An Old Testament story

To my fellow believers in Jesus The Christ:

I appreciated the message about Abraham and Isaac. And the comment about Abraham not having an Old Testament scripture to go to in order to help him decide how to respond to this situation was meaningful to me. In a lot of life situations, I have either forgotten, never knew or just misunderstood a Biblical principle that would help me now. For whatever reason, the angels of God are talking to Abraham directly but not to me. I realize that we have the Word of God as our primary source of knowledge. Plus I might get a little nervous having angels to drop in on me uninvited.

The main reason Abraham, Isaac, you, me, and everyone else views the story of Isaac being sacrificed on an altar as being an illogical request from a presumed loving God; is that we are so caught up in the emotions of the human drama of the pain that Abraham is experiencing that we can’t see the true message that God wants to convey to our minds and hearts.

Abraham and Isaac are actors in life’s earthly human drama play. Neither one is the primary actor in the play. And the sorrow and shock that Abraham felt, and we feel is replaced by joy, after Gods message is understood by us humans.

The “real” future sacrificial blood atonement is the subject of the message conveyed. Alter sacrifices of animals are simply a visual icon and is supposed to point to the death of Jesus Christ as the only sacrifice that takes away our sin.

I think God has a sense of humor, like when the sister of Moses complained about Moses marrying a dark-skinned woman. She was struck with leprosy (which has a white look). So God said, you like white, I’ll make you whiter. Moses prayed for her and she was healed, physically and spiritually. Never again did the sister of Moses complain about the race of her sister-in-law.

In the same vain of humor, I think an angel could have appeared to Abraham smiling. And Abraham is still shaken by the emotional trauma he has experienced. Abraham must have had to have many questions to ask God concerning what did and didn’t happen on that sacrificial alter that day. Abraham looks at the angel that is smiling at him and he is puzzled by his demeanor. And he asks him why he is smiling. The angel says,

God is pleased that you love Him more than you love your son. Abraham, your son lying on that alter is only a picture or an example of a visual icon (ok, he didn’t know what the word icon means-but you do) of a future human sacrifice that God will be pleased with and His name is Emmanuel-which means God with us. All the blood sacrifices up to this time in human history that God is pleased with have been only the blood of animals; simply because only God can purchase eternal life for us. Created beings only act and react whereas God creates and maintains. Your son Isaac is a nice boy, but “perfect he ain’t” for only God is good. I stopped you because the shed blood of Isaac couldn’t save him or anyone else, his blood would have been shed in vain.

The only rational and positive thought or statement that I can think of is when Abraham said, God will provide. I think deep down in his spirit he knew he was blinded by his damaged emotions that were buried in a sea of pain. He was somewhat hysterical and really out of his mind. Let Abraham be human like us all.

None of us can relate to the thought of killing a son that we love, thou there are cases where parents have hated their child so much that they take their child’s life. And if you asked Abraham, “If God has a Son and He loves Him, do you think it would be hard for God to kill His only Son with His own hands? Abraham is now crying as he finally is able to say; yes it would hurt too much!

Personally, I think this drama is played out in real-time life as opposed to an academic, mental or theoretical premise; is that God demanded or wanted someone in human history to know and experience His real pain in sacrificing the son He very much loves.

I also believe that under the circumstances concerning the message of salvation, it would be illogical and impossible for God to allow Abraham to kill his son under this particular specific circumstance, simply because Abraham and Isaac are not the main characters of the story, nor the subject of the message proclaimed, and in no way do they cause, add to, carry-out or complete the salvation message of God in human history.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.