Are the Christian and Jewish God masculine and feminine in nature?

In Genesis 1:26 I have always heard that “Let us” make man in our image, after our likeness is referring to God and Jesus; but I no longer believe that doctrine. The “US” is plural, so God being masculine and feminine does fit into what we see in our world of humans and nature. God knows that in a fallen world each person embodying a complete image of God in a fallen world would cause havoc in our lives in this sinful world. Think about it, I have enough problems with the female gender that lives around me, as it is.

I would be waging war every moment of my waking life if the complete image and nature of God exist in my body. Also, I would be more likely to have a problem with pride (like Satan had) if too much Glory of God was bestowed upon me. I am kept humble because I look at a female made in the image of God and I am in awe, which keeps me humble because even though I am made in God’s Image, I am keenly aware that some of the essences of God aren’t revealed or complete in my being, for the female gender possesses what I lack.

God isn’t male and female like us because He doesn’t have a human body and a reproductive organ. God couldn’t come into this world with a female image of the Creator, because human males thousands of years ago (and even now) think of females more as property or chattel and lord it over them. She would be disrespect, dishonored, for even other women in their generation who are subjugated and controlled by men, would also reject Her, because a female God wouldn’t allow mere mortals to control the Spirit of God in Her.

In Genesis 1:27 the verse says “So God (a singular reference) created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them” So, you don’t have GAWD the Father, GAWD the Son and GAWD the Holy Spirit (sarcasm intended). We have ONE God who puts His Spirit in a human Temple (for Jesus said, destroy this Temple and I will raise it up in 3 days. The Jews thought he was referring to a Temple that took 46 years to build (they were definitely not on the same page of understanding).

Around the 4th Century, the Catholics were using verbiage that would encourage the pagans to become Christians. The pagans would be happier if Christians believed in 100’s of gods, but they were content if the Christians only had 3 gods, and from there perspective 3 gods would be more acceptable or satisfactory to what the Jews believed “Hear O Israel: The Lord our God is One Lord”.

No Jew or Christian in the 1st Century believed that any flesh and blood human could be God. Everyone knew that God is “Only” a Spirit being. When Jesus healed someone and the person proclaimed “My Lord and my God”, can’t you understand that that person being healed believes they are standing before a Temple of flesh (human like them in his conception, birth, and habits) but whose human house houses the Holiest of Holy’s – the Spirit of the living God inside this human Tabernacle called Jesus.

If Christians would proclaim to the Jews that the body of Jesus isn’t and can’t be Deity or Deified, the Jews should realize that the essence of God’s character is reflected in what Jesus would think, do and say as the Promised Messiah, who is fully human like we are, but without a sin nature (so there is no need of a virgin birth pagan and Greek mythological belief). The Spirit of God doesn’t have any problem keeping the body; mind and actions of Jesus pure while God dwells in the only human Temple humans have ever stood before and worship at.

Two humans creating the body of Jesus doesn’t control or affect the Spirit, mind or will of God in a negative way. For the essence of God and the embodiment of His character is superhuman and does not have human limitations or a need for humans to protect God while he lives amongst us; so Joseph being the father of Jesus doesn’t pose a problem for God; therefore, stop believing God has limitations and can’t keep Jesus sinless. Just like, in the future, God will make and keep all humans perfect in the coming perfect kingdom on this earth.

Our human sinful spirits tell our bodies what to think, do and say therefore it is convoluted logic to believe that sin can start in the body of Jesus. Sin always starts in the mind and Jesus has the mind and Spirit of God controlling Him, therefore Jesus can’t be touched by sin because God would have to first allow it to happen; for our, God is Emmanuel (God with us). God lived in a sanctified, sanitized, pure, clean and holy human Temple for 33 years on this earth and Joseph getting his wife Mary pregnant and having a “Normal” sexual relationship “Almost” the whole time she is pregnant is obviously God pleasing for “All” married couples !!!