I wish to enlighten everyone made in the image of God, that an all-powerful, all-loving God has the opportunity, desire, and ability to save all humans created in the image of God; be it today or 200,000 years ago.

A Christian will be considered a heretic if they let other Christians know that 100’s of years before Jesus was born that pagan religious priests and Greek mythology philosophers taught that their gods are virgin-born, preexists their conception and their bodies are deity (they can’t get married). And what was deleted from our Bible is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene (of the family of Martha, and Lazarus) and had a son named Barabbas.

Emmanuel, God with us, puts HIS OWN Spirit in the human TEMPLE OR TABERNACLE that Joseph and Mary created (making Jesus just like me in every way) and that is why Jesus didn’t sin, WITH NO NEED FOR A VIRGIN BIRTH unless you are a pagan worshiper. My conception and birth is just as miraculous as a virgin birth, simply because God is doing the miracle AND HIS MIRACLES HAVE NO-DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY!

All humans sin because we are created beings, and only a non-created being can stay perfect. Emmanuel put a human-created spirit into the body of the child that Jesus conceived with Mary Magdalene (probably the sister of Martha and Lazarus). The Pope didn’t like Jesus being married so he changed scripture and made the son of Jesus (Barabbas, said to be a man guilty of murder). The son of Jesus is 13, at the time of his Bar mitzvah (coming of age in Jewish culture). Jesus is told that his son will die if Jesus doesn’t turn himself over to the Roman authorities for trial.

Jesus is willing to be crucified in the place of his son (for any loving father would do the same) and die in their son’s place. The body of Jesus is flesh and blood, and Jesus doesn’t know he was dying for the sins of the world, he is just protecting his son. Emmanuel living in this human temple of Jesus knows all things and the spirit of God is what is Deity. For the flesh and blood of Jesus (and you and me) will not enter the kingdom of God.

Christians need to think of Emmanuel as Deity living in the flesh, bone, and blood body of Jesus as a dwelling place of God. We can worship the person of Jesus ONLY BECAUSE Jesus doesn’t have a human-created spirit in his body. In the same way that Jews wouldn’t worship the Temple building that King Solomon built (for created things ARE NOT DEITY). After the resurrection of Emmanuel, God put His Spirit in a new body (probably like the bodies that Adam and Eve originally had.


I read the book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”, which is written by 3 agnostics. Don’t buy it, just go to the library and read it for FREE LOL. A man named Dan Brown (who wrote The Da Vinci Code) plagiarized the book that the 3 agnostics wrote.

Brown was sued but won the lawsuit because he said it is fiction and therefore won his case because of this legal loophole. Da Vinci Code is in the fiction section of a library and HBHG is in the religious section.

There was (I think) one chapter that gave me my new views on Jesus, the rest of the book is promoting a royal bloodline of Jesus, believing his descendants intermarried with the noble families of France. These 3 agnostics believe in a secret society promoting a royal priesthood of elitists who are blood relatives of Jesus, and therefore are Royalty and their piety proclaims their superiority to the rest of us “Common peasant class”.

I believe in a spiritual royal priesthood of everyone made in the image of God. We are wrong in thinking the blessings of God we experience makes us superior to others. We all lust for money, power, and fame; and the only favorites of God are those humans who seek to love God, self, and others with a more perfect love.

Christians deify the body of Jesus and make him God instead of a human dwelling place for God to use as a human temple or tabernacle to dwell in. A human Jesus is praying to “Emmanuel” (meaning God with us) and not to himself, and when Jesus says “Before Abraham was, I AM”, is referring to the Spirit of God existing before the life of Abraham existed and not promoting that Jesus preexists his conception (that pagan priest taught).

God put His own Spirit (and not a created spirit like ours) inside of the body of Jesus who became Emmanuel (meaning God with us). And “If” Barabbas is the son of Jesus, he would have a human CREATED spirit (just like ours) inside of his body. Therefore Barabbas couldn’t stay perfect like Jesus; because a human-created spirit in Barabbas CAN NEVER stay perfect.