Human sexuality, telling the truth FOR DUMMIES

Throughout human history, celibacy by religionist people of faith accomplishes 2 major goals for their organizations (1) to save these institutions billions of dollars in salaries – over time. For a married priest with a wife and children will need 2 to 3 times more money in order to support his family (2) and to promote the marriage of piety (self-righteousness) to celibacy (sexual purity) which IS an unholy marriage. The lawsuits in the Catholic Church and other groups, reveals this religious fallacy: Which promotes the idea that single people of faith in a ministry are more spiritual, godly and more pleasing to God than a married man with a family.

We literally would have billions of more people of faith on planet earth if everyone had of rejected the idea of a forced mandate to stay single in the ministry, and rather embrace Gods Holy mandate to almost all humans to “Be fruitful and multiply”.

The Christian Bible verse 2 Timothy 2:22 is talking about getting married, when it says “Now flee from youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart”. If you stay single you are running toward lust and not away from temptation (for every normal person desires sexual pleasure and an orgasm). And staying single doesn’t make you more like Jesus.

In a collective perverse desire to appear superior to others who stand naked before God in their honesty, acknowledging that they have sexual needs and desires that must be met, in the bond of a holy marriage for most humans to experience. With no ecclesiastical group mandate that would negate or prevent individuals who desire to seek a mate and children that God wants to bless them with.

If religious fanatics do not view marriage as a way to safeguard against unwittingly hiring sexual predators, then it is obvious that the Pope and the Catholic leadership are oblivious to the normal sex drive needs of priests.

If a priest can get married, less need to masturbate or lust for others; and a family and children produce more blessings and fewer temptations for the human race to experience and endure (this is spiritual logic FOR DUMMIES to contemplate) LOL.

There is a need for all Catholics (1) to stop giving tithes and offerings to there local church (2) don’t give money to any Catholic outreach ministries UNTIL ALL PRIESTS are allowed to marry (if they so desire) (3) and mandate all priests take a polygraph in order to prove they are not a sexual predator or pedophile.

(4) Let all Catholics push the above 3 agendas “If” you truly love all children, teens, and adults of your Catholic faith.  No Catholic really loves Jesus if they refuse to promote marriage in the Christian faith. 

If a priest is married then his marriage bed is undefiled and he can be NORMAL, honor Gods Command to be fruitful and multiply, and also lessen his chance to be tempted to sin against his body and bring shame to the faith he has chosen.

I am hoping kind, generous and caring Catholics and Protestants will post this letter nationwide in all large and small-town SUNDAY newspapers: Posting it as a commentary, letter to the editor, opinion section, religious section, placed in a classified advertisement, or a public service free article for the good of the U.S. citizenry.