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God didn’t design celibacy to be a permanent state of being for any Christian. Celibacy starts from childhood (pre-puberty sexual awareness) and extends into your adult life. From the start of puberty until marriage all humans feel they are emotionally and physically tempted, tormented and traumatized by their sexual awareness and desires.

When the Bible was written, most of humanity lived in rural communities and got married in their late teens and early 20’s and had many children. From the start of puberty until a person got married, used to be a shorter time span as opposed to the 21st Century. The most pleasurable experience that the human body enjoys is sexual intimacy. Celibacy is a time that Christians develop self-control and show that they are spiritually and emotionally mature and ready for marriage. Celibacy protects Christians from bad relationships, S.T.D.’s, unwanted pregnancies and helps an individual to not choose a mate based on physical lust and passion.

The Bible says that “God will judge the fornicator” and this warning is also to motivate Christians to commit to another Christian and get married and have a companion, sex, and children. Marriage is a higher calling than permanent celibacy simply because Satan uses our God-given sex drive to destroy our lives and the lives of others by tempting us to not obey God and get married.

If the vow of permanent celibacy had not been taken by those Catholic clergies over the past 2,000 years, there would be billions of more Christians alive in this 21st Century. Think about it, Satan didn’t want Godly Priest and Godly Nuns to marry and each have three or four children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren etc.; for they know God’s word and would have shared their faith with their biological family tree members to thousands of generations.

A child who chooses permanent celibacy brings disgrace to, shows disrespect for and creates or brings shame on their parents and grandparents. Throughout history, it has been considered a family curse if you terminate your family tree by you choosing to be permanently celibate. Just ask Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob if permanent celibacy is a sin against the body and promotes lust and limits the ministry of God. Think about it, if your grandfather had of chosen permanent celibacy, you wouldn’t exist! God’s blessings would have stopped with him!

The Roman Catholic Church is blessed financially if Priest and Nuns take a permanent vow of celibacy. Think about it, a married Priest who has a wife and 3 children will need between 2 and 3 times more money to sustain his family’s needs. The Catholic Church is probably the richest Church or institution on the planet. The vow of celibacy greatly made the Church extremely wealthy (even after the lawsuits).

The Priest and Nuns taking a permanent vow of poverty also greatly protected the Roman Catholic Church’s finances (the bottom line—“Show me the money” the Pope might say). Think about it, trying to pattern you leadership function on Communist Socialism is a very good way to keep everyone equal, necessitates childlessness, and protects church investments and expansions. Socialism of the Christian masses didn’t work for Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:) and it doesn’t work in the 21 Century Church. 

The work of the Christian ministry would be greatly enhanced if the Pope hadn’t been motivated to promote permanent celibacy in the priesthood. The Priest and Nuns extol the virtue of celibacy because they are told that time with a mate and children, and grandchildren would severely limit the ministry of Jesus Christ. Celibate Christians aborting future generations through “Self-pleasure” and not having intercourse, eliminated billions of Christians from our present world, who would have been involved in the ministry of God’s Word.

The celibate Priest long for a mate, sex and children, and God knows that they are expending far too much mental energy suppressing their God-given sex drive and they are not really being honest or embracing their sexuality. God tells us that He gives us a way to escape temptation. Marriage is the Christians way to flee from youthful lust and desires. We are told in the Bible that a married man and woman for a “short time” are to avoid sexual pleasure and to devote themselves to prayer and fasting. But they are warned to resume their sexual pleasure so that they won’t defraud their mate and cause them to commit adultery or be sexually frustrated.

After a married couple hasn’t had sex for a number of days, they might be praying and fasting but their emotional energy and interest is divided between sexual thoughts and desires and studying God’s Word. Since they can’t fool God and pretend they are “Really” focusing on Him, God says “My dear children go enjoy sex and satisfy your physical needs and then you will be free to come back and think about Me”. The Priest and Nuns need a mate, otherwise, they will continue to lie to themselves and God and pretend they are not serving two masters, sexual thoughts & actions and God.

Permanent celibacy in the Catholic Church hides the fact that Priest and Nuns would have about the same divorce rate as the Protestant Clergy have if they got married. They wouldn’t necessarily be better mates or parents. And the Priest and Nuns couldn’t use celibacy as a way to appear to be more pious and righteous than married Christians. And neither is celibacy a litmus test that proves celibate Christians are more blessed, righteous, moral, Godly, holy, or have more favor and approval with our Creator God.

Christians, be real, and repent of your vow of permanent celibacy and ask God to bring you a mate (and be patient). Your strong desire for a sexual release just means you weren’t called to celibacy. Just ask an adult that was molested when they were a child in the Church, “If the Catholic Church allowed Priest and Nuns to get married; do you think there would be fewer cases of child molestation”? And through tears they would say “Yes, that would solve almost all sexual sins of the church leadership, for they would be attracting hundreds of thousands of Godly Priest and Godly Nuns into the ministry who are heterosexuals that embrace high moral standards of sexual purity, and teach the same principles to others by their actions”.

Moses would say, “Let my people go” – marry. LOL. Marriage is a higher calling than celibacy and blesses more people through the institution of the family.

Celibacy, a gift of God or a curse of Satan, your choice!!!