Most people try to think that Mary’s moral character is more important than Joseph’s.

I assure you that Joseph was her equal concerning their righteous relationship with God and each other! Joseph and Mary were not perfect, and the sins they did, and you and I “Do commit” is what separated us from God. Mary called Jesus her “Savior”, ONLY SINNERS NEED A SAVIOR!!!

Joseph and Mary had a “normal and real marriage relationship”, and God uniting them in Holy Matrimony 2000 years ago, revealing that God continues to bless mankind through the Institution of the Family. Joseph and Mary got married because they loved each other and longed to have 3 basic needs and desires that husbands and wives want, both in the 1st and 21 Century; to have a companion, sex, and children (and if you can’t have children, you can at least enjoy trying).

If you think that Joseph and Mary just sat around holding hands and quoting Bible verses all the time; you have a strange, unhealthy, and unrealistic ideas of what a normal “sexual human being” is supposed to consider acceptable human behavior in marriage.

Mary and Joseph didn’t get married in order to fulfill any Old Testament Bible prophecy. They believed in the future promised Messiah; they just didn’t realize He was in their immediate family. Mary wasn’t the only virgin on the earth 2,000 years ago, there were millions of virgins, especially children. And no virgin (male or female) getting married who really loves their mate would want to remain a virgin after they are married.

Virginity is the time from your sexual awareness up to the time of your marriage. God calls very very few Christians to permanent celibacy in the ministry of God’s Word. All of the Apostles of Christ were married and had children except one (who was probably a widower). If God hasn’t called a person to celibacy, there will be more church leaders having more problems with alcoholism, child molestation and other sexual sins as the only way to release their sexual pressure or desires for sex. “In later times some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons….forbidding (Priest and Nuns——-my words added) to marry” I Timothy 4:1,3

God loved Mary, but not mainly because she was a virgin. WHAT MARY DID IS AN ATTAINABLE GOAL FOR ALL OF GOD’S single children!!! Being unmarried and sexually active means you can never regain your virginity, but YOU CAN REGAIN YOUR MORAL PURITY through repentance for being a virgin has its limitations. Jesus has prostitutes in His family tree, and Jesus could have been born by a prostitute and still be perfect (for prostitutes and non-prostitutes are all equally sinful before God).

Joseph and Mary not having sex would go against the purpose of marriage, sharing emotional and physical intimacy with each other. If you think two young married individuals in their teens, 20’s or 30’s with very strong desires for a sexual intimacy would want to remain virgins after they are married, you must be an alien from another planet. People get married to be one in spirit, soul, and body with another person.

Joseph and Mary consummated their marriage in a sexual union, had 4 more sons (James, Joses, Simon, and Judas–Matt. 13:54-56) and at least 2 daughters; bringing the family unit to 9 blessed individuals under one roof.