Hello friend:

Thanks for your reply to my essays on ArthurTrafford.com website.

(1) In my interpretation of Christian Scriptures, I should believe that God loves (equally) all of the 900 billion humans born to Adam and Eve.

(2) God is able to separate every human from their sins and only cast our sins into hell. It is kind of like a “Parable” in human awareness. All of the parables spoken in the New Testament are no longer parables after I “Read and understand” the message spoken; for they are now “Revealed truth” (and no longer a mystery).

(3) The Bibles verbiage of gnashing of teeth and being tormented for eternity in hell; is our human sinfulness that isn’t “Made in the image of God” and that is what is cast into hell. All humans wrongly believe that God thinks like us humans and has our limitations (but our ways are not His ways), for the religionist wants us to serve God out of fear (a pagan thought added to Christianity) and control us into believing that their teachings are the only view that is right.

(4) Christians will say that God loves the sinner but hates their sin. But if God doesn’t separate us from our sin and decides to cast our body, soul, and spirit into hell for eternity, then God doesn’t really have 100% love for us (for He now hates us, along with our sins). Once our sins are cast into hell; then what would separate us from the love of God? (nothing P.T.L).

(5) Our Bible says that God is “able” to cast body, soul, and spirit into hell. But it only says “He is able”. Just like I can say that I am able to destroy or kill a newborn puppy, but I am “Only saying” that I have the power and the opportunity to do such a deed (it doesn’t infer that I will commit that act of violence).

(6) Humans (even Christians) harbor hatred for their enemies and want God to torment them and send them to hell forever. Even the Apostles said, “Shall we call down fire from heaven to destroy our enemies”. Christians “Strain a gnat and swallow the camel” principle along with all other religionists who want our God to be just as hateful and vengeful as us humans.

(7) When humans commit murder or do other crimes against humanity; we put them in prison and keep them from harming the rest of our citizenry; because our court system doesn’t have the ability to purge their sins from their personhood. But God can perform that miracle without harming a person for eternity.

Please answer this parable: How can humans, being made in the “Image of God” deserve to co-exist and be in hell with their sins? For God would be expressing hatred of His “Own Image”, if that were to happen!!!