Names of God and our salvation

God provides our sacrifice with no human intervention for human intervention is only profitable for experiencing the abundant life on earth, which is human accountability to God, self, and others and has nothing to do with me or another being or getting saved. Jesus said, “It is finished”. Which means, God has redeemed Adam, Eve and all humans who have ever been conceived, are now saved by God our Savior, Redeemer, and friend.

God is infinite and He has no beginning, no end, and no limits and we WERE, ARE and WILL BE forever with Emmanuel The Christ of our Redemption FOREVERMORE. Not based on religious beliefs or good works.

God is all-powerful and only pagan gods and Greek Mythology would limit Gods ability to redeem us all, regardless of our degree of sinfulness.

God is good and perfect goodness toward us means God can “Only” have good thoughts and actions toward us, otherwise His wrath directed toward our “Made in the image of God” likeness would be underserved because wrath and judgment can only be deserving of our sin nature. And once God separates us from our sins; then there is nothing in us that OFFENDS God (we will be clean and most happy to be in His presence and unashamed to be with Him forever.

God who provides today and tomorrow will give us eternal citizenship in His Kingdom for He has to show the same love to everyone “Made in the image of God” (with the no respecter of persons, idea in mind).

God is the God of Peace and He made us to be at peace with Him forever. Our sin nature that is cast into hell will never experience the peace of God but our spirit will be united with God forever because of the Grace and Love of God.

God is transcendent and He existing beyond and above the created universe and He has always known of us because God has no past or future (He is a present tense kind of God). Which means in the future, God will redeem us back to the perfect state that we were originally created to experience for eternity in our God-Life existence back to perfection in the mind of Gods truth about all of us angels and humans.

Experiencing the “Abundant life” on earth is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Which means our physical salvation and long life on earth is very much tied to eating right, exercising and giving loving and forgiveness to self and other as we live, move and have our being.

God is just, righteous and holy and we can trust Him to obtain our spiritual salvation and having right thoughts and religious beliefs give us the abundant life on earth and not spiritual salvation that only God can provide for us.

God’s holiness in the life of fallen angels and humans can only be experienced in the “Future” Kingdom of God on earth. And this universal salvation will be the gift of God’s Grace, underserved and given to us because God is “ALL” LOVING with no judgment on our TRUE nature (children of God’s grace and love.

God alone provides the remedy for mankind’s brokenness through His son, Jesus The Christ. All “Good actions” are “ALLWAYS” preceded by “Good thoughts” and neither THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS save us !!!

God’s gives us all thing, even to prodigal children simply because we are all children of the King of Kings (our birthright in eternity past with God — “For by grace are you saved”).

God is everywhere, so His love and forgiveness touch us throughout eternity, His love can never leave us or forsake us. God is merciful and He took the judgment that was rightfully ours and placed it on His own shoulders.

God is sovereign, all-knowing and all-powerful and doesn’t pattern His redemption after “Tradition of men” with mythological beliefs added to Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. God, who gives us the victory of redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ”

God in His wisdom knows that created beings (angels and humans) can never be self-righteous and only that unrighteous part of us should be cast into hell.

God is more faithful than angels, demons or humans and I am persuaded that God wrathful is against the evil we think, do and say and not against the image of God that we are created in the likeness of, for God can’t torment Himself in hell because His image doesn’t deserve to be there. The Grace of God is undeserved forgiveness that cannot be repaid.

God can’t be my “Comforter” and comforter me for eternity if the spiritual part of me made in God’s image is in hell. Comfort comes from knowing we are sons and daughters of God in eternity past, present or eternity future.

The “”Blessings” of God can’t be experienced in human time or in eternity since humans try to be the actors on the heavenly stage of redemption (trying to help God save them) when it is obvious that we all ignore the TRUTH that “Hear O Israel the Lord our God is ONE Lord”. The is “Only” one God or actor on this stage of redemption (not 3) for God is a Spirit being and He puts that Spirit in a human body that Joseph and Mary create (making the humanity of Jesus “Like us” and related to Adam and Eve. Flesh and blood isn’t Deity (only human) but the Spirit in Jesus is God with us.

Our Creator starts His human existence (becoming like us) in a human body we call Jesus 2,000 years ago. The pagan gods preexist their virgin conceptions on earth and this is why Christians added Jesus’ existing before he is conceived in the womb of Mary.

If there is a preconceived son of God in heaven then there would have to be a mother of God in heaven otherwise the word son is null and void (and meaningless) because son, daughter, and mother are “ALL” human terms and don’t apply to God or angels.

Some final thoughts: The Creator of the Universe is all loving, powerful and demands that truth and righteousness eventually prevail in the future Kingdom of God. “All” of creation has been “Redeemed” about 2,000 years ago by Emmanuel (the Spiritual name of God — meaning, God with us) when he died for all of His creation. The physical name of the tabernacle or fleshly temple of God we call Jesus. The body of Jesus isn’t Deity; only the Spirit living inside of that human body is Deity. Jesus said I know not the hour or the time (which is the humanity of Adam and Eve). Jesus isn’t praying to himself but to the Creator of his body conceived through Joseph and Mary.

God is all loving and has redeemed our created universe that we see and can’t observe, “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now”. Angels and humans are made in the image of God, with angels being more like God than we humans are simply because angels are spirit only beings who are in the presence of God right now (in the Holy of Hollies loving and serving our God.

God isn’t all-powerful if He can’t redeem all fallen angels and humans at Calvary. And God isn’t all loving if He neglects to be all-powerful and separate us from our sins and cast all of our sins (what we think, do and say) into hell — and spare us because we are made in the image of God which means we deserve to be with God in heaven for eternity because we are cleansed by the blood sacrifice of God our Redeemer.

Muslims, Jews and Christians and other groups pretty much embrace a counterfeit creator god who isn’t “Just and Righteous enough to use His power to destroy sin and keep “Everything” that He proclaimed as “Good or Very Good” in the same way a mother will separate the pee and poop from a baby; keep the baby and not throw the baby out with the bath water. The pee and poop in my analogy are our sins of which God has no problem making Lucifer (the morning star), other fallen angels and all of humanity will be perfect in the future.

The God I believe in is more loving than religious fanatics of every persuasion who limit the one True God who is more righteous and loving than the god or god’s we create in our imagination and teach others to preach an unloving, weak and hateful God who doesn’t seem to know how to love sinners and hate our sins without hurting us in the process.

God bless this message of Truth that provides us the hope of our salvation