The TRUE reasons why Christians believe in the virgin birth.

The reasons why Christians and pagans teach the virgin birth these last 1700 year.

It is true that the virgin births are spoken about by the pagans and taught in Greek Mythology NEVER happened to any teenage or adult female. But these pagans believed the virgin birth stories past down to them by family members and their religion who now are mandating and promoting the virgin birth IN CHRISTIANITY “As FACT” nonetheless.

For the sake of argument, the 4th Century Christians have deviated from what was taught in the 1st Century (for Jews and gentiles originally believed Joseph is the father of Jesus and he doesn’t preexist his conception). The zealous individuals who are proselytes from their previous pagan religion, now reveal their hearts desire is to have Jesus being born of a virgin and preexist his conception (just like the pagans are being taught in the 4th Century A.D.).

There was pressure on the Pope of Rome and the Catholic priest to postulate and embrace the pagan beliefs in the 300 + A.D time frame or Christianity would have died in the 4th Century because the pagans then were just as zealous and fanatical as any TCB, Mayhem, smfresh82, Gordon, or Maxwell personality (on Beforeit’ in this 21st Century L.O.L.

The Protestant reformers in the 1500’s didn’t know what changes in the Bible took place in the 4th Century (because they weren’t there DUH —obvious). Christians at the beginning of the Protestant Reformation are trying very hard to keep these “Traditions of men” alive (presupposing that their forefathers were righteous in what has been passed down to them in the 16th Century).

Therefore, the PAGAN myth facts MADE IT INTO CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY because the passionate, devout, devoted, dedicated and committed pagans were refusing to become Christians in the 4th Century A.D. if their humanistic logic mindset is refused or rejected by the Christian community they are trying to join.

It’s all about money (in religion, politics, and health-care), for the Pope of Rome desperately wanted to appease and promote the wishes of the pagans, and if the numbers are right, there are about 10,000,000 Christians (with mostly pagan backgrounds) converted in the 4th Century. This will provide an abundance of wealth to Catholics and future Protestants churches (especially if someone takes a permanent vow of celibacy — for that celibate person can be given a smaller paycheck (for they have NO WIFE or CHILDREN to support) L.O.L.

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The fact is, there is NOTHING in Scripture that REQUIRES a miraculous birth of Messiah but there is a LOT of evidence that requires he be LITERALLY of the seed of David through his father.

As a final argument, ask yourself the following question: IF Messiah was born of a “virgin” with no earthly father, why is it so rarely mentioned in the New Testament? IF such an event occurred, it would have been an astounding miracle and frequently discussed! Yet, the New Testament authors virtually never even mention it! This fact alone makes its actual occurrence extremely unlikely.

1. It is NEVER mentioned in ANY of the epistles.
2. It is NEVER mentioned by Yeshua.
3. It is NEVER mentioned in ANY recorded presentations of the “gospel” in Acts or the epistles.
4. It is NEVER mentioned ANYWHERE as part of a necessary belief a person must accept! EVER!
5. The ONLY place it is mentioned, or even hinted at, is in the alleged (and contradictory) birth accounts of Matthew and Luke!
6. Yet Christianity, counterfeit Messianism, and many monotheistic Messianics consider it a crucial doctrine even though Scripture most certainly shows it to NOT be crucial!

“The virgin birth was probably copied from other pagan religions”.

“It is a matter of historical fact that there were MANY pagan, mystery religions that flourished during the time the “church fathers” canonized their “New” Testament “scripture”. Mithraism was but one of those religions. Oh! Of course many of these were based in the worship of a sun god. Guess where the church gets the idea for the halo or sun that surrounds the head of “Jesus” and/or Mary in many artists renderings?

The pagan foundation of MANY aspects of Christianity is obvious; however, most Christians prefer to ignore it. Truth is too difficult or embarrassing for most Christians and counterfeit Messianics to accept.

History records that:

* Buddha was born of the virgin Maya after the Holy Ghost descended upon her.
* The Egyptian God Horus was born of the virgin Isis; as an infant, he was visited by three kings.
* In Phrygia, Attis was born of the virgin Nama.
* A Roman savior Quirrnus was born of a virgin.
* In Tibet, Indra was born of a virgin. He ascended into heaven after death.
* The Greek deity Adonis was born of the virgin Myrrha, many centuries before the birth of Jesus. He was born at Bethlehem, in the same sacred cave that Christians later claimed as the birthplace of “Jesus”.
* In Persia, the god Mithra was born of a virgin on DEC-25. An alternate myth is that he emerged from a rock.
* Also in Persia, Zoroaster was also born of a virgin.
* In India, the god Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki.
* Virgin births were claimed for many Egyptian pharaohs, Greek emperors and for Alexander the Great of Greece.

One source is quoted as saying that there were many mythological figures: Hercules, Osiris, Bacchus, Mithra, Hermes, Prometheus, Perseus and Horus who share a number of factors. All were believed to have:

* been male.
* lived in pre-Christian times.
* had a god for a father.
* human virgin for a mother.
* had their birth announced by a heavenly display.
* had their birth announced by celestial music.
* been born around December 25th.
* had an attempt on their life by a tyrant while they were still an infant.
* met with a violent death.
* rose again from the dead.”

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I remember that wonderful blessed Bible verse: Believe on the VIRGIN birth and thou shalt be saved L.O.L.

And the two songs: What can wash away my sins, nothing but the VIRGIN birth L.O.L.

What can make me whole again, nothing but the VIRGIN birth L.O.L.

You can be a Christian without believing in the virgin birth !!!

It is amazing that Christians think the God of the universe can’t protect Jesus from sin entering his body; Mary has to help protect Jesus from sin while he is in the womb by staying a virgin until the child is born. Joseph has to “Choose the state of celibacy”, which is very unnatural for married couples to do in a marriage. Joseph and Mary are not really married until they consummate the marriage in sexual intercourse (they were dysfunctional roommates those 1st nine months they were together.

Christians lie when they say that Jesus is like us.

Jesus never wanted to date and French kissed a female, never desired to get married, have sex and children, no parent ever wanted their daughter to date or marry Jesus, no female ever wanted to date and marry Jesus, no female wanted Jesus to be the father of her child or children. Somehow Jesus being “Like us” seems to be a very unnatural and contradictory statement. And I assure you, that no one wants to be “Like” Jesus in his asexual lifestyle, abnormal birth, or dysfunctional relationships with females, which would only produce emotional pain if we tried to follow in his footsteps in our male and female relationships.

We have deified the body of Jesus until his body and lifestyle is totally unnatural, and most definitely “Not like us”. Jesus could get married; have sex and children because his body is human like us. God doesn’t have a body, and it is a human Jesus that gets his human wife pregnant, therefore God isn’t committing incest with a female of the human race. Any children that Jesus had would have a sin nature, simply because God only put His Spirit in one child (the body of Jesus). The children of Jesus would have human created spirits inside of them; therefore they would have a sin nature.