No one is born heterosexual

All humans are made in the Image of God; therefore the center core of my being is spiritual and not sexuality (for flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God).  God is masculine and feminine, for the Bible says “And God said, Let us make man in our image”…  The “US” isn’t referring to God and Jesus but refers to God being masculine and feminine JUST LIKE ALL HUMANS.  Humans have to be male and female because they have to reproduce through sexual intercourse.

God doesn’t have to force me to be attracted to the same or opposite gender, spiritually or physically.  I have the created masculine nature of God and I am attracted to the feminine nature of God that is spiritually and physically different from my own nature. I am a spirit being and my sexual and emotional needs ARE USUALLY MET by two different individuals.

If I marry, mate and have a child or children I will be fulfilling the command of God to be fruitful and multiply and have my own family tree with my wife.  My emotional needs are usually more met by another male who will best know and understand me, for we are both made out of the same male fabric of humanity.  That is why I went to the Boys Club when I was young. I couldn’t find a mate there but I did grow to understand how I am to love God, self, and others with an understanding that I am to love people and use things.

And when I am hurting emotionally, another male will best understand me and help me better respond to others who hurt me spiritually, emotionally or physically.  The truth is, any male or female can meet my sexual needs as long as there is a lubricant and pleasurable friction but my emotional needs are best met by the same gender person; that is why people join an all male or female group (for encouragement, comfort, and safety).

Male and females are mentally and emotionally wired differently. Females develop extreme hatred for males when they say,  “If you love me you will let me” (and they find out at an early age they are being lied to).  Males can develop an extreme fear of females if they are bullied at an early age since females develop emotionally and physically faster than boys do.  One time I said to myself “If I don’t ask her out, she can’t turn me down (I had no males in my life to comfort or guide me into having more positive attitudes about how to interact with the females I meet.

God reproduces by speaking Adam and Eve and all other species into existence and all reproduction is the responsibility of Adam, Eve and every following generation (including Joseph and Mary) creating the body of Jesus.  An animal’s reproductive cycle is broken when the last female doesn’t mate with the LAST MALE ON EARTH.  That is why species become extinct, for God is only responsible for THE FIRST TWO of all creatures.

The family tree of Joseph became extinct if Joseph isn’t the father of Jesus. For the grandparents of Joseph ARE NOT related to Jesus if the physical DNA of Jesus isn’t related to Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, King David, Bathsheba in Joseph’s family tree.  Therefore Jesus isn’t a fulfillment of the Covenant that God had with King David and Bathsheba.  So if Joseph’s sperm doesn’t get Mary pregnant, then Jesus would be half human by any definition of what it means to be human.

A virgin birth isn’t what kept Jesus perfect, for it is the Spirit of God living in this HUMAN TABERNACLE OF FLESH who kept Jesus perfect.  God doesn’t need a mere mortal Mary to keep Jesus perfect.  It is amazing how all religionist believe that our Creator God has the same limitations that human parents have.  We mortals can’t keep our children perfect and after they sin, we are helpless to be able to CAST OUT their sin nature from them and make and keep them perfect in the future (a pagan and Greek mythology concept ADDED TO OUR BIBLE).

My Bible says that Jesus “Is like us in every way”, but Christians have gone the extra mile and made Jesus just like the pagan gods who are ALL VIRGIN BORN, PREEXIST THEIR CONCEPTION and their bodies ARE DIETY and can’t get married. We don’t worship the flesh and blood of Jesus, but RATHER THE SPIRIT OF GOD residing inside of Jesus.  This means that Jesus can legally do anything that all OTHER MALES ON EARTH CAN DO (date, get married, experience sexual pleasure and hopefully have children.

In our future new heaven and earth “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female.   Once the last child born by God is conceived, then His family is complete and there will be no more need for any sexual union of a man and his wife.

God is pragmatic, sensible and realistic in how to best propagate or breed all the species through sexual reproduction.  In a search engine, there is a list of 15 terms dealing with gender identity.  I refer to them but I don’t list them, simply because I do not want to come across as making fun of any of the 13 other classifications.  The GLBT acronym specifically addresses how many genders they say the human race has, for the “B” stands for bisexual (which means that there are only two genders in the human race).

In this 21stCentury we are witnessing the disintegration of the family unit.  Everyone does what is right in his or her own eyes.  Back when 95 % of the earth’s population lived in rural communities, it did take a village to raise a child (but watch out for the village idiots) LOL. Couples had large families to bring in the crop for they couldn’t afford to hire all adults to do all the work around the farm or ranch.  Plus, a child’s support group was grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, teachers, religious leaders and even strangers in the community.  Now, 50% of single parents might be raising their child far away from their family or extended family.

So, I think the 15 gender identities are simply the many variations of how humans play this cosmic chess game of life; trying to balance their faith in God (that most humans have), and like all humans NOT REALLY SURE how to cope with life, or how to love and forgive self and others.  And I Arthur Trafford does not claim to have the moral high ground in spirituality or emotional health.  We are all guessing at what is Truth!