This essay is written from a logical perspective. From a secular or religious viewpoint, I don’t care if someone embraces a Deist, Theist or atheist worldview; we should all agree that there is no need or reason for humans to be in a place called hell. Plus, I think it is more important that a person understands what motivates them to choose to include or exclude religious faith in their daily lives. Many individuals have hidden or damaged emotions that are buried in a sea of pain; who were traumatized and tormented by the religious fanatics they know.

No humans in hell !!!

First of all, I have to recant my original Christian presuppositions about hell; for it is no longer an obvious or provable fact that humans can deserve to be put in hell by their Creator. Humans are made in the image of God, and God really loves that part of us that is made in His image; which means that He can only express love for us (His children). His wrath, judgment, or hatred toward us is only directed against our sinful nature. And someday He will separate our 2 natures; restore us to perfection and place all our sins in the same dwelling place of hell to be eternal companions of Lucifer and the other fallen angels.

My spiritual image in God’s likeness can’t be harmed, tarnished, changed, or destroyed by the actions of myself, Satan, or anyone else. Humans try to get revenge on others who have hurt them when they purposely harm others spiritually, emotionally or physically; and we think God is just like us and desires to punish or harm us for not being “Perfect”.

Christians will acknowledge that God prepared hell to be the dwelling place for the Devil and his angels; but they make no distinction between our 2 natures, our spiritual DNA (forever with God) and our propensity, inclination or predisposition to sin in what we think, do and say (which will be what is cast into hell).

“Parables teach an abstract argument, using a concrete narrative which is more easily grasped”. A universal truth can be gleaned from a parables instructive story after we hear and understand the meaning of a parable; and once we know the meaning of that parable, it is no longer a “Mystery”, but it is now revealed truth that should be applied to our daily lives.

Throughout human history, religious people of faith pretty much subconsciously promote the idea that God will deliberately classify certain actions or thoughts as being sinful; in order to catch us in a sin, so that God can send us to hell for disobeying Him. All the Apostles of Jesus believed that concept when they said, “Shall we call fire down from Heaven and consume our enemies”. They, like us, have been so angry that we have wanted to kill someone and send them to hell (if we could). And if we were God or His messenger of death to others, we would have the opportunity and the power to carry out our evil wishes of vengeance against others.

In the Garden of Eden there were no “Unclean” creatures; for everything God made is perfect. After the spiritual death of Adam and Eve, then death visited all living things; then vultures and other species became the clean-up crew to devour all dead things and recycle them back into the soil as nutrients to sustain the planet. An out of control planet couldn’t sustain an all-vegetarian diet for all species, for there would be no trees, plants, or shrubs to create photosynthesis (oxygen) if every green thing was devoured. A vulture and other creatures are only “Unclean” in that they show a drastic change from what God had originally intended creation to remain, in a perfect universe; and unbridled procreation of all species would overrun our planet if too many species in the food chain were vegetarians. But I am glad elephants are vegetarian haha.

After they disobeyed God, then their spiritual nature and physical nature changed. They became spiritually blind (but not totally blind) and were kicked out of the garden. They left the Garden of Eden simply because imperfect humans don’t deserve a perfect environment. And God didn’t send them to Hell because they disobeyed Him. Some counselors have you watch movies, in order for you to make an emotional connection with what is happening in the movies and see if what happened in the movie sparks memories of any situations that affected you in a negative way which hurt you spiritually, emotionally or physically. Everything wrong in our physical universe is God using our earthly experiences to make the point that for everything created to be perfect, God is the only being in existence who has the ability, power, and desire to not change His mind or actions (in a negative way); for He has always been perfect and will be the ONLY source of our future perfection.

God will quarantine every sin of mine I have committed against God, self or others and these sins will be hidden in the domain of hell, never again to be thought about or remembered. When the Apostle Peter was taken up to Heaven, an angel put a burning coal on his tongue, which is symbolic of God’s cleansing him and hid or quarantined his sins so that Heaven wouldn’t be contaminated by his presence in Heaven.

Human logic pretty much makes God look like He has the same limitations as mankind. If a police officer arrives at the location of a domestic disturbance and the officer discerns that the intent of a man is to kill someone; then the officer will warn the person to not make a move. If the person ignores the officer, then they will have no other choice but to use deadly force and prevent the innocent officer or other people from being harmed. If God decided to stop that violent person, He wouldn’t have to kill him, for He has the power to strike him temporally blind, cause him to pass out or make him unable to move.

God has no reason to send anyone to Hell simply because He can separate their “In God’s image” from their sinful nature; just like someone with the right equipment can take sewage water and retrieve distilled drinking water with our modern technology. All religions like to use the “Throw the baby out with the bathwater” principle and completely ignore making a distinction of the pee and poop being separate and different from the actual baby that is loved and cared for by its parents, loved ones, and friends that are in the child’s life.

Christians are told that “For now we see in a mirror dimly”, which means we are given more Grace from God because of our spiritual blindness, and the reason why hell is prepared for the Devil and his angels is that they are 100% spirit beings and they are totally responsible for their choices because pure TRUTH being revealed to them makes them 100% accountable for the choices they make. People of every faith need to stop trying to condemn people made in the image of God and think they can be cast into Hell.

We are told that the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. Now this sword of the spirit in human life and language has been dulled by the traditions of men, women, and Satan himself; but the Heavenly language words spoken by the Spirit of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. A human sword can separate body parts; but the perfect Word of God sword can separate the soul (mind, will, and emotions) body and our spirit made in the image of God. So God can redeem us and quarantine our old nature and never again should we be so foolish to think God would want to send us and our old nature to co-exist together in Hell since God loves us enough to separate our wheat from our chaff.

May my thoughts be more logic-driven, avoiding religious fanaticism, and truly acknowledging the love of God for all humans destined to continually be in the presence of God, to love and be loved by our Creator, forever!