Most eligible bachelor, Jesus

In the 21st Century U.S.A., the tabloids and Hollywood’s high society will portray the most eligible bachelors as men who are charming, handsome, muscular, quick-witted, have name recognition, fame and a whole lot of “Show me the money” (for later, alimony and child-support payments) L.O.L.

In the 1st Century, Jesus was the most eligible bachelor.  The 12 adult (reproductive) years that Jesus experienced; from age 18 through His 29th birthday gave Jesus plenty of opportunities to find a suitable mate.  He wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder or building a 401K retirement plan, but He was a “Normal” Jewish young man who is like us would desire to get married (because of His humanness).  Jesus didn’t practice or promote permanent celibacy, simply because the easiest way for a single Jesus and others to flee from youthful lust or temptation is for Jesus and other males and females to get married.

Jesus was the most spiritually mature and perfect man on the planet.  And of all the 1,000’s of Godly women that he would meet in His adult life; you can’t make me believe that women wouldn’t be attracted to Him as a possible mate and father of their children.  Women can sometimes want to be with a “Bad boy”; but their spirit will be drawn to the “Perfect” man Jesus, for His words and actions were 100% good and righteous before the women He dated and the woman He married.  Godly women throughout history have married men who are in no way as honorable and righteous as Jesus; so it is obvious that Jesus would be a “Good catch” for any woman who wants a good marriage.

It is amazing how Christians will state that Jesus is 100% human, but if you suggest that He was human enough to get married, they will imply that a God ordained marriage is only for sinful humans; and a “Perfect” man (Jesus) has no reason to get married.  It is obvious that marriage is the best way for Jesus to resist sexual temptation in His life and ours; for God has ordained sexual pleasure and procreation to be received and enjoyed by all humans.  Satan laughs at all humans who think they are more righteous if they stay single, and lust and lawsuits are a poor replacement for a mate and children!!!

It is only reasonable for Jesus to be our perfect example of how to be a better child of God, loving mate to a spouse and a better father to children.  Jesus was tempted by sexual pleasure (just like us), or He isn’t really human.  He would also have a desire to procreate, for marriage and children are normal God-given desires of the human experience.

Greek mythology philosophers and pagan religious leaders became Christians in the 4th Century by the 10’s of 1,000’s and they corrupted Christianity and changed it for these last 17 Centuries.  These new converts to Christianity thought that any god becoming a man,  would be sinful if he was the product of two humans having sex and a virgin birth is the only way for god in human form to remain pure (so they thought).  Also, a pagan god would be touched by sin if this god-man got married and had sex with a human female.

The Protestant Reformation is proof that what Jesus and the Apostles taught, has been changed; for nothing can be “Reformed” if it remained perfect and unaltered.  The Apostle Paul said that after his death, wolves would come in and not spare the flock.  Early in Christianity, God’s Word had the doctrines of men and demons added to its content; so that the Word of God in English isn’t pure or perfect.  If one Christian denomination is God approved; then the others are teaching mans wisdom; and being a Catholic, Protestant, Mormon etc is proof we are guessing at “What is Truth”!!!

Throughout Christendom, there have always been Christians who have sought to live in opulence and be an ecclesiastical, academic, athletic, political or social elitist type of person.  These people trying to say they have Royal blood in their veins; just means they have a problem with the “lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”.

Since it rains on the just and the unjust it is obvious that someone being egotistical and pious about their blood-line just means that when they die, their money and prestige (will no longer be of any value to them); but others will try to capitalize on their dead relative’s name recognition, fame, fortune or power.

It is a “Spiritual” Royal bloodline that Jesus started

The real Jesus or Messiah is God in the flesh; and our Jesus can embrace and enjoy any human desire, activity or pleasure that God has ordained for all of the rest of us to experience, for in doing so, He wouldn’t be violating any of God’s Ten Commandments!!!