Emanuel   &   Jesus

The words “Emanuel” and “Jesus” represent two separate and distinct conceptual ideas that emphatically delineate the crystal clear differences between God and Jesus.  My concept of “One” God is motivated by the Bible verse that says “Hear O Israel:  The Lord our God is one”. Emanuel literally means “God with us”.    

Since we can’t physically see the Creator God that we believe in; then we conclude that our Creator must be a “Spirit” only being without a body like ours).  From my Christian viewpoint, I now view the words “Jesus” and “God” in a different way than most Christians have been taught.

Long before Jesus was born, God put His Spirit in a temple made with hands “Solomon’s Temple” which is a “Tabernacle” a dwelling place for God to abide in.  The flesh and blood body of Jesus became a Tabernacle for God to put His Spirit in.  But the human body of Jesus isn’t Deity because it is just like our human bodies.

I would like to make an analogy between God and Jesus.  Picture a theater stage and the audience is watching an invisible God that is pulling the strings of a puppet (named Jesus) on stage and making the puppet have movement of its arms and legs.  God is telling a story to a human audience by using a “Prop”: that was created by the decedents of Adam and Eve (in a company workshop).  The prop isn’t God but only an instrument used by God that is fashioned in the likeness of a human with recognizable human features.

Humans have a mind, will, and emotions (our soul).  Jesus has a mind and emotions but His will is controlled by the Spirit of God who indwells His body.  Jesus said, “Not my will, but yours, be done”.  If Jesus is God then he could say “Yes my will be done”; the fact that he didn’t make that statement implies that Jesus is only the human dwelling place for our God.  

When Jesus is praying to God, He isn’t praying to himself; for the human mind, body and emotions of Jesus are mortal, finite and emotionally needy just like the rest of humanity.  When Jesus says “Before Abraham was, I am; he is saying that the creator God living in Jesus existed before Abraham.  But Jesus isn’t saying that He existed before Abraham. 

No one worshiped the building of Solomon’s Temple because they only worshiped the God who occupied the building.  God puts His Spirit in the human body of Jesus and we can worship that human because the Spirit of God Jesus received is 100% pure and holy and that is why we can worship the person Jesus.  At conception, God puts a human “Created” spirit into the 900 billion-plus children born through Adam and Eve’s family but no created person can be worshiped as God in the flesh. 

The Spirit that Jesus received at conception wasn’t a created spirit like ours, but God simply put His own Spirit in the human body of Jesus; therefore making Jesus worthy of being worshiped as being the only person in history who became a human Tabernacle of flesh and blood to house the “Spirit God” of the universe. 

The 21st Century Christian needs to reevaluate his or her understand on how the pagans (polytheists) and the Gentiles (non-Jews) viewed the life and ministry of Jesus.  The Jews and their leaders rejected Jesus because He was only choosing to be a suffering servant kind of King and He didn’t try to stop the Roman persecution of the Jewish people. The gentiles thought Jesus could only be perfect if He was virgin born; because Greek mythology and their religious holy books demanded that Jesus would have to be virgin born before they would become a Christian.

The miracles of Jesus and the apostles were so convincing that the Jews who weren’t too spiritually blind decided to abandon their traditions of men that were woven into the fabric of their religion and trust Jesus as their Messiah and Savior.  All Jews in the 1st and 21 Century will more easily accept the Christian faith if they are told that Joseph is the father of Jesus; simply because Jesus becomes the fulfillment of the covenant that God made with King David and Bathsheba; which will make Jesus 100 % “Like” all other humans that have been born in Adam and Eve’s genealogy.

What motivated the pagans and gentiles to demand that Jesus have a different type of conception than the rest of humanity?  They were taught that the act of sex and sexual pleasure is part of the sinful nature of mankind; for Jesus will receive a sin nature if He is conceived from the act of intercourse.  Through the act of observation they reasoned and concluded that every child that has a human father has a sinful son or daughter born to them; eliminate the human father and Jesus will remain perfect. If I conclude that God has human limitations as I do, then I embrace an absurd and illogical viewpoint and need a virgin-born Messiah. 

 Fortunately, the pagans and gentiles were so captivated and mesmerized by the miracles of Jesus and the apostles in the 1st Century that they abandoned their religious dogma and superstitions which were supported by Greek mythology, man’s wisdom and by a Satanic influence.

After the apostles and their children etc. are all dead, then there is no one alive who saw the miracles of Jesus or the apostles.  The early Christian church had a problem with being tempted to add to or change doctrine that now supports the virgin birth because fewer pagans and Gentiles were becoming Christians a few hundred years after the multitude of miracles were no longer being performed by any Christian leader.

There were far more pagans and gentiles than Jews on this earth.  The Jews had their traditions and believed that the man (Joseph) and his wife (Mary) would bring the Messiah into the world became an anathema or a curse to those Christian leaders who wanted to live in opulence and have more fame, fortune and power; so they added half-truth and lies to the New Testament Bible in order to please the pagans and Gentiles so that they would join the Christian church.

So, for business reasons, it was far more financially lucrative to acquiesce to the wishes of the non-Jewish community.  In doing so, the Jews now found it impossible to accept the Christians half human Messiah who is only 50% of a fulfillment of the covenant that God had with David and Bathsheba.  Christians say that Jesus is “Like us” but then they make Him abnormal and a freak of nature; not giving Him a “Normal” birth, not letting him date-marry-or have a family or be a human example of how to be a son, husband, or parent on this earth (but still claiming he is a normal human being like us). L.O.L.  Our conceptions and births are just as miraculous as a virgin birth because God is doing the miracle and His miracles don’t have any degree of difficulty.

If a Christian denomination can seduce a prospective church leader into believing the demonic dogma of “If you really, really love Jesus then you will take a permanent vow of celibacy.  When a church leader is forbidden to marry then the church denomination doesn’t have to pay their staff 2 to 3 times more money to support a leader with a large family.  Making a person also take a vow of poverty means that they won’t even ask for a pay raise; which will save the Roman Catholic church billions of dollars over these last 1,500 years.        

The human body of Jesus literally became the Tabernacle to house the Spirit of God.  But His body isn’t Deity because flesh and blood can’t enter the Kingdom of God.  Jesus’ body is only the dwelling place for God’s Spirit, which means that he can be like us; date, marry for companionship, sex, and children. Any other viewpoint just means God didn’t “Really” become human like us. 

Doesn’t it seem odd that the name of Jesus is known by billions of people these last 2,000 and 14 years of human history; but no written record of the 17 inclusive years from His age of 13 to 29?  Jesus turning 30 was a very important birthday because to be a Jewish Rabbi you had to be 30 years of age, respected in the community and married (no exception)!!!

There are no silent, lost or missing years in the life of Jesus; just books of the Bible that have been destroyed by the early church fathers “Before” the Protestant Reformation.  The pagans and gentiles around the 4th Century did not see any convincing miracles done by the church leaders that would cause them to reject the faith of their family’s ancestors on how God can become human like us.

Christianity almost died in its infancy around the 4th Century A.D.  The Christian church was attracting mostly Jewish converts to Christianity because the Jews taught that Joseph is the father of Jesus; through a “Nature” and “Normal” human birth like all humans.  Most pagans and gentiles gave an ultimatum to the Christian leaders by saying that “We will not accept Jesus as our Messiah unless He is virgin born because everyone knows 2 humans produce a sinful child”.

The Christian leadership was financially seduced into acquiescing to the wishes of those who worshiped other gods, and the 10’s of thousands of proselytized converts to Christianity will “Now” believe in the Christian Messiah.  These Christians who added some of their pagan beliefs to Christian Theology are symbolic of “All” Christians in every generation who struggles with how to tell the difference between truth, half-truth, and lies that are woven into the tapestry of our faith.  All humans are guessing about “What is Truth”, no matter how pious and righteous they appear to the rest of us.

God could have come into the world full-grown just like Adam and Eve.  The only problem would be that the Messiah wouldn’t be of Adam and Eve’s family tree.  God had already established the Institution of Marriage, and the Institution of the Family; so it was logical for God to come into the world through the family tree of Adam and Eve.  “For God is no respecter of persons”; and the “Norm” we experience is the same human “Norm” that God would have to mimic when He becomes human.

If there were 4 Gods who co-created our universe, if they all decided to become human; there would have to be 4 Sons of God born on this planet.  But since there is only “One” God then He can only have “One” Son of God to be “God with us” (Emanuel).  The Christian Bible says “Let us make man in our image…. male and female”.  The “Us” isn’t referring to Jesus and God.  The “Us” points to the masculine and feminine nature of God.  Male and female refers to the human characteristic of the reproductive nature of humans.  God is a Spirit being and He has no male and female body parts, but God is a masculine and feminine kind of God.  Everyone thinks of God as being only masculine, but that would mean that a female can’t be made in the image of God if God is not also a feminine God.

God could have come into this world in the feminine gender form of a person but no one would respect, honor or believe in a female Messiah.  Religionist and their followers would reject her because males in almost all cultures don’t give equality to females in religion, the workplace or in the family unit.  If Jesus was born in the year 2000 and started His ministry in 2030 He would have women Apostles.  Remember the Bible quote “There is neither……there is neither male nor female…..”.  Even women would reject a female Messiah because they have relegated a woman’s worth and value to please the man, having children and housework; with no chance of being a spiritual leader in their religion or at home.

A man and woman can get married, but neither of them can say they already have a child until the husband gets her pregnant.  Just because a doctor tells them they are capable of being parents, they don’t have a son or daughter until the wife is pregnant.  It is more accurate to say that God became a Son than it is to say that God sent His Son into the world.  If a human son can’t exist before he is conceived then it stands to reason that if God is going to be like us humans, then His Son is going to “Begin” being a Son when He is conceived in the womb of Mary just like the “Beginning” existence of all other human sons. Otherwise, the Messiah is only pretending to embrace our laws of nature and limitations; because God is “No respecter of persons”.

The early church wanted their Messiah Jesus to be superior to all the pagan and gentile gods.  So making Jesus equal to God and also eternally existing with God was one way for the Christian God to be superior to and trump all other gods and promote the idea that there will be humans in hell (as opposed to only our sins being cast into hell) and us being reunited with our loving God when we die.

Protestants are naïve when they think the Protestant Reformation took Biblical Truth back to 1st Century teaching.  Christians have no idea what texts have been deleted, added or changed in our Bible back when the Bible was hand-written.  The lust for money, power, and fame has corrupted the leadership of the Protestant and Catholic Churches. 

Someday God will redeem all of us, cast all our sins, Satan and the other fallen angels into hell; and reunite us with our Creator where we will love each other and God forever!!! 



P.S.  If Jesus exists as the Son of God before he is conceived in the womb of Mary, then who is his mother; did God get one of the angels pregnant (shame on Him)? L.O.L.  The term “Son” always refers to a conceived child.  There is no need for Jesus to exist before he is born into this world.  If you have a “God the Son” or Son of God in heaven; you will also have to have a “God the Mother”. 


Joseph’s wife Mary isn’t the mother of God; she is the mother of the human temple or tabernacle that God put His Spirit inside of.