How all humans are saved 

All religionists be they of the Jewish, Muslim, or the Christian faith, etc. will not agree on how a person is redeemed of God, saved, sanctified to be pure and holy before our Creator God and saved for eternity.

God dispensing deserved punishment for wrongdoing and rewarding us for our good behavior has nothing to do with our spiritual salvation. God wants us to experience the abundant life on this earth, and doing what God wants gives us peace of mind and purpose “As we live, move and have our being”.

At the end of time, there is a judgment against our sin nature and everything in our thoughts and actions that displease God will be cast into hell. The second judgment is to separate the human fallen spirit that we didn’t get from God (and is cast into hell); from our original spirit made in the image of God. I have an old human name Arthur Trafford that isn’t written in the Book of Life and that name or personhood is cast into hell. I will be given a new name in heaven because I am made in the Image of God, which was written in the Lambs book of life that was added to the book before the creation of this world began and my spirit made in the Image of God doesn’t deserve to be in hell.

Satan, self, and others all deceive us and God will open our eyes at the second coming of our anointed Emmanuel (God with us) for the human body of Jesus doesn’t exist anymore (for flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God). There is only one God who no longer abides in a human body created by Joseph and Mary past down from Adam and Eve. Emmanuel is God’s Spiritual name and the body of Jesus isn’t a deity, but the man Jesus is an earthly Temple or dwelling place for God to dwell in, which are made from Adam and Eve’s descendant by way of Joseph and Mary. In his conception, childhood, teen, and adult years “Jesus is human like us in every way”.

All religions teach that their groups are the favored children of God. Christianity comes along last and teaches that their faith trumps all other preceding religions. Every religion has some truth from God woven into the tapestry of their faith; but all religious people are still guessing about “What is truth”, in this sinful deceiving world of human false piety.

In reality, a world full of sinful humans does not prevent God from saving all of us. The pagan gods were vengeful, full of hate, with no mercy or compassion. But our creator God loves us and has the power, opportunity, and desire to save all of us without our participation of good thoughts or works.

There should be ONLY ONE WAY for the 100’s of billions of humans born on earth these last 100’s of thousands of years to be redeemed and saved every human on earth who has been born or just conceived (be it a miscarriage or an induced abortion) in their mother’s womb.

My Bible says that me being spiritually dead to sin, nor my sinful thoughts or actions, nor Satan or other angels, nor any other created thing (principalities or powers be they individuals, rulers nor governments can separate me from the love of God in the anointed Messiah Emmanuel (God with us) Jesus our Lord.

God loves all of us equally and therefore no one is saved by his or her good thoughts or actions. What we think, do, and say give us emotionally and physically salvation while we are on earth. If I don’t lie, steal, kill, or eat unhealthy foods and drinks, etc. then my good works save me from the self-induced pain and suffering I bring upon myself and keep me from experiencing God’s abundant life in my daily life.

By the 4thCentury in 300+ AD all of the Apostles are dead, and the people they ministered to are ALL DEAD (along with their children and grandchildren). Christianity would have died if the Pope of Rome hadn’t added, deleted, or changed what the Apostles wrote to the Churches in the 1stCentury. There are 3 major RED FLAGS of error found in the Christian Bible: (1) Jesus needs to be virgin-born, supposedly just like the pagan god’s, (2) Jesus has to pre-exists his virgin birth, supposedly just like the pagan god’s and (3) Jesus needs to have a human-created spirit in him, just like the pagan human god’s have.

If any human made in God’s image is cast into hell, then God’s love for them stopped the moment they were cast into hell; then God’s love for us is neither eternal nor real love in the first place. And reveals the real God of the universe is cruel, unloving, and doesn’t have the power of a perfect and loving God.

Christians have at least a 5-tier plan of salvation for the human race, for they lie when they say there is only one way of salvation in Christianity. (1) Individuals, these last 2,000 years that have heard the gospel of good news that Emmanuel redeemed us and they believe the message of repentance and belief in God our Savior. (2) Individuals, who died during a miscarriage or medical abortions, who get a free pass to salvation. Maybe we should abort all babies in order to get them all saved in the next life LOL. (3) Individuals, who live somewhere in the world who never heard of the name Jesus. They can’t reject a Jesus they never heard of; so they get a free pass to salvation. (4) Individuals, who lived and died years, decades or 100’s of thousands of years before Jesus started his ministry, get a free pass to salvation. (5) Individuals, who have a severe mental disability, who can’t understand what others are saying, some of them have to have someone to dress them; and they get a free pass to salvation. Let God be a loving God, cleanse us of our sinful nature during the second coming and the part of us made in the image of God will bow a knee and confess that Jesus (Emmanuel, God with us) is Lord and Savior.

A group of researcher’s conducted an experiment with one class of high school students who were promised a roller skating party and pizza. For a couple of weeks, there were constant reminders about the upcoming party gathering. An announcement was made a few days before the party that the party had to be canceled. The next day they were given a questionnaire concerning what they think about minorities. The researchers noticed the answers to the questionnaire were NEGATIVE and dripping with hostility and VERY judgmental.

In another city, a class of high school students was promised the same skating party and pizza and they got to skate and eat pizza. This class group was given the same questionnaire and they were more caring and understanding of minority groups and less negative.

Christians want to PRETEND that life experience doesn’t affect us in a negative way and keep us from experiencing God in a positive way. Many individuals have damaged emotions that are buried in a sea of pain. Jesus cast out many demons that were in a man named Legion, who later was clothed and in his right mind. After Jesus cleansed him spiritually and emotionally he was able to receive healing from Jesus. There is evidence that Mr. Legion was in the graveyard because he couldn’t get over the loss of a loved one.

The God I believe in is going to purge all humans of their sin nature and at the same time reveal the pure, true love of God and show us that God has never done us any harm for we lied to ourselves, believed Satan and others that God is out to harm and destroy us. Religious fanatics love to embrace the pagan god mentality of Greek Mythology and state God doesn’t have the power, desire and opportunity to make us whole at the second coming of Emmanuel (God with us). After we are redeemed, then the part of us made in God’s image will experience the irresistible grace of God. And we will ALL bow a knew and confess that Emmanuel is Lord, who resided among us for 30+ years and showed us how to be a loving child, teen, adult, husband to Mary Magdalene and father to Barabbas. Jesus is “Just like us in every way” LOL. But the Pope of Rome rewrote the narrative and deleted any mention of the wife and child of Jesus, for the Pope wanted to deify the body of Jesus.

There is a trinity in our human reality that plagues us our whole lives (1) sinfulness, (2) taxation LOL, (3) and death that touches all of us. Salvation is EZ, only because our Creator God Emmanuel has secured our salvation (not by our good works). Emmanuel said 2,000 years ago IT IS FINISHED. Only God has the power, opportunity, and desire to redeem all of us for eternity. The body of Jesus no longer exists (flesh and blood will not enter the kingdom of heaven), but we have Emmanuel (God with us) in a glorified new body or temple/tabernacle not made with hands.

Following a straight path to righteousness and looking for a narrow way that is uncommon to the masses of humanity leads to the abundant life, which means that FOLLOWING & SEEKING are both referring to our good works. Taking up our cross just means that we should have convictions that we believe in and live by so that we do please God our Redeemer.

Searching out and living our lives for our anointed Christ just means we are saved for and not by our good works. Everyone is made in the image of God and overcoming spiritual, emotional, and physical obstacles or difficulties is how we endure suffering and enjoy the abundant life.

Many but not all of us are attracted to and experience the irresistible grace of God in this life. Extreme pain and suffering on earth have kept billions from knowing and loving God in their daily lives. But nothing can keep us from experiencing the love of God. At the resurrection, God will reveal to everyone the source of his or her pain and suffering. God has never tempted or hurt anyone. God gets the credit for the suffering on earth, simply because God has the power to prevent or stop ALL suffering (but he doesn’t do that now). Wanting or demanding perfection in this life can lead to insanity or at least unhappiness.

We have to be aware of good and evil or else we will not have the mind of God and be aware that our righteousness is not equal to His. If God had kept sin from ever entering into our lives, we would never understand the mind of God or our limitations, compared to God’s Glory. Created beings can never stay perfect, only a non-created being can do that. Hell was never made for humans made in the image of God, but our sin nature deserves to be cast into hell.

Our God and our government have a safety net that protects individuals who have had life experiences that destroyed them spiritually, emotionally or physically; and they are so broken and harmed by their life experiences that they find it impossible to overcome these problems, for they develop a hatred for God, Jesus, Allah or Yahweh. Oliver Wendall Holmes said, “Many people die with their music still in them”.

People can develop an extreme hatred for God, especially when religious fanatics are hateful, judgmental (chastening and scourging others), exhibit carnality, having false piety, and you sense that they seem happy that God would torment others (a pagan concept rooted in ancient religions and Greek Mythology).  On earth, humans want more than “an eye for an eye” concept. If any human could be God for a day, they would torment others daily and later send them to hell for eternity. The Apostles of Jesus (James and John) were like that (before the resurrection). For they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?”

We are all sinners in the hand of a loving God. We are no better or worse than others, equally loved by God. Humans have a primal carnal instinct to want to get revenge on others. We compare ourselves and think their sins are worse than ours. If someone kills my loved one, I want him or her to suffer, die, and go to hell for eternity.

God is NOT like any of us. After the resurrection of the living and the dead, God has the power to (1) purge all of us of our sin nature and cast our sin nature into hell for eternity and then (2) show us who ACTUALLY did us harm (Satan, self, and others), (3) and reveal to us the love of God in Christ our Savior (Emmanuel, God in the flesh).

God has in mind a more spiritual, realistic, and more fair way for how all humans can be saved.  God saves everyone, Jews, Muslims and Christians and everyone else, (even atheist), etc. over these 100’s of thousands of years.

Universal-Salvation is God’s responsibility, and all humans are responsible for their emotional and physical salvation.  We need to be more positive, eat right, exercise and this healthy lifestyle will help us to prosper and be in good health in spirit, soul, and body.

(1) I rejoice that Universal Salvation is given to each of us; for we are all sinners in the hand of a loving God.  

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