My response to someone named Rebecca:

Thanks for your reply; and for adding “God bless you”.

You made a general statement “Stick to what it says in the bible”. Whose Bible? Mormon, Jehovah Witness, King James, Catholic or Islam Bible, etc. (they “All” have traditions of men added to them).

The Pope of Rome started the Roman Catholic Church and that organization in its infancy suffered because no Pope, priest, or nun could do the miracles that the Apostles did. Therefore fewer pagan/gentiles viewed the Christian God as being superior to their God’s.

The Catholic Church was desperate because of their cash-flow problem; so the church started demanding priests and nuns take a vow of celibacy in order to save money. But the only way they could sell the idea is to promote the idea of piety (self-righteousness) being married to celibacy (sexual purity); which is a “Very unholy” marriage because it is unnatural for 2 humans to not want to experience companionship, sex, and children, especially in the ministry. The Catholic mantra is repeated over and over, “If you really love Jesus”, you will stay single (forever).

Single males and females have raging hormones that have a God-given desire for sexual pleasure, especially in the child-bearing years. Incidentally, it is much easier for an 80-year-old Pope, priest, or nun to extol the virtues of not experiencing sexual pleasure (the BIG “O”) when their libidos for whatever reason have “Died”.

Rebecca, if you were a priest in the Catholic Church in the 4th Century and your church members are dying-off faster than individuals are becoming Christians; you would have to take drastic steps in order to survive the financial deficit that would follow. If your sanctuary seats 514 which represents 513 pagan/gentiles and “Only” 1 Jew in your church, then you will have to add the virgin birth, pre-existing Jesus, and deify the “Human physical body of Jesus” (and believe his flesh, blood, and bone as equal to Deity, even though flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God, and is a product of sexual reproduction (all humans, including Jesus!!! Jews in your community represent only 2 tenths of 1% of the 514 members of your church (which means that only 1 Jew will like or dislike your preaching.

In the 4th Century, if you preached that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Covenant that God made with King David and Bathsheba and that Joseph is the father of the body of Jesus and Jesus’ life began at conception only (just like us, making him, just like us); at the end of the service if everyone gave an offering of 1 dollar, you would have 1 dollar in the offering plate that would represent the Jewish member of your congregation being very pleased with your sermon.

On the other hand; if you preached Joseph is not the father of Jesus, God decided to get Mary pregnant, preached his immaculate conception, and stated that Jesus pre-exists his conception (not like us humanely speaking). Then at the end of the service, you would have 513 very happy pagan/gentiles who will be very happy to put 513 dollars in the offering plate and become Christians because you have not violated their concept of God. Rebecca, don’t you think it is a little strange that Christianity has the same Theology and limitations that Greek mythology and ancient pagan religions taught?

The whole point about God becoming human like us is for Him to embrace all of our humanity (except sinfulness). God puts His Spirit into a human tabernacle or Temple we call Jesus. Jesus appears to be identical to us; 2 arms, 2 legs, and all other body parts that humans have, Jesus has. His flesh and blood body came from Adam & Eve passed down to “All” humans. The body of Jesus is a mirrored image or identical carbon-copy of humans created by Adam & Eve.

The Catholics added, changed, or deleted details in the Bible about Jesus (to please the pagan/gentiles) and only the Spirit of God can reveal the errors in Christian Theology that humans and Satan have seen fit to hide Truth from us about the “Real” Jesus.

May all Christians acknowledge Emmanuel (God with us) who is the Spirit of God that indwells the human Jesus our Savior, who is a biological product of Adam & Eve’s human nature who produced the human Tabernacle or Temple of the flesh, blood, and bones that God chose to reside in? Joseph and Mary had to obey the natural laws of human reproduction otherwise Jesus isn’t 100% human; so that Christians in the 1st Century could see a human God and not just hear His voice from Heaven or read about Him in their Jewish Old Testament Bible.

Your brother in Christ;

P.S. The Protestant Reformation is proof that there were changes in Christian thought or Theology in the Catholic Church. Example: The Catholic Pope changed the day of worship from The Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) and made Christians worship on Sunday (the first day of the week). The Protestant Reformation a thousand years later failed to acknowledge and reinstate the 4th Commandment for Christians to honor God on, and therefore most Christians only believe in 9 Commandments. On the 1st Sabbath Day of God resting, there is only Adam & Eve on this planet, so it preceded Jewish customs. We honor Jesus with Baptism and The Lord’s Supper, but we still should honor God in His Sabbath (Saturday) Day of rest!!!

The Jewish Sabbath Day of rest was ignored by the early Christian Church simply because no Christian could go a Jewish Synagogue or Jewish Temple and say “Jesus is Lord, Jesus is the Messiah or Jesus has risen”; for they would be beaten or stoned to death!!!

Plus it was safer for Christians (Jew & Gentile) to walk the streets on Sunday, the first day of the week; and not be persecuted as a Sabbath Day worshiping Jew or proselytized Jewish convert.