Almost all of humanity believes in either one, a few, or many gods, with very few people being atheist. There is the Hebrew word Emmanuel that is translated “God with us”. Which agrees with the verse “Hear, O Israel; the LORD our God is one LORD”. There is ONE God of Israel and there is only ONE Christian God.

So you have the all-powerful Father God, who puts His Spirit into a human tabernacle (called by the name of Jesus) who becomes a “Suffering Servant” Messiah; to save us from our sins and show us how by example to serve God, and shows us how we can love and forgive ourselves and others.

In the physics of space, you have length, width, and height. Each is intricately a part of each other. The other two are necessary to explain the third, but you only have one physical location, and not 3. Also, a male can be a son, husband and a father, but he is still only “ONE” person. There is no Christian “Tri-union” God (3 in one); for there can only be one God. God is a Spirit who indwells the body of Jesus; this thought has the 3 words (God, Spirit, and Jesus), but these words don’t imply that I am speaking of 3 God’s.

The flesh of Jesus (passed down from Adam and Eve) isn’t God but simply the Spirit of God residing in human flesh; which makes Him ‚ÄĚLike” us in our humanity. Or you can think of the word “God” (as being a noun) and “Spirit” and “Jesus” are adjectives that modify the noun (God).

God the Father is the pre-conceived Emmanuel (God with us), and about 2,000 years ago the Deity of God began to indwelling a human created body of Jesus (that isn’t Deity) but is 100% human like Adam, Eve and you and me.

A physical God touches our hearts and souls and comforts us; when He became human like us.