Confess and repent?

God DOESN’T FORCE our sin nature to confess and repent

The bottom line concept upfront is:

Only God is responsible for saving us and giving us eternal life “Spiritual salvation” (no human actions of good thoughts or works is required or needed). Unless someone thinks they are “Co-Redeemers” with Christ the Messiah, Emmanuel (God with us) and think God needs our help.

In order for us to live the ABUNDANT LIFE on earth, God DEMANDS that we “Confess our sins to God, self, and others, repent of what we think, do and say that offends the nature of God, make restitution or reparations that shows TRUE sincerity in our confessions of being guilty of sins.

For OUR actions of “Good works” will “Physically saves us” from the deeds of the flesh which are: “Sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these”.

Humanness and God are 2 different ENTITIES. Don’t blend them together and say they are the SAME. Flesh and blood isn’t Deity and God doesn’t have a body apart from the body that the human race provides him.

God is able and willing to separate us from our sins, redeem the part of us that is made in HIS IMAGE and “ONLY” cast into hell what is SINFUL IN US that offends God — without our ASSISTANCE OR APPROVAL (otherwise God is not ALL LOVING and ALL POWERFUL !!! This is a PARABLE that most Christians DO NOT PERCEIVE AND UNDERSTAND!

A human parent, who has a child, is helpless in that they can’t be an exorcist and CAST OUT evil spirits or actions of their child because they don’t have God’s abilities to cleanse their son or daughter from their sins.

As a human, if I had God’s power, I would be an exorcist for my son or daughter; cast out the demon(s) or the sin nature THAT TORMENTS them, redeem them back into my loving family and I SURE AS HELL (pun intended) wouldn’t cast them into hell for eternity L.O.L. (pagan thought added to the Bible).

God DOESN’T FORCE our sin nature to confess and repent; it is our tarnished SPIRITUAL nature that needs to be CAST INTO HELL for eternity. And God can NEVER do anything that would permanently harm us in any way whatsoever”.

All of the “I AM” statements in the Bible are talking about and referring to God our Creator (not the body of Jesus). Stop deifying the body of Jesus (there is ONLY one God) “Before Abraham was “I AM” can’t refer to the body of Jesus. Abraham was born 1,800 years before Jesus was born; therefore Jesus can’t exist before Abraham. There is only one God in heaven, not 2 or 3.

If we consider the body of Jesus as a temple (or Tabernacle) for God to dwell inside of, then we can entertain “2 thoughts” becoming ONE, the humanness of Jesus he gets from Joseph and Mary via Adam and Eve and the Spirit of God that NOW dwells in a human body is the FIRST TEMPLE of God not made by human hands that God lives inside of on earth.

We can worship the human Jesus because he does not have a human “Created spirit” inside of him that all other humans possess; therefore we can worship before THIS TEMPLE of God made flesh.


P.S. Confession and repentance has to do with seeking the “Abundant life” serving God and others and is an expression of “Good works” which has NOTHING TO DO WITH getting us “Eternal life”.

But if someone kills our mother, father, brother, or sister etc. we want him or her to get the death penalty (very soon) and if we had the power to PUT THEM in hell, we would GLADLY choose that destiny for that person.

God is not like us: We are “All” made in God’s Image and He can rescue all of us without us ASSISTING Him in His Redemption process. But to experience the “Abundant life” we have to confess and repent in order to please God in this life; which makes us more like God or Jesus of whom we want to emulate.