Does the virgin birth of Jesus mean that Mary is co-redeemer (co-Redemptrix) with Jesus in our salvation?

Some Catholics would embrace this theological viewpoint while few Protestants would concur with that statement. Since most Catholics AND Protestants agree that Jesus would have a sin nature if Joseph were the father of Jesus, then Mary is most certainly primarily responsible for keeping Jesus sinless for those 1st nine months of life.

When the Creator of the universe needs the human woman Mary to be responsible for protecting Jesus from being touched by sin in his spirit, soul, and body; then you know that pagan worship and Greek mythology have been woven into the tapestry of the Christian mindset and even other religions extol the virtues of a virgin birth that resembles counterfeit messiah’s who lived and died before Jesus was born.

It is odd that the angels of God are not able to protect Jesus when he is a newborn infant, child, teenager or young adult. God doesn’t need human intervention, especially when the actions of humans like Joseph and Mary are counter-intuitive to common sense, logic and would be abnormal if ANY OTHER husband and wife experienced what Joseph and Mary are said to have endured in their marriage relationship.

Joseph not meeting the sexual needs of his wife, and Mary not meeting his sexual needs most definitely reveals they have a very “Unhealthy” dysfunctional relationship that no other human “Married” couples would tolerate, much less promote as “Normal and necessary”, under any circumstances. Can you imagine Joseph and Mary on their wedding night and Joseph starts a little foreplay and Mary is horrified and fearful and stops Joseph from touching her breast or between her legs and she shouts at him to STOP, I belong to GAWD and only GAWD can get me pregnant or give me an orgasm. Mary and Joseph are very HOT and HORNY young people, which would be normal L.O.L.

Indecently, Joseph probably dies around the time Jesus is 30 years of age. In the Jewish culture, a Rabbi HAS TO BE at least 30 and married in order to be respected as a Servant of God in the ministry. Also, probably in all cultures a father is always respect and held in higher esteem than a son. Therefore, the creator of the universe (Emmanuel-God with us) can’t be subservient to a mere mortal human Joseph. As the oldest son, Jesus has to take over as head-of-household, since God trumps the human body, spirit, and authority of Joseph.

Since Mary is responsible for keeping Jesus from being touched by a sin nature because of her state of virginity, then the God that the Christians worship is guilty of allowing sin to enter the world in the first place. If God had of been smart enough and all powerful then He could have know that He should impregnate the 100’s of billions of females throughout human history and then sin would not have entered into the lives of humans. Every human teenager or adult male would simply be stepfather to any children born on this earth.

If all humans born on the earth had “No” human father but Adam and Eve, then the billions of us born would still have a “Sinful nature”. Why? For “Only” a non-created being has the desire, strength, and opportunity to “Stay” perfect. Only one-third of all the angels sinned against God but more than likely God intervened and stopped any further sinfulness of the angels. This teaches the angels and us humans that in the next life, God would STOP any possible contamination from us sinning in spirit, mind, will, emotions or body. And it won’t matter if you were Jewish, Christian, Muslim or atheist etc.

We wouldn’t want Joseph BANGING Mary while Jesus is very close next-door, would we? L.O.L. My mom and dad probably had sex 100’s of times before my mother gave birth to me, and so did Joseph and Mary. Couples do it in the bedroom, living room floor, couch, shower, a car in the garage, maybe at work or anywhere else they desired and it didn’t harm me, didn’t harm me, didn’t harm me L.O.L.

Mary could have been a prostitute and drank 2 quarts of whiskey a day, smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day, sprinkled arsenic on her food or in her drink and those actions couldn’t harm Jesus an any way (read Mark 16:18) because the Spirit of God and His angles will take charge of protecting Jesus, especially since God and His angels have no limitations (that sinful Mary has). For nothing harmful in Mary can be transmitted to Jesus, for all sins and harmful substances will be “Neutralized” and not affect the life, health, and spirit of God in Jesus.

Humans use piety in order to feel superior to others; bur a virgin is NOT more righteous than a non-virgin (just different in what their sin and good deeds are). For there is none righteous, not even Mary, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Mary and Joseph can’t tell anyone that Joseph isn’t the father of her child, she could be stoned for adultery or at least chastised by the women in the community for not meeting the sexual needs of her husband Joseph. And all of the men in the community would laugh hysterically when they would hear that Joseph has been married for 9 months and isn’t getting any pu**y L.O.L. The virginity of Mary is only good for expressing piety (self-righteousness) before other humans and doesn’t make her holy or perfect before God and His angels.

The God I believe in can neutralize any harmful substance or situation that would hinder the Will of God concerning Jesus. God chose the sexual union of Joseph and Mary to bring Jesus into the world, because they and their families had the same “Kind of faith” that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David had; therefore any sexual indiscretions of King David, Joseph or Mary would not hinder or thwart the safety or future mission of Jesus. Remember the 3 Jewish youths Hanania, Mishael, and Azaria in the fiery furnace? God didn’t need to give them fireproof clothing garments to wear.

Mary isn’t protecting Jesus; she is showcasing her dysfunctional marriage and revealing that her Jewish ancestry roots have been uprooted and replaced with a pagan mindset that makes our Creator God look inept at being God, for getting Mary to take on responsibilities not belonging to her, and totally ignoring the “Fact” that she is defrauding her husband when she ignores Joseph’s emotional and sexual needs.

Scripture doesn’t reveal the hatred that is experienced and expressed by the family members of Jesus. Just think about the 10’s of thousands of comments that the brothers and sisters of Jesus had dumped on them all of their lives. “Why can you be more like Jesus” and other negative hurtful comments. Untold 1,000’s of disapproving stares that made it perfectly clear that Jesus was the favorite child of Joseph and Mary. And being compared to the Promised Messiah (God in the flesh of Jesus) is a no-win situation.

Christian will say the blood of Jesus saves them. But Jesus might have lost several pints of blood before the crucifixion when the Roman soldiers used a whip on his back and shoulders. Plus the crown of thorns cutting into his skull would cause the loss of a lot of blood. But shedding his blood is not a “Complete” sacrifice. If shedding his blood is all that is needed, then Jesus doesn’t need to die.

Example: If I notice that someone is going to shoot someone and I jump in front of them and take a bullet in my shoulder, they will thank me for saving their life. But I didn’t pay the “Ultimate” sacrifice unless I died for them. That is why Jesus had to die. When the Bible says that God became “Like” us in every way, in his conception, birth, and life. But God has to be like us and make the ultimate sacrifice and die; otherwise, God can’t say that His life and sacrifices is like ours.

So making Jesus have no human father eliminates or cancels out His promise to us in becoming a human being and walking with us. Showing us how he was a good son of Joseph, a good husband to Mary Magdalene and a good father to Barabbas. The Catholic Church deleted this information in order to please the pagans around the 4th Century and the Protestant Reformation happened 1,000 years later; so they didn’t know what had been added, deleted or changed in our Christian Bible, in order to please the pagans and not the Jews.


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