Most Christians would be appalled if you suggest that Jesus could have gotten married and had a child.  But if you asked those same Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have been a “Perfect” husband and father if He was allowed to get married; everyone will say an emphatic resounding “Yes”.  We say that God became a man in order to show us how to love God, self, and others.  Isn’t it logical that if Jesus was married and had a child; then Jesus could not only show us how to be a better child of God, but He also could show us how to be a better mate and parent?  Satan doesn’t want Jesus or men and women in the Ministry of God’s Word to be examples of being a Godly mate and parent; because the ministry of God would prosper. 


All Christians believe that God created the human race and Jesus is God becoming man (Emmanuel —God with us).  Therefore Christians think that God is committing incest with the human race that He has created if Jesus is allowed to get married.  The human flesh, bone, and blood that Jesus has was passed down from Adam and Eve to Joseph and Mary, for the flesh of Jesus aren’t God like (but only houses God)!  In the same way, the portable dwelling place of God was The Tabernacle; but the materials that The Tabernacle was made out of, only housed God, and in no way would you consider created materials as revealing the essence of God. 


 The reason that it is ok for Jesus to get married is that Jesus is flesh, bone, and blood just like Mary Magdalene His human wife.  A human Joseph having sex with a human Mary gave Jesus a human body.  The created human body of Jesus is having sex with another created human body of Mary Magdalene in marriage (and their marriage bed is undefiled).  Therefore you can’t say that God is having sex with Magdalene; simply because God doesn’t have a body, but He did put His Spirit in the body of Jesus.  Also, don’t forget, to be a Rabbi 2,000 year ago you had to be mature and at least 30 years of age, and to give counsel to married couples you had to be married.


God could have made a sperm cell and impregnated Mary with a y chromosome of a male, but this action would start a “New” family tree for humanity; because only Mary’s branch would be descendants of Adam and Eve and the Davidic Covenant.  If you are going to say God fashioned DNA for Jesus from Joseph’s DNA and impregnated Mary with it; why not skip the miracle and let Joseph “Enjoy” the pleasure of sowing his own seed in Mary (this would also make Mary happy!) L.O.L.  I think God has a good sense of humor; the Pharisees couldn’t stand the thought of the prostitute Mary Magdalene touching the Rabbi Jesus, much less marrying and making love to Him.  Jesus healing on the Sabbath and marrying a prostitute would really upset those people who think they are better than others.

Christian organizations benefitted from Christians being mandated to taking a permanent vow of celibacy these last 2,000 years if they want to be Ministers of God’s Word?  If you want to find the source of corruption in politics, religion or the corporate world, simply follow the money trail (show me the money).  The Church is like an international corporation, and salaries are the churches greatest expense; and if all celibate ministers were allowed to marry and have 3 or 4 children, they would need to be paid between 2 and 3 times more money to meet their family’s needs.  The church saved trillions of dollars over the last 2,000 years (based on 21 Century money value).  And when they add the vow of poverty to their celibate lifestyle, then they won’t ever ask for a pay raise; for they are embracing a socialist mindset that doesn’t really bless the ministry or the ministers of God’s Word!


Satan also benefitted from Christians in the ministry staying single.  The thought of millions of Godly men and Godly women in the ministry having a mate and children scares the hell out of Satan L.O.L. because they know God’s Word and would teach it and be an example to their family members on how to love God and be better Christians.  If all the Christians over the last 2,000 years had of refused to take a permanent vow of celibacy; then there could be a billion plus more Christians alive in this 21 Century doing God’s Work.  Satan gets the last laugh when he gets a pious permanently celibate Christian to say that a Christian married couple is sinning when they use a condom during intercourse because that “Closes the door to the possibility of creation”.  You might say the couple is aborting the concept of children by using a condom; while the other Christian by staying single is aborting the concept of a loving mate, children, grandchildren etc.


Jesus and all the Apostles had a right to “Take a wife” because they are all 100 % human beings.  For Jesus to be “Like” us He had to have Joseph as His father, otherwise what is the point of His birth if God isn’t trying to embrace all of our humanity?  Greek Mythology philosophers, pagan worshipers, and Christians in the 4th Century thought that Jesus would be a sinner if Joseph was the father of Jesus because human observation tells us that all human couples produce a sinful child —every time conception happens.


Recently I read that Christianity would have ended as a religion between the 3rd and 4th Century if it had not been for the virgin birth being added to the Bible; because pagan gentiles couldn’t accept that a human man (Joseph) could be the father of The Messiah, the Son of God (Jesus needed to be virgin born before they would embrace Christianity).  It is amazing that God did not stop Satan from lying to Adam and Eve.  God did not demand that the pagans about 2,000 years ago have their Theology “Perfect” before God would redeem and save them.  And we 21st Century Christians misunderstand God and His Word, just like our brothers and sisters did in the early Church history, but we still can know Jesus as our Savior.


Christians can believe in the virgin birth, abolish the 4th Commandment (honor the Sabbath Day), and have 100’s of Church denomination who rightly say “Jesus is Lord, Savior and soon coming King; but completely ignore the reality that we have lost our “First Love” and embraced the doctrines-of-men (a Protestant and Catholic Bible) and we can’t perceive the complete Truth until Christ returns (we are simply guessing at “What is Truth”!  Fortunately, there isn’t a verse that says, “Believe in the virgin birth and thou shalt be saved”.  And there aren’t any song lyrics that say “What can wash away my sins, nothing but the virgin birth”; or “what can make me whole again, nothing but the virgin birth” L.O.L.


I firmly believe God could have protected His Holy Word in the Old Testament and New Testament from being added to, deleted or changed. Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and English are not perfect languages, for only God’s Heavenly language is perfect.  It is ludicrous to think God has two Bible versions for Christians, a Protestant Bible of Truth and a Catholic Bible of Truth.  The men who chose what books would be canonized were human and unable to be perfect in their choices of what Books reveal man’s traditions and what Books are The Word of God.


God could have written His Word on paper that is fireproof, waterproof, tear-proof, change-proof and throw-away proof (if you went a 100 miles away and buried it in a 10 foot hole) that copy of the Bible would be back in the place it was supposed to be before you could travel back the 100 miles.  My God is powerful enough to have the Apostles orally dictate God’s Word to a blind monkey and that monkey’s penmanship would be so good that you would think that it was copied by a machine.


All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.  There is no reference to “Perfect” in the quote above, for no human word is perfect.


So, believe in Jesus The Christ as your Messiah, Savior and Lord and don’t foolishly believe that Satan can’t or won’t deceive you in your past, present or future; but God gets the last laugh when He makes us perfect and corrects our misunderstandings concerning the Truth about the Christian walk and the understanding of who Jesus really is.


We should realize that Jesus is our perfect example on this earth of what a perfect human child, mate, and parent would look like; for He embraces all of our humanity, anything less, just means that He isn’t human like us in our humanity.