I have to acknowledge that Christians deify the human body of Jesus.  In the 1st Century, Jews and gentiles had diametrically opposing views on who the father of Jesus is.  By the 4th Century all of the Apostles, their children and grandchildren are dead; and there is no one to defend what the apostles and Jesus taught.  Pagans already believed that if God could become human, He would have to not have a human father; because every child who has a human father has a sin nature.  In other words, pagans want to eliminate sexual reproduction so that Jesus will remain perfect and righteous in their eyes.

When the Jews in the 1st Century were told that Mary, Joseph, their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents etc. are all blood relatives of King David and Bathsheba; then the Jews came to faith in Jesus as their Messiah.  Later in history (in the 4th century) Christians (ex-pagan gentiles) will re-embrace their pagan heritage and promote the more “Practical or believable” virgin birth; which caused the Jews to stop believing in the Christian Messiah.

God puts His Spirit in the body of Jesus, which makes Jesus the “Son of God”.  but the physical body of Jesus doesn’t exist before it is conceived in the womb of Mary.  The word “Son” only applies to human beings; for no angel is called a son of God.  There is no God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (three Gods in one concept).  I like the Jewish Old Testament verse “Hear oh Israel the Lord thy God is one God”.  The one God put His Spirit in a human child; which made “That child” a son of God.  The rest of us have a created human spirit put in our bodies when we were conceived. The 4 brothers of Jesus (James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas) and his sisters, along with Jesus’ bloodline go back to Adam and Eve.  Jesus is no “Freak of nature”, for he is like us in our human nature.

God doesn’t have a past or a future, for He is a “Present tense” I AM kind of God.  When Jesus says “Before Abraham was, I AM; Jesus is saying that God existed before Abraham (not Jesus).  If Mary is the mother of the post-incarnate son of God; who is the mother of the pre-incarnate Son of God?  All sons have a mother.  Did God get an angel pregnant L.O.L.  God isn’t human until a human Joseph has sex with a human Mary; for Jesus gets the human building-blocks (DNA) that were pass-down from Adam and Eve.

When Jesus cries out to God and says “Why have you forsaken me”, it is the human-created side or part of Jesus that is suffering along with the rest of humanity in this fallen sinful world.  The Spirit of God can’t be touched by sin or physical pain, because He has not a body, apart from the human tabernacle (Jesus) that He puts His Spirit inside of.

Christians will flippantly say that Jesus came into this world in order to be like us and show us how to live a normal God-centered life; and after you view His life, He appears to be a very abnormal “Freak of nature”.  Any letters revealing His childhood, teenage and young adult years have been destroyed by religious fanatics (promoting celibacy) who prefer to have a Messiah who is an asexual being.  We hear that Jesus is tempted like us (but without sinning); but apparently Jesus never French kissed a female, never had a girlfriend as a teen or young adult, and never wanted to get married and have a child or children (but He is like me).  We say Jesus is perfect but no woman desired to date or marry Him; you would think Jesus being a perfect human being would be a “chick magnet” (and literally God’s gift to women; and he wouldn’t even need a sports car) L.O.L.

A majority of Christians have been brainwashed into thinking Jesus can’t live a normal life like the rest of us.  In the first 29 years of His life, He had all the normal experiences that other Jewish boys and young men experienced.  He never told anyone He was the Son of God (until His ministry began). Never did a miracle, and didn’t do anything to draw attention to Himself.  Jesus would have been a perfect example of being a Godly husband and father if he got married.  Christian leaders are told to be like Jesus and stay single; what a waste of manliness.

It is naive and unspiritual  for any Christian to promote “Good works” (sexual purity) as being equal to or more important than our faith, or the object of our faith; because none of us is righteous (not even Mary the mother of Jesus, for she called Jesus her savior, and only sinners need a savior!

Mary has the same option as we do, to “Test the spirit” of the person talking to us.  Lucifer appears as an angel of light, and if he is that angel talking to her, then she needs to ask him the right questions, and he would have fled from Mary just like he did after talking to Jesus.  The angel flatters her and tells her how wonderful and spiritual she is, and she doesn’t bother to analyze his antithetical statements that are full of faulty logic.

Every generation of species that reproduces through sexual intercourse is responsible for their next generation.  Our awareness of extinct species reveals that God is only responsible for the creation of the first male and female of each species on the planet; and God rests on the 7th day; for His physical creation is complete and finished whereby His new focus is on the spiritual birth and growth in the hearts and minds of mankind.

God puts His Spirit into the body that Jesus gets passed-down to Him from Adam and Eve, making Jesus 100% human “Just like us”.  For God would never promote a freak of nature or a half-alien conception and birth and also presume Mary’s sexual purity is more important than her faith or the object of her faith (God).

The God of the Christians would be more practical and loving if He let Joseph and Mary have a normal relationship; get married for companionship, sex, and children, and 30 years later, reveal to them that their oldest son Jesus is the Promised Messiah.  God doesn’t need to reveal anything to them in advance, simply because they are mere created mortals who are not responsible for the salvation of anyone; and it would be demonic to suggest that Mary is co-redeemer with Christ!!!

Joseph and Mary gave Jesus a human body (just like ours) and God put His Spirit in that body.  All the family members of Jesus considered Jesus a lunatic when He said “Before Abraham was, I AM.  No one worshiped Him or thought of Him to be anyone unusual or different.  No halo around His head etc.  Thousands came to hear Jesus speak, and of foremost importance to them was, “Who’s your daddy?  The Jews wanted Him to say Joseph (blood relative of King David), and the pagans wanted Him to say God is His father through an immaculate conception.  The Jews will not be convinced by His miracles if He has the “Wrong” DAD; for they would attribute His miracles to the power of Beelzebub as giving Him the power to cast out demons.

This didn’t happen, but suppose God had of touched King David’s heart so that the King would set aside 1 billion dollars to give to his descendant (The Christ Messiah) 28 generations later.  The executor of the will would not have legal power to give Jesus the money for His ministry, because Joseph and Mary would both have to be the biological parents of Jesus in order for Jesus to totally be from King David’s blood-line before King David’s wishes could be executed in a court of law.  In the same vein, Sarah being the step-mother to Ishmael is very similar to Joseph being the step-father of Jesus.  Abraham/Sarah are responsible for the child promised them by God; andJoseph/Mary is responsible for the Messiah born to them.

Let’s assume that Joseph and Mary are normal young people 2,000 years ago with raging hormones and they very much look forward to companionship, sex, and children after they are married.  If I visited Nazareth and met Joseph at his carpenter shop and Mary walked up and Joseph introduces her as his fiancée.  If I said hello to Mary and then asked her this question, “Who do you want to be the father of your children, Joseph or God”?  She would then say, that is a silly question!!!  Everyone knows Mary wants Joseph to be the father of her children.  If Mary has a son, she wants him to be as handsome, smart and Godly as Joseph.  Then Joseph agrees with Mary that that is a very silly question and further states that if Joseph has a daughter that he wants her to be as pretty, smart and Godly as Mary.

Joseph and Mary have one thing in common; they have found favor with God.  Their families taught them God’s Word and they have the same faith as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and all their wives.  Incidental, there is no Abrahamic Covenant or Davidic Covenant; but there is an Abraham/Sarah, David/Bathsheba covenants.  In all generations, women are considered property and looked down as inferior to males.  Jesus said that there is no longer Jew and Gentile, male or female classifications.  If Jesus started His ministry in the 21st Century, He would choose female, blacks and other minority apostles in His ministry.

The bottom line, the virgin birth is an attempt to promote the marriage of piety (self-righteousness) to moral purity (virginity); and believe that sexual purity is more important than faith.  Joseph and Mary’s faith in God is why God chose them to give Jesus a flesh and blood body.  God puts His Spirit into the body that Adam and Eve passed down to Jesus, through Joseph and Mary!

Mary would have “Tested the spirit” in order to determine if this is a message from God or Satan.  She wouldn’t say “How can this be since I am a virgin”.  She would have said, “How can the unborn child in my womb be The Messiah if Joseph is not the father of my child”; for me and Joseph are blood relatives of King David if “We” are the fulfillment of God’s promise to our forefathers.

Our parents had sex hundreds of times before we were born. “Knew her not until Mary brought forth her firstborn child Jesus” is a pagan concept added to our Christian scriptures).  It is very unnatural and unloving for 2 married people to abstain from all sexual pleasure when they supposedly are very much in love with each other.  God appears to be a dead-beat dad when He gets a human woman pregnant, leaves town and gets the step-father to raise His child, (an American tradition) L.O.L.

Joseph and Mary can’t tell anyone in their families that she is pregnant byGod.  Everyone would either laugh at them or scorn Mary for committing adultery on Joseph.  All of the religious leaders they know would treat them with harsh words and ostracized Mary from their whole community of faith.  A prostitute would be considered more righteous than Mary, for Mary’s marriage bed is now considered defiled, but Mary is now pretending her actions are righteous in the sight of God or mankind; plus, she could be legally stoned for committing “Adultery”, if she ever says that Joseph isn’t the father of Jesus.

Mary would be psychologically damaged if she told a counselor that she would rather God get her pregnant instead of her husband Joseph.  It would be a mockery of marriage and an injustice to God’s ordained wedding vows.  In Judaism, you are not married until you consummate the marriage in the act of intercourse.  All the male members in Nazareth and surrounding communities would explode in outbursts of laughter, after hearing that Joseph hasn’t had any sexual experiences with his wife of 9 months of marriage (talk about an unloving wife and God).

Once the pagan “Virgin birth concept” is added to our Bible by carnal Christians it is thereafter forever protected and defended; simply because Christians from the 4th Century onward will even die defending the pagans misguided need for a virgin birth.  My conception and birth is just as miraculous as a virgin birth simply because it is God who is doing the miracle.  His miracles don’t have any degree of difficulty associated with them.  Logic has now been replaced by the traditions of men.

Have you noticed that the angel doesn’t ask Mary if she wants to experience this kind of conception and birth?  The angel says to Mary, “That she is going to have a baby” (a command).  Mary can’t feel that she is favored by God.  She could repeat the words of the angel, but she won’t “Feel blessed”.  Mary is in an awkward situation, she can’t tell Joseph or anyone else.  She will do what any pregnant single person who is engaged would do; move the date of the marriage and get married very soon, so that Joseph will be considered to be the father of Jesus.

If someone steals a 20 million dollar painting, they would hide it in their basement, enjoy looking at it frequently, but they can’t tell a soul about their prized possession, for fear of going to prison if they are busted for robbery.  Joseph and Mary are also prisoners of their thoughts, unable to tell anyone about this supposed “Good news”.  No one needs to know about Jesus until He is 30, but maybe God tipped-off the local paparazzi, for evidently, God is unaware that His actions will cause pain and suffering for many families of small children in their community who are being sacrificed on the altar of what will bring fame to the 1st Century publicity hounds (Mary, King Herod and others in the 1st Century.

Since Joseph and Mary can’t reveal what was happening to them; you would think God would save them from the public shame of Mary being pregnant by someone other than Joseph.  God doesn’t need to tell Mary and Joseph that their child is the future Messiah.  The ministry of Jesus doesn’t start for 30 years, so any information revealed about the baby Jesus, just means that the God of the Christians didn’t care if the birthday party and 15 minutes of fame of Jesus will cause the death of Rachel’s 5 sons and many other 2-year-olds; who 30 years later could hear Jesus speak and become disciples of Christ, if God had of loved and protected them also.

The Christian God that I believe in, would encourage Joseph and Mary the meet, date, and marry; and live a quiet life.  For the Messiah doesn’t want to or need to share His Glory with anyone.  No need for Joseph, Mary, King Herod, shepherd’s, wise men, Roman soldiers, and many dead children to be added to God’s Salvation story told to mankind.  Traditions of men (and women) will always try to steal God’s Glory of Redemption or Salvation by trying to be on the “Same acting stage” with God and believing their names are worthy to be mentioned in God’s Salvation Message and plan for our lives.

If you were God Redeeming mankind, what could you do to keep “All humans from stealing Your Glory, especially by 1st Century humans?  You would reveal your Salvation Plan when Jesus is 30 and complete or finish the Gospel message at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that if you don’t believe His Words, then believe because of all the miracles He did (he never told anyone to go talk to His mother about a virgin birth), and Jesus never told any Christian to delete or abolish the Sabbath Day of worship and go worship on the first day of the week.

Joseph and Mary having to flee the country because of King Herod is hilariously funny.  Think about it, the God of the universe can get a virgin pregnant but He can’t protect the Messiah and His family.  King Jesus is in no danger!

There were 1,000’s of women in the 1st Century who have the same “Kind of faith” as Mary, but every “Sane” woman who is married wants a human man to be the father of their child; it would be demonic for any mother to think differently.

Don’t deify the body of Jesus and make Him into a modern-day Superman (half God and half man).  Give Jesus a normal childhood, teenage and young-adult life (no reason for Him to stay single or refrain from sexual pleasure); and then after His earthly ministry begins we start to see the Glory of Emanuel (God with us).  When we read “Let us make man in our image, male and female” it is referring to the masculine and feminine nature of God talking to each other; and not a pre-incarnate state of Jesus.

God has no past or future, He is a “Present tense” God.“  Moses, tell Pharaoh, I AM sent you.  God is said to be in the Temple at Jerusalem and in the body of Jesus.  God put Himself in a temple “Not made with hands” (a human body) means that the body of Jesus becomes the eternal abode of God.  God knew that He would put His Spirit in the 1st child that Mary would give birth to; but before she gets pregnant, Jesus doesn’t exist.  Emanuel means, God with us; God is not with us “Physically” until Mary gets pregnant with Jesus.  Jesus is a human and “Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven”.

God is like a ventriloquist who uses a puppeteer “Dummy” a flesh and blood body to get the attention of us humans and express thoughts and actions that we need to understand about ourselves and God.  The puppet is a “Human-made prop” (a conceived Jesus) who explains the truth about God and the created prop reveals what we humans should think, do and say as we “Live, move and have our being in this created universe of God’s.

It would not be sinful for Jesus to get married and have children, but a Royal bloodline of His living in this 21st Century is unnecessary.  Jesus started a “Spiritual” Royal bloodline; and individuals desiring Royal blood in their veins, just means that they have a problem with the “Lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”.

We are all made in the image of God but God chose to separate the essence of His masculine and feminine characteristic by putting His Glory in two different types of humans.  The image of God being divided and separated for us to observe and marvel at; means that humans distinctly feel an inner spiritual and emotional completeness when we look at the marriage of male and female unity of our spirits.

Any human being having the complete essence of God in them would embrace too much of God, and we would be more like Lucifer who was given more of God’s Spirit than he could handle or deserve.  In a fallen world we wage war against the opposite of what we perceive is the essence of our being (male or female); for we desire to control, change and most likely be misunderstood by the opposite qualities we possess.  And if we had both male and female traits fighting within our mind, will, and emotions; we would be devastated, and the spiritual war within us would be worse than the external war we now face with the opposite-sexed individual that we confront in our everyday lives.

In an abstract way of thinking, you and I have existed for eternity with God “In the mind of God”, for He has always known of us; because God lives in a dimension outside of time and creation.  In a concrete real-world way of thinking, no human being has ever existed before they were conceived in their mother’s womb; to do so would contradict logic, science and what is reasonable for human existence.

Human males and females communicate with each other and collectively accomplish a given task.  When we read in the Bible, Let “US” make man in our image, male and female; you have God who is a person talking to the male/female of His persona, and Christians cannot claim God who is a Spirit can have a son of procreation existing before Mary gave birth to Him.

We cannot deify the body of Jesus.  “For flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God”.

Ask yourself:

Do you want a Christian/Jewish Messiah whose chain of ancestry is “Unbroken” with Jesus receiving a human body past-down to Him from Adam and Eve through Joseph and Mary (not God and Mary)?

Or would you rather embrace a Protestant/Catholic “New” counterfeit Messiah from the 4th Century that has Greek mythology philosophy and ancient pagan gentile superstition woven into the tapestry of Christian Theology?

My salvation isn’t in jeopardy if I am deceived about how Mary got pregnant with Jesus; for there is no Bible verse that says, the virgin birth will wash away my sins L.O.L.

The virgin birth just makes Jesus half-human (and not like us), and the “Traditions of men” being added to our Christian Bible should concern us.  Plus, no human or angel needs to know about Jesus until He is 30 years of age.




P.S.  If Jesus married Mary Magdalene (Mary of Bethany) sister to Martha and Lazarus and daughter of Joseph of Arimathea; it would be a human Jesus who is getting married to Mary.  Since the Spirit of God resides in the body of Jesus, Christians will oppose Jesus getting married because they “Assume” that God would be having sex with a woman that He created.

The essence of God is “Only” Spiritual for He has not a body with which to get Mary pregnant.  Jesus gets his flesh-and-blood body from the lineage or descendants of Adam & Eve who would “Be fruitful and multiply” and only they and their descendants are responsible for the conception and birth of Jesus and the rest of us.

In other words, God used 2 humans (Adam & Eve) to start the “Human” family tree; and a “Virgin” birth reveals that Joseph is the missing link which means that Jesus is only 50% related to Adam & Eve.  And only a 50% fulfillment of a “Human” promised Messiah.

In the human conception and birth of each of us; we are all children of God; for God has no “Step” children that He creates; we are His children and no one else’s.

Closing comment:  All humans receive their Spiritual D.N.A (us in His image) directly from God, and all humans “Only” receive their physical D.N.A. from the “Family tree” of Adam & Eve and their descendants (and Jesus is no exception)!!!