Who are those individuals these last 1,700 years who do not believe that Jesus came IN THE FLESH?

There is only one question that needs to be answered in this essay. Who are the individuals who “Refuse to believe” that Jesus came IN THE FLESH? “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist”. 2 John 1:7.

Every Jew, Muslim, Christian and even atheist who HAVE BEEN TOLD about Jesus, know Jesus has come in the flesh of Mary (born as Mary’s Child). And no one would argue against someone saying that Jesus is the son of “Mary” and no one would refute the idea that “Mary” is the mother of Jesus.

No one disbelieves or rejects Jesus being of the “Flesh of Mary” but “Almost” every Christian “Refuses” to believe that Jesus has come in the “Flesh of “Joseph” (Which is an “Against Christ’s statement).

Jews were looking for a military Messiah who could destroy the power that Rome had over them. They were not looking for a suffering servant Messiah. No Jew has ever believed in a virgin-born Messiah, and they shouldn’t. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Joseph is the father of Jesus. The Apostles didn’t have to argue with the Jews or the pagan gentiles; and if the pagans demanded that Joseph be the stepfather of Jesus the miracles of the Apostles would trump any opposition the Apostles would be confronted with.

All Apostles could use their gifts of healing to confirm all gospel truths spoke by them. If Joseph is the father of Jesus, then the Apostles could ask the person, “If I heal you and your family members, will you believe that Joseph is the father of Jesus and that everything we teach you about God is True”? It is obvious that any doubters would quickly change their minds (and after their healings, they would no longer believe a different message than these message from God Emmanuel). Miracles by the Apostles were powerful tools to validate them as messengers sent from Emmanuel (God with us) housed in a human body of Joseph and Mary’s family tree.

All Jews and Christians are supposed to believe the verse “Here, O Israel” The Lord our God is one Lord”. Christians believing in one God got them in trouble with the pagan religionist and the skilled craftsmen, who made the idol merchandise of sale.

When the pagans started hearing the Pope and priests in the 4th Century use the phrase “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit” (misinterpreted as 3 gods) then the pagans knew that had seduced the Christians into embracing concepts of their pagan religions. In order to please pagan religious leaders and the learned Greek Mythological philosopher’s Christians needed to add several concepts to Christian Theology (1) to promote the virgin birth that they already believe in (2) promote the preexistence of Jesus before he is conceived in Mary’s womb (which is how the pagans view their god’s (3) deify the body of Jesus (make it not part of Adam and Eve’s family tree) (4) not allow Jesus to marry (5) and not allow Jesus to have a child or children.

Christianity would have died in its infancy around the 4th Century A.D. for attendance would be very low in the church services since the Apostles miracles are not being done in the Universal Church) by the Pope or his priest. When Jews and pagans talked to Jesus, their urgent or crucial issue question was “Who’s your daddy”. If Jesus or the Apostles say to the Jews that Joseph is the father of Jesus, then the Jews will rejoice and be very happy knowing that Jesus “Just might be” their Messiah. If Jesus or the Apostles said God is his father of Jesus, then all of the pagans will want to become Christian, simply because the Christian faith is now much like what they already believe. A stumbling block for the Jews is the virgin birth, and a stumbling block for the pagans is no virgin birth and no life existence of Jesus before conception. Christians, Jews, and Pagans need to know that God is talking through a human being that is created by humans (making Jesus 100 % like us in our conception and birth). Every person’s conception is just as miraculous as a virgin birth, simply because God is doing all miracle and His miracles don’t have any degree of difficulty

After all the Apostles and everyone healed by Jesus are dead (including their children and grandchildren) and no one is alive that heard Jesus or the Apostles preaching a different Gospel Message, then the Church adopted Theology that would increase church membership by not preaching a message that the Jewish .2 % of 1 % population would agree with (no virgin birth or preconception living Jesus); but rather share a message that the other 99.8 % would appreciate, accept and promote these last 1,700 years.

The Universal Church in the 4th Century unknowingly protected Christianity from extinction when God allowed corrupt religious leaders to add, delete or change what is in the New Testament. The Jews were in control of the Old Testament, so Christians didn’t have the opportunity to add scriptures that would validate any changes they made in the New Testament.

What helped Christians is when they picked 2 pagan holidays in which to celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christians bullied their way into the pagan holiday festival celebrations of worship and the giving of gifts on these 2 pagan holidays. Christianizing these holidays protected the Christian message that has coexisting up to and including this very day in the 21st Century in everyone’s communities. For God knows at a future time He will separate the lies and truth that are represented in our symbolic wheat and tares analogy. God will not harm us in this cleansing process for the tares will be cast into hell and the part of us that is in the Image of God will be “Made perfect” and we will spend eternity in the presence of God, His angels and each other.

There are no reasons for Jesus to exist before he is conceived in Mary’s womb. Jesus is to be like us in every way, therefore his conception and birth should be what is normal for All” humans (unless you are trying to promote a gospel of paganism and Mythology). Our God is only one person, who lives in the eternity past, present and future (and somehow all at the same time —in His “I AM state of being) so having Jesus to exist before he is conceived in Mary’s womb is unnecessary; simply because God is back there creating the angels and the universe and this would mean there are 2 God’s (since Christians claim the body of Jesus is God creating everything.

Keep in mind that “No” human exists before they are conceived (not even Jesus). If I have a wife, she and I aren’t parents until the wife confirms that she is pregnant. All humans have existed for eternity, but only “In the mind of God ”. God has commanded the human race and all other species to replenish the earth. God doesn’t intervene when species become extinct (for nature in history creates and destroys life —and not God) and all reproduction of mankind is only done by the sexual union of male and female humans (or a fertility clinic, assist in that pregnancy endeavor — but no immaculate conception is needed. It is abnormal, unnecessary and shows Christians think their God is just as inept, weak, unloving and has to incorporate ideas that predate Christianity and fulfill pagan and Greek Mythology concepts.

God isn’t a Messiah or suffering servant until God takes up His abode in the child of this pregnant teenager or adult Mary his mother. And if Jesus did exist before his conception then he would be helpless to redeem us outside of our human existence (for he has to have a normal human body to complete his God-given task). Therefore God doesn’t need Jesus to help in creating our universe since God the Father of all things is already back there before time began and if we have 2 Creators then one isn’t needed to finish the job. Like the old saying, if two individuals are in agreement on something, one of them isn’t really needed in that particular decision-making process.

Our Father God is responsible for creating everything that is in heaven or in any created universes that exist. Which is mostly outside of our awareness reach, or control. Emmanuel (God with us) used a human body to touch our spirit, mind, will, and emotions so that humans could observe what God would look and act like if God became “Like” us.

The Son of God is responsible for our salvation. We are told that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. But for God to use the body of Jesus as a “Complete” sacrifice Jesus has to do more than just bleed.

“The Apostle Paul A Williams on Facebook list the below 7 places Jesus shed His blood

1. Jesus shed blood at the Garden of Gethsemane.

2. He shed blood at the whipping post.

3. He shed blood internally – from the intense beating.

4. He shed blood when they put the crown of thorns on His head.

5. He shed blood when they pierced His hands.

6. He shed blood when they pierced His feet.

7. Blood came forth when they pierced his side.”

JESUS HAS TO DIE in order for God’s love to be perfect and complete. For a verse says “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. God’s love has to be just as intense as our human love is (as in marriage or death) for our sacrifice is to other humans made in the Image of God of whom God loves even more than we are capable of giving.

If my friend is walking outside at night and he has told me someone said they are going to kill him; if I am looking forward and I see a muzzle flash in the distance and I instantly jump in front of him and save his life so that he can run away and be safe. But if I am hit in the shoulder, he will thank me for taking a bullet for him but I didn’t pay the ultimate sacrifice of love for him unless I die in my friend’s place. The fact that I jumped in front of him implies means that I was will to die in his place.

God because human like us, when God made his abode in a Temple “Like our” that is only fleshly in nature. Later, when God sets up His Kingdom in a new heaven and earth. God won’t dwell in a flesh and blood Temple, for flesh and blood will not enter the Kingdom of God. We will see God as the angels view Him, face to face in all His Glory.

The bottom line: Jesus came into this world to be like us in every way; in his conception, life experiences (but sinless) and in his death. Therefore, acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh of Joseph, or be an antichrist !!!