Health-Care workers

Healthcare professionals can get guidance from the 6 Nobel Prize categories and glean an understanding of how all 6 fields of accomplishments applied to health care can prevent, cure or minimize the spread of diseases.

The “Prize” or reward for health care professionals is to acknowledge that literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, and economics all play a role in what will heal us in spirit, mind, and body.

(1) The prize in the field of “Literature”; giving us information to show us what foods we should consume and avoid.

(2) The prize in the field of “Medicine”; and how to avoid it and surgery if at all possible.

(3) The prize in the field of “Physics”; understanding why humans should consume “People” foods and not eat like the animals (no grains or grasses).

(4) The prize in the field of “Chemistry”; showing us that you “Shouldn’t” try to fool Mother Nature and ignore TRUTH about what lifestyles work for our human good.

(5) The prize in the field of “Peace”; showing us that emotional, physical and spiritual “Peace”; can be achieved if we overcome our addictions and ignore the lies we have perceived as “Normal and beneficial” for us to believe and live by.

(6) The prize in the field of “Economics”, showing us that “All” nations of the world can embrace financial prosperity at their city, county, state and federal level.

*If they clean up their food supply, promote and encourage the prevention of diseases, and let our societies discourage the financial “Greed” factor, for health care professionals, equipment and supplies manufacturers and food processors who are wanting, wishing and hoping hospital and doctor waiting rooms will continue to be packed with sick people (show me the money—business as usual, till they retire or die).