Dysfunctional family members of Jesus ESSAY

Yes, I do admit that the virgin birth is in the Christian Bible. But all of you ignore why it is spoken of in the Bible.

Christian’s keep saying Jesus is like us and they might even quote the verse “For this reason, he had to be made “Like” them, fully human in every way. In what ways are humans like others, we all want to or have to eat, sleep, work, marry, have sex, have children, pee, poop and pass gas and have thousands of other commonalities in being human.

“Fully human in every way” negates the need for a virgin birth. In every way is an all-inclusive statement that doesn’t allow unnatural births or lifestyles (staying single). Jesus is like us but without sin. He has no sin nature but He can do everything a married man does because his marriage bed is undefiled because of his marriage commitment to his wife. His physical body comes from the family tree of Adam and Eve, which makes him fully human. So God is not having sex with Mary Magdalene but a human Jesus is. And if Jesus has a child that child will be sinful like the rest of us simply because he has a human created spirit put inside him for the child of Jesus is not a Temple or tabernacle dwelling place of God like Jesus is.

The Christian leaders before the Protestant Reformation knew that church worker salaries are their main outflow of funds. And if a priest had a wife and 4 children he will need 2 to 3 times more money to support his family. Keeping Jesus single and asking a priest to “Be like a single Jesus” and stay single will save billions of dollars in operating expenses of the church.

The lawsuits against the church prove that the marriage of piety (self-righteous) married to celibacy (sexual purity) is an unholy marriage for everyone knows married males and females are less tempted and find it easier to be more righteous than individuals who take the vow of celibacy for any reason.

Let us discuss the real elephant in the room that almost every Christian will ignore. I am talking about the dysfunctional relationships between Joseph and Mary, Mary and God and Jesus and his 4 brothers and at least 2 sisters.

The Christian God commits adultery against Joseph. Think about this, God is a “Person” who gets a female pregnant. So in reality, when a person gets another man’s wife pregnant, that is called adultery. Not only that but the Christian God is a dead-beat day, in that God comes down to earth, gets Mary pregnant and then leaves town and lets the step-father raise his child (pretty slick of him). L.O.L.

Joseph and Mary aren’t really married and they have no reason to marry in those 1st 9 months (if they are not having sexual intercourse). They are young and have raging hormones and desire marriage, companionship, sex, orgasms and children. They primarily married for sex just like all other teenage and adult males and females do. No one marries because they love GAWD L.O.L.

Mary does not love Joseph and Joseph does not love Mary. If they did, they wouldn’t defraud each other by withholding sex from each other. A married couple abstaining from sex during marriage is grounds for divorce. If I had a daughter and she got married and they didn’t have sex for 9 months then the marriage would be annulled and void because you have to engage in sexual intercourse for the marriage to be legitimately consummated before God or man (that is what is “Normal” with humans.

Go to any wedding and at the reception ask the bride who she wants to be the father of her first child (God or her husband). She and her husband will either laugh or be angry for such a silly question being asked. She will say if I have a son I want my son to be as handsome and smart as my husband and he will say if I have a daughter I want her to be as pretty and smart as my wife. These are universal truths and only a mentally handicapped woman would want God to be the father of her child or someone who hates men will want God to get her pregnant.

Neither Joseph nor Mary can tell anyone about God being the father of her child. Mary would be stoned for adultery if she says that Joseph isn’t the father of her child. Mary can’t play the virgin birth trump card to validate her conception. They both would be shamed and the laughing stock in the community and subjected to mockery or ridicule if Joseph isn’t the father of Jesus.

God would cause Joseph and Mary much less pain and emotional suffering (if a virgin birth is necessary) if God just let them get married and pass off the child with Mary and Joseph thinking Joseph is the father of Jesus (that is what the people in their community believe — isn’t this the child of Joseph and Mary).

Gabriel appears to come across as a male chauvinist to Mary. He says to her “You will be with child”. He doesn’t ask her if she wants God to get her pregnant (this is an abnormal illogical request for a married woman) who is supposed to be in love with her husband.

The parents and grandparents of Joseph and Mary want Joseph to be the father of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Joseph and Mary found favor before God because they had the same faith of their forefathers and mothers. Their faith made them righteous before God and a virgin birth is of no importance concerning righteousness or being faithful before God or humans. God promotes the ideal, that all males and females are to be virgins when they marry (not just the female).

All the women in Mary and Joseph’s family would shame Mary and be angry with her if they knew she was practicing celibacy in marriage (a very evil and unloving response to her husband). Brothers in both families would laugh and make fun of Joseph if he said he is not sexually intimate with his wife (forever— as some Catholics teach) (or for the first 9 months—as Protestants teach).

People started worshiping Jesus after he turned 30 and not before. His family said he is out of his mind (a lunatic) for saying what he said. Jesus appeared to James his brother after his resurrection. It would be very normal for the parents of Jesus to love Jesus more than their other children, simply because he was perfect, and I think James was the most hurt because Jesus appeared to his brother James after the resurrection (for he was too angry to believe or have faith in Jesus) without that visit to calm his hurts.

Jesus said, destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up. Jesus is a Temple or tabernacle not made with hands. God dwells in that temple of flesh and no one can harm Jesus in any way. When the oxen stumbled, Uzzah died when he touched the Ark of the Covenant for he wanted to steady and protect the Ark of the Covenant. In that experience, God was saying that God doesn’t need any human intervention to protect God from any circumstances or mishaps in life.

In the same way, God’s dwelling in the Most Holy Place in this “Temple of flesh” (not made with hands) we call Jesus. God doesn’t need any help protecting Jesus from any harm (spiritual, emotional or physical for sin cannot be transmitted into his body or affect Jesus in any way). God can move us humans out of a certain place in order to protect us. But God residing inside Jesus doesn’t have that same problem because God can protect His human Temple without human intervention. Jesus being to offspring of Joseph and Mary doesn’t make Jesus sinful.

Jesus getting married and having a child doesn’t make Jesus sinful (probably Barabbas, who celebrated his bar mitzvah at 13. Pharisee’s and Roman soldiers told Jesus to turn himself in or the son of Jesus will be crucified instead of Jesus. Jesus and his wife love their son and it would be very logical for Jesus to take his place even though his son wasn’t guilty of insurrections, murder, robbery or any other criminal activity, just the religious leaders hiding the fact that Jesus had a son.

Lazarus had 2 sisters Martha and Mary of Bethany (probably Mary Magdalene a righteous woman of whom Jesus married. Before the Protestant Reformation, the church leaders demonized Mary Magdalene because they didn’t want anyone to know that Jesus was married and had a child or children by her. When Christ the Messiah sets up His kingdom on earth then we will meet his wife and any children.


Humans trying to protect Jesus ESSAY

I know you believe in the future when God sets up his kingdom on earth and that everyone will be separated from his or her sin nature. Our sins will be separated from us as far as the east is from the west. Since God has the power to cleanse and protect us from dealing with sin in the future, then that same loving God has the power to protect Jesus from the human sin natures of Joseph and Mary.

The three Jewish youths Hanania, Mishael, and Azaria were thrown into a blazing furnace but God protected them from the deadly transfer of heat that would normally cremate their bodies. “No harm” came to them or their clothes and they were perfectly comfortable in the furnace. They probably didn’t even sweat in the furnace because God could keep their skin cool or cold if He wanted to.

There are no harmful bacteria’s, germs, viruses, parasites and especially no spiritual sinfulness that can be transmitted into the being and body of Jesus. Why? Because the same God who eliminates sin from our lives in the future, had that same kind of power 2,000 years ago.

This is a prelude action in the past showing that God’s protection of Jesus manifests the realness of God’s Glory and Power in protecting Jesus at conception onward with no possibility for sin to be where God doesn’t want it (in the body and spirit of Jesus where God makes His abode in a house of flesh) and this same protection is transferred to the rest of humanity at a future time.

In this sinful world, God is either causing or allowing things to happen. God will quarantine sin and keep it away from touching us in any way in our future existence; just like He quarantined the sins of Joseph and Mary so that them being the mother and father of Jesus could never tarnish the righteousness of God or the 100 % human Temple of Jesus