize the pagans.

All species that reproduce through sexual intercourse God instructed and commanded them to “Be fruitful and multiply”. God has never created any species after the 6th days of Creation. All species that have become extinct over these thousands of years happened because God doesn’t intervene and do anything out of the “Normal” reproductive means.

To prove my point: Barry, let’s say you are 30 years old and your mom is Cathy and your dad is Sam. About 30 years and 9 months ago I went to your parent’s wedding. I came up to Cathy and Sam at the reception and I said to them that I am happy that they love each other and got married.

But if I also made the comment to Cathy and Sam, “Who do you want to be the father of your first child, God or Sam? They will either be very annoyed or laugh hysterically at my question; for everyone knows that it is only “Normal” and an expression of “True” love when a husband sexually pleasures his wife and gets her pregnant.

Every woman who loves a man only wants a human man to get her pregnant, and every man wants to be the father of his wife’s child (no exception). A woman would have to be clinically insane to want a non-human to get her pregnant. Everyone knows that teenage or adult males and females primarily get married for sexual intercourse when they have religious conventions against fornication.

The only exception 2,000 years ago or in 2015 would be women who have extreme hatred or extreme fear of the opposite sex. These women might even pray that God will get them pregnant, but God doesn’t have any sperm or DNA to get her pregnant with (He can create it out of nothing) but the sperm won’t represent God because God “Only” reproduces in us Spiritually, and humans reproduce via or by means of a “Mate” or sex partner!!!

In Jewish culture Joseph and Mary are not married until they “Consummate” the marriage during intercourse; otherwise, they would basically only be “Roommates”. They would have no reason to get married. If they don’t meet each other’s sexual needs then they “Sin” against the Institution of Marriage and they tempt each other to find another person who will meet their sexual needs (this is true in all generations).

Joseph and Mary were just like my mom and dad who had sex 100’s of times before I was born. Pagans believed human sexuality was one reason for the sinfulness of mankind, but all humans should believe sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed by married couples every day if they so desire the big “O” L.O.L. Mary being a virgin is not what kept Jesus perfect. And Joseph being the father of Jesus does not make Jesus a sinful person.

Mary will desire her son Jesus to be as handsome and smart as Joseph. And when Mary has a daughter Joseph will want his daughter to be as pretty and smart as Mary. Mary and Joseph having an “Abnormal” marriage and childbirth represent a Counterfeit Messiah who isn’t human like us and therefore the “Virgin” birth only fulfills the beliefs of a pagan or mythological mindset.