Miracles: Degree of difficulty

A conservative Protestant point of view with some novel twists

Christians are especially intrigued by the concept of miracles. Most of us have never seen what we would consider a miracle. Our Christian faith demands that we believe in miracles or at least believe in the miracles in the Bible. We have what I call “Seen” and “Unseen” miracles that happen to us (and we can be totally oblivious to perceiving one happening in our lives). Sometimes a miracle needs our involvement (like our legs moving us away from a fire); or having a terrorist bomb go off 2 minutes after we have vacated the area. A severe health problem may seem tragic but if it leads us to see a need for a Savior; then we will be thankful that something good came out of this near-fatal experience, and we believe the goodness of God outweighs the temptations of Satan, self or others who do us spiritual, emotional or physical harm. And just being alive is our miracle from God and no human has ever performed a miracle; the Apostles continuously had to remind pagans and godly people that only our Creator God can forgive our sins and heal us in our spirit, mind or body!

No angel has ever seen God perform a miracle in Heaven? Everything that God does is normal, easy and has no degree of difficulty. If sin hadn’t entered into our created universe, there would be no such thing as a miracle. Miracles eliminate or set back the consequence of sin in this world and change or negate the normal cause and effect in our human life drama.

Do you realize that the miracle of every person’s conception, growth in our mother’s womb and our birth is equal to and just as miraculous as the taught virgin conception of Jesus in Mary? Only God performs miracles and not even Mary can claim she is responsible for the conception and birth of Jesus. Mary gets no honor or credit for any miracle that God performs and neither does anyone else. God could have brought Jesus into this world fully grown just like Adam and Eve. Are you going to tell me that a full-grown Jesus coming into this world, would be a greater or lesser of a miracle than a virgin birth (or natural birth like us)? Stop trying to believe God has human limitations, and stop giving credit to created beings for what only God can accomplish in this universe.

God the Father is a Spirit only Being. God did create human D.N.A. but it is the human species that He tells to be responsible for replenishing the earth. God puts all reproduction into the reproductive sex organs of the creatures He creates. It is physically impossible for God to get Mary pregnant; simply because the total essence of God is Spirit only (He has no human building blocks to build Jesus out of)! Flesh, bone, and blood are created substances and God is not a created being (God can’t give what He doesn’t have). Adam, Eve, Joseph and Mary are more directly responsible for Jesus (having a flesh, bone and blood body) than God did. God chooses to put His own Spirit into the 1st child of Joseph and Mary. God puts a “Human”, “Created” spirit into Jesus’ 4 younger brothers and at least 2 younger sisters; and these children of Joseph and Mary have a sin nature (but not Jesus).

God honors and redeems mankind when He places His Spirit (which is not human or created) into a 100% human flesh body (that Joseph and Mary provide with God’s creativity. The Son of God becomes the Son of a Man (Joseph implied). If Jesus had said that He is the Son of woman; everyone would know that He is referring to Mary. All human children have an earthly designation; they are the sons or daughters of a man (their father) and the sons or daughters of a woman (their mother) NO EXCEPTION. Jesus calls Himself “Son of Man” for He was telling the pagans of His day to know that His earthly father Joseph conceived Him (and that being so, doesn’t endanger Jesus or cause Him to sin). Joseph and Mary are both related to the Davidic Covenant, and so is Jesus if fathered by Joseph.

Let the Son of God be 100% God and 100% human through the progeny of Adam and Eve, the true parents of all mankind. Do you realize that Joseph is more human than Jesus, for Joseph had 2 human parents just like me and the 100’s of billions of other humans born after Adam and Eve?

God could keep a soon-to-be-extinct animal alive, and get her pregnant from His own Heavenly Sperm Bank, and rescinding the human species command to replenish the earth. God abandoned His original blueprint for all human reproduction and deciding He couldn’t keep Jesus from receiving a sin nature from Joseph if Joseph and Mary had sex. Most parents probably have sex hundreds of times before their child is born (especially newlyweds!!! And Christian thinking gets perverted and changed because of pagan thoughts added to scripture after the Apostles are all dead.

God created sexual pleasure for all of us (even those in the Ministry of God’s Word and work. and gives us a desire to enjoy companionship, and sex with a mate. Christians thinking that Joseph and Mary having sex is going to contaminate Jesus while he is in Mary’s womb is a nonsensical perversion of logic, truth, and reasoning; and makes God look like God can be touched by sin which is a pagan thought or concept.

The timing and purpose of miracles from God are very critical. If God puts Jesus on stage and in the spotlight too soon (at His conception, birth and at 2 years of age), the 5 sons of Rachael will be needlessly murdered by the Roman soldiers. A loving God would have prevented that from happening; by only revealing the Ministry of Jesus when He is ready and able to do God’s Will. The baby, child, teenager, or adult Jesus didn’t do any miracles until after He turned 30. This means that the first 29 years and “9” months of His life are to be silent uneventful years. The Bible says that God is a jealous God and that He doesn’t share His Glory with anyone. The Creator God is our Heavenly Father and He is the only actor on the stage securing our salvation. There are no humans, angels or demons on the stage during this human play (we watch silently in the balcony). God won’t allow Satan, Joseph, wise men, shepherds, Roman soldiers, the mother Rachael & her 5 murdered children and not even Mary deserves to be on the stage, much less in the spotlight with Jesus; simply because only our God can do miracles and no human needs to know who and where the Messiah is until His Ministry starts at age 30.

The Protestant Reformation is proof that Christianity and the Bible have been changed otherwise there wouldn’t have been a Reformation if there wasn’t anything wrong to be REFORMED. Also, the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible have 10,s of thousands of added or deleted words in their version. So you tell me Mr. or Mrs. Einstein reading this letter; isn’t it logical that at the end of the 1st Century, the 27 books or parchments of God’s Word should have the same Bible content for all Christians throughout Christendom. The truth is that Christians in every Century struggle with “What is Truth “. All Christian groups say their Bible Translation is perfect in this 100% sinful universe. One sure thing, if Satan can put errors in the Bible a 1,000 plus years ago, then “All” Christians will protect and honor whatever is added. deleted or changed.

The nativity scene and all the drama around the childhood of Jesus is simply Satan and humans way to turn Mary and all others into “Media Whores”, getting them their 15 minutes of fame; and allowing humans to be in the spotlight of God’s Redemptive Story. Rachael’s 5 dead sons are the same age as Jesus and might have been fed, healed or born-again by Jesus if they hadn’t needed to have been sacrificed on the altar of human importance.

God won’t honor Jesus before His ministry begins; for it would alert the enemies of God and wrongly put humans in God’s Salvation Story and harm the very people God would want to protect and bless. Mary, Joseph, and others have no need to know about the Messiah until 30 A.D. That way Rachael can love and be loved by her 5 “Live” sons and grandchildren. Rachael will be able to praise and thank God for His acts of kindness toward her family. Only an all-knowing, gruel and vindictive Christian God would think anything good would come from revealing The Messiah’s whereabouts before “His time has come”. Jesus refused to do a miracle for His mother; for He said: “My time has not come”. Soon after her request, the time for His Ministry began and He granted His mother’s request.