The miracle of God Creating 2 human beings in the Garden of Eden trumps any virgin birth.

Not only did God not need a human father to create Adam or Eve, but God also didn’t need mothers to conceive either of them. God would prefer that both Joseph and Mary be virgins when they get married (unless God has a double standard like most males).

From a human perspective, Adam and Eve are “Double virgin” pure L.O.L. Since their creation isn’t a product of human passion or lust, you would think that Adam and Eve would remain righteous and sinless forever. For neither one of them had a sinful mother or sinful father for them to blame their sin nature on.

All humans have wheat and tears in our lives, even if we are Christian or some other belief system. God will separate the part of our being that is made in the Image of God, from the part of us that is sinful (our tares). God will cast our sins into hell, which is everything that we think, do, and say that displeases God and the part of us that is like God will be reunited with God. When God separates us from our sins, then there is no longer anything in our personhood that keeps us from coming into the presence of God.

When the Bible says, “I never knew you: Depart from me, you that work iniquity”. “Since all of us have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”, it is obvious the verse, “You that work iniquity” is referring to our sin nature that “Isn’t” made in the image of God. Therefore God does spiritual surgery on all of us at the resurrection of the living and the dead and our sinful nature is cast into hell, and that sinful part of us will experience weeping and gnashing of teeth for eternity.

When we are told in the Bible “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow” is talking about everyone made in the Image of God rejoicing that our Messiah Redeemer has saved us. God would never force Himself on anyone (in this life or the life to come. God would have no reason to “Force” our sin nature to lie and humble itself before God, simply because God would be forcing our old sin nature to make an insincere response to God (and a forced confession would make God a spiritual bully). God’s image in us longs to be reunited with God!!!

All religions pretty much kidnap God. Jews will sincerely believe that they are God’s favorite children, and the Muslims and Christians will say the same. The truth is, that “God doesn’t show favoritism” to any individual who has ever lived. In the new heaven or on the new earth, we will not have a religion, only a “Pure” loving relationship with our Creator and each other. There will be no religion classifications (Jews, Christians, atheist, and Muslims etc.) and no more will there be strife, discord, and hatred among God’s family members. And only a very foolish and naive Christian would believe that God established the 100’s of Christian denominations that exist in the 21 Century, for that would make God look like He is the AUTHOR OF CONFUSION.

Most Christians believe that there will only be Christians in heaven. This is a self-serving Theology that is easy to refute. There have been 10’s of billions of humans who lived and died before Jesus was ever born, who never heard of the name of Jesus. The billions of people who lived and died thousands of years before Jesus was born are all dead (waiting for the resurrection) and they were all saved about 2,000 years ago when God cried out and said, “It is finished”. We know it was God redeeming us because flesh and blood can’t save itself; only God has that power to give us a resurrection from the dead and life eternal.

There are 3 reasons why Adam and Eve and you and me sin: (1) we don’t have the power, will or spiritual desire to stay perfect (2) we have a human created spirit that becomes self-centered and egocentric at a very early age (3) and the primary reason we are sinful is because WE ARE NOT GOD’S but only created beings, for we are His adopted children. God only had one human son and He used 2 descendants of Adam and Eve (Joseph and Mary) to provide HIM, this Tabernacle of flesh to house His Spirit inside of, for the next 33 years.

Almost everyone believes Jesus will be touched by sin if Joseph is his father. They completely overlook the fact that Mary “Like the rest of us” needs a Savior, only sinners need a Savior. Therefore, the only way for Jesus to be sinless and not catch a sin nature from Joseph or Mary is for Jesus to come into this world full grown, like Adam and Eve. But if Jesus came into this world full grown then he wouldn’t be of Adam and Eve’s family tree. Joseph and Mary conceiving this child will make Jesus a part of the human race and he will be 100 % human “Like” the rest of us, in our conception, birth, and life experiences (but without a sin nature) and pending death.

With Jesus supposedly being born without a human father means that Jesus is half-human and his genealogy on his mothers side starts with Jesus and goes through his mothers ancestry all the way back to Adam and Eve; but Jesus’ genealogy on his step-fathers side of the family doesn’t go anywhere (not even back to his grandfather (Joseph’s dad), and not forward because he supposedly had no child or children.

Humans get “No credit” for their salvation (for it happened 2,000 years ago). We love and seek God because He loved and sought us FIRST. Our capacity to know, please or serve God doesn’t originate in our mind, will or emotions in what we think, do and say; for the Spirit of God gets all the credit for prompting all of us to desire to repent, and turn from our wicked ways and love God, self, and others more fully. Doing this means we are living the “Abundant life” when we acknowledging there is a God and He is a rewards those who serve Him. We also want to tell others about how God redeemed all of humanity 2,000 years ago and we are to serve and proclaim that Gods Spiritual name is Emmanuel and the suffering servant God became we call by the human name of Jesus, the Tabernacle of Gods dwelling.

Humans are responsible for “All” the pain and suffering on this earth, which vindicates God. In other words, God has never done any harm to any of us. But we blame God for all the tragedies we experience in life because we know He has the power to stop all our pain and suffering instantly.

In the future, God will prevent all of us from experiencing any sin or suffering in our lives. God could have prevented sin from entering all the generations from Adam and Eve onward to and including the 21st Century. But humans are finite created creatures and they can’t understand truth the way a non-created being would think.

If God created us and then prevented sin from ever happening in the first place, humans made in God’s image would hold the Theological view that God’s perfection and ours are equal in expression. In other words, a perfect human that was never allowed to sin would say to God. God, I know you are perfect and you say we are perfect; so why isn’t our perfection equal to your perfection? There is no such thing as “Perfect, more perfect and most perfect”. You just have one word in English that doesn’t adequately define the magnitude of the true meaning of perfection concerning God. God is the source of our life and the reason for our future perfection.

Since God allowed sin into the world, and in our future state of perfection, God would only have to show us a video of the sinful state of humanity over these thousands of years that humans have existed on earth; and we will totally understand even in our finite minds that God is the source of all love and perfection, and all humans are only the recipient’s of God’s love and perfection.

So you have the all-powerful Father God, who puts His Spirit into a human tabernacle (called by the name of Jesus) who becomes The “Suffering Servant” Messiah; to save us from our sins. Jesus wore several hats reflecting his many different roles as a human; being a son of Joseph and Mary, husband to Mary Magdalene and probably the father of Barabbas. In Jewish custom a male is a man at bar mitzvah age 13, so the Jews with the help of the Romans kidnap the son of Jesus. And Jesus will die in his son place just like any other loving dad would do.

In the physics of space, you have length, width, and height. Each is intricately a part of each other. The other two are necessary to explain the third, but you only have one physical location, and not 3. Also, a male can be a son, husband and a father, but he is still only “ONE” person. There is no Christian “Tri-union” God (3 in one); for there can only be “One” God. God is a Spirit who indwells the body of Jesus; this thought has the 3 words (God, Spirit, and Jesus), but these words don’t imply that I am speaking of 3 God’s.

The flesh of Jesus (passed down from Adam and Eve) isn’t God but simply the Spirit of God residing in human flesh; which makes Him ”Like” us in our humanity. Or you can think of the word “God” (as being a noun) and “Spirit” and “Jesus” are adjectives that modify the noun (God).

God the Father is the pre-conceived Emmanuel (God with us), and about 2,000 years ago the Deity of God began to indwell the human created body of Jesus (that isn’t Deity) but is 100% human like Adam, Eve and you and me.

A physical God touches our hearts and souls and comforts us; when He became human like us.