Christians sin when they promote the “Unholy” marriage of piety and celibacy.  Piety is self-righteousness and celibacy is moral purity.  When a person claims moral and spiritual superiority over others because they have taken a permanent vow of celibacy (especially in the ministry) then that person is lying to the Holy Spirit of God and their vow still reveals that they are just as sinful as others who haven’t taken a vow of celibacy or virginity.

There are 10 Commandments.  If you could obey 9 Commandments, then that one sin you did commit would separate you from God. So being able to brag that you kept most of the Commandments, you would not be more righteous than the person who disobeyed 9 Commandments and obeyed only 1 Commandment.

About 2,000 years ago gentiles were embracing Christianity by the 10’s of thousands and on many days several thousand a day came to believe the message of the Jewish Messiah The Christ.  The Jews were less responsive simply because they couldn’t relate to a suffering servant Messiah for they wanted a Savior military King Messiah to rescue them from the tyrannical government the Roman Empire became.

The Apostle Paul stated that after his death, that grievous wolves would come in and not spare the flock.  You realize that none of the Apostles or disciples were commanded to take a “Permanent vow of celibacy” in order to be in the ministry of God’s Word and therefore most had children and grandchildren etc.  But a few hundred years after the death of all these Godly people, the message that The Messiah and the Apostles taught was changed by the pagan converts who merged their old religious beliefs with their Christian beliefs.

The Protestant Reformation in 1798 was an attempt to rectify those errors with Christian apologetics.  The Christians of the first few centuries all worshiped on Saturday (The Sabbath Day of rest).  But since Christians blindly believed that they were honoring Jesus by giving Him His special day and calling it “Resurrection Sunday” this was Satan’s way to get Christian to disobey or dishonor the 4th Commandment and thereby only having 9 Commandments to believe in. The first Sabbath Day on earth wasn’t a Jewish tradition because only Adam, Eve and God are on the earth.  Jesus said if you love me, then keep my Commandments (He meant all 10 Commandments).

Society changed God’s Day of Worship to fit their own lifestyle and not honor the wishes of our Creator God.  Plus the Jewish Christians couldn’t go to the Synagogue on the Sabbath Day and openly say verbally to his or her fellow Christian “He has risen” and then have their friend say, “He has risen indeed”. You would be verbally chastised for your perceived blasphemy against the Creator God and you might be in danger of being stoned or severely beaten with no one to come to your rescue.  So Jewish and Gentile Christians decided to distance themselves from the Jewish persecution and meet on Sunday and disobey the 4th Commandment!

Most of humanity are Theist and believe in a personal God that they can worship and pray to.  Humans long to believe in a God that can relate to them which is a God that can take human form and be “Like” us.  All boys, girls, teenagers, and adults observe that a sin nature was passed down to them and that they will also pass on their sin nature to all the generations that follow them.  If you have a child, you know that that child is just like you, for they pee, poop, pass gas and sin “Just like you do”.

When Christians in the early church couldn’t understand how God could become a man without a “Sin nature” affecting Him because sin is passed on through sexual intercourse and procreation to every human in every generation.  The new Christians from their pagan mindset who had embraced Greek Mythology and other dogmas had a solution to God becoming a man without Him being stained by the sin of humanity. There have been many virgin birth mythologies throughout human history.

If the Christian Messiah was born of a virgin, then the pagans believed that the sin nature couldn’t transmit the disease of sin to the child in Mary’s womb.  Some Christians went a step further and added that the mother of Mary conceived Mary via a virgin birth so that Mary would be in a state of purity and therefore protect Jesus from receiving a sin nature from a human mother and father.  Christians know that their bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and that God’s Spirit is in them, but our sin nature can’t tough or corrupt the God who indwells in us; in the same way the sins of Mary and Joseph can’t touch Jesus if Joseph and Mary have sex while Jesus is in the womb (it is a pagan concept added to Christianity).

The only reason that Jesus The Christian Messiah is not corrupted by Joseph and Mary’s sexual union and conception of Jesus is that God didn’t put a “Human created spirit” in the body of Jesus but He put His own Spirit in their child.  Which makes Jesus 100% God because it is the Spirit of God that is in Jesus; and Jesus is 100% human because of Joseph’s sperm and Mary’s womb.  Arthur Trafford and everyone else receives at conception a human, created spirit from God and our spirits can and will sin.  The Spirit of God cannot sin or be touched or changed by sin even in the womb of Mary. Therefore when humans can’t resist temptation, they should not perceive that their God has the same limitation or vulnerability to sin that they have.

There are financial reasons for a church denomination to only hire celibate or virgin church leaders in the ministry.  Think about it, a married man with 4 children would need between 2 to 3 times more money to support his large family.  So in modern day finance terms, the church would save trillions of dollars in salary over the last 2,000 years.

Everyone knows that sexual desires and lust is hard to resist.  All humans want to feel superior to others.  Olympians, average athletes, and Special Olympians all struggle to outperform or be considered better than others. Christian leaders who choose celibacy will receive their 30 pieces of silver for the betrayal of God’s moral best, a blessed marriage and more blessed progeny.

God created sexual procreation and sexual orgasms.  Sexual temptation is like a snake biting you, and you need an anti-venom serum.  To resist sexual temptation and mental lust, God provided a way for males and females to escape temptation; it is called a marriage commitment.  When two people marry, the marriage bed is undefiled and they can meet each other’s sexual needs and desires so that they won’t be as tempted to sin against God or their bodies.

The Bible says there is not even one righteous person of whom God created.  All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  Every created human that is conceived in a woman is born with a sin nature (no exception). But every Christian will shout and say that their Christian Messiah is an exception to the rule. Since I said every “Created” human then it is obvious that I can’t include Jesus with the mass of humanity that has been born into our world!

The body of Jesus is created flesh from the family tree of Adam and Eve and their descendants; but the Spirit that indwells that body has no past or future, for His state of being is a “Present tense” kind of God.

You do realize that the Christian Messiah could have come into this world full grown, just like Adam and Eve.  The reason “A birth” was involved for the Messiah is because God had already established the Institution of Holy Matrimony thousands of years earlier between Adam & Eve; and the consummation of their spiritual, emotional, and sexual union produced all the families that preceded the Messiah. And the institution of marriage and family precedes “organized religion”.

If millions of Godly people in the last 2,000 years had of avoided permanent celibacy “like it was a plague” (and it is) there would be billions more Christians of this earth in the 21st Century.  In other words, Godly people being allowed to have and raise children blesses more humans.  Mothers who abort and priests and nuns who abstain from marriage all have one thing in common; life stops when they die (no heritage for God’s Kingdom to pass on).  Satan doesn’t want people to have children if they know God’s Word and love the Lord.  And Satan wants Christians to be consumed by lust and no marriage partner to give them an honorable orgasm.

Permanent celibacy opens the floodgates to more temptations, lust, and lawsuits that married Christians are must less be tempted to indulge in, simple because singles are more likely to be consumed by lust.  God gives most of us a strong sex drive in order to motivate most of us to get married and enjoy all the sex we desire!  If you have to meet your own sexual needs in solitude then you are not called to celibacy, you are lying to yourself and God.

When the Christian Messiah goes out of His way to be “Like” us (HUMAN) you have to admit that Jesus is only “Half” like us if Joseph is not his biological father.  Joseph and Mary are related to King David.  A DNA test of David’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren etc. including Joseph, Mary and Jesus would reveal that Jesus is related to The Davidic Covenant.  If Joseph is not biologically related to Joseph then Jesus is not the real Messiah that the Jewish people are looking for.  Satan wants the Jews to reject the Promised Messiah and the best way to alienate the Jews from Christianity is by having the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s being “virgin born”.  Let Buddha embrace his virgin birth and extol the virtues of Greek Mythology 563 years before the birth of the Real Messiah, but give me a Savior that is cut-out of the same fabric of humanity that I am created from and totally embrace my humanity but without sinning.

God’s creating powers stopped at the end of day 6 (Friday) and God rested on Saturday the 7th Day.  So on and after this first day of rest, God has never created anything including getting Mary pregnant.  We know this because God gave a mandate to all created species that they are to reproduce after “Their kind”.  There are no exceptions. God doesn’t have any heavenly sperm bank for human withdrawals or any seeds to reproduce plants, animals, birds, fish etc. because God is SPIRIT only.  You can validate my assumptions about creation by looking to all the 1,000’s of extinct species that have been documented to no longer be alive.  When the last female of a species is about to become extinct, God doesn’t intervene and protect or heal that animal that is dying, and give her food and impregnate her with compatible animal sperm and save her life and species.  This only proves that mankind and nature are both in a self-destruct mode and God doesn’t intervene.

Don’t blame God for what happens in a fallen world and don’t assume that God can be corrupted or touched by our sins, even in the womb of Mary.  God made us in His image and He redeemed us and makes our bodies His Temple of dwelling