My concern is that the factual truths about Jesus have fictional pagan mythology roots woven into the fabric of Christianity. I could say good things about you, and say you graduated from Harvard and you have been married for 10 years and have 3 children. If that statement is a lie, I haven’t said anything negative about you, but it still isn’t the truth, is it?

Influential pagans who became Christians in about the 4th Century eventually convinced all Christians to embrace ideas that Jesus and the Apostles did not teach or preach.

The Son of God is believed to have the same limitations and weaknesses that the pagan god’shave; for the pagan god’s can’t have a human father or get married, for if they do, they will fall into temptation and be sinful like the rest of us.

The Apostle Paul said that after his death, wolves would come in and not spare the flock. The Protestant Reformation is proof that Christianity has been changed but Christian beliefs were not taken back to 1st Century teaching.

Our Creator God is more concerned with pagans hearing and believing God’s plan of Salvation; and God will correct their Theology about the person of Jesus, later.

Jesus many times called Himself “Son of man” (Joseph implied) because He didn’t want people to treat Him as being just another pagan god; with no human father and permanently celibate.

A regular birth of Jesus would be just as miraculous as a virgin birth, simply because all births are miracles of God; His miracles have no degree of difficulty. If someone is virgin born then that person and Jesus are “Not like” me, but Jesus came into this world to embrace all of our humanity.

Therefore, no need for a virgin birth or staying single for Jesus, because our Jesus does NOT need human intervention in order for the Spirit of our God to remain perfect and sinless in the human body of Jesus.

Greek mythology and the ancient pagan mindset embraced a virgin birth concept and reflect an antithesis of Christian truth.  God has stated that human logic and understanding do not reflect the mind, will, or intent of God’s wisdom.  In a Heavenly Court of Justice, no angel would ever believe that our Heavenly Father has to accept and apply Greek mythology and ancient pagan thought to how God could live in a human body and still be sinless.

Collective human logic says that if you eliminate a human father, God’s Spirit will remain perfect inside of Jesus.  But God could take any human couple and place His Spirit into the human flesh, bone and blood body of their child and the Messiah Jesus would still be perfect.

The righteousness of Jesus isn’t contingent on the sexual purity of Joseph or Mary or any other human couple that He could be born to; simply because any baby that God decides to put His Spirit into can’t be touched by sin, regardless of who the two sinful parents are!!!