Forced adoption, forced abortion or forced to keep the baby are case scenarios that are completely avoidable.  But you can look for a positive reason to embrace any of these 3 options after pregnancy.  When I am primarily motivated by lust and I have no real love or commitment to another person (much less any conceived child);

my choice options will be painful and hurt me spiritually, emotionally and physically, because all 3 options are forms of “Damage control” to rescue me from my bad choices in life; so that I can hide from the naked reality that my life choices permanently hurt me and others!!!   

Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you, forgive yourself and live the abundant life, free from lust.  Meet your own sexual needs and stop defrauding others while single; and after you commit to love another person, then you can enjoy sex and children with no fear or regret of your circumstances.