Baby boomers & health-care

Baby boomers have given life to the sinister, wicked and criminal (“New goose”) that lays the non-golden eggs, no gold for the sick, poor, or those who inherit!!! This goose is symbolic of the evil and unholy marriage of health-care and capitalism. Everyone longs for and lusts after health-care jobs; saying, “Show me the money” while at the same time, embracing the Robin Hood Syndrome. All schools and institutions of higher learning will extol the virtues and benefits of all training that opens up the doors of opportunity that lead to a vocation in health-care.

It appears that the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of all nations on this earth are political whores to the free-enterprise system. I believe God ordained capitalism (not socialism) to be the engine that runs our economies; but greed and self-interest destroy individuals, families, and nations.

I have read that anywhere between 75 and 85 million births became a reality between 1946 to 1964 starting at the end of WW II. These men and women can all be retiring in about 20 years (unless we can have the retirement age raised to begin at 120 years of age L.O.L.). Our poisoned food and drink supply are what is destroying everyone’s health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say; but almost everyone employed in health-care is hoping (and praying) that I will need the pound of cure for me to be healed in order for them to have that 30 plus year guaranteed job, the new house, car and other benefits of a high paying job that they trained so hard for.

A person who has school-loans will demand a higher salary and feel that they are entitled to as much money as the insurance company will pay for their services rendered, and they don’t care if their pay is 2 or 3 times higher than the average person’s salary. Health-care will bankrupt a society because the medical profession is content to treat the symptoms and ignore the cause of an illness; which will guarantee that you stay sick longer and spend more money on drugs and surgery.

Health-care should be run more like the fire-department; for their employees are highly trained but seldom involved in a rescue. We should have free health-care when we are sick; and only pay our health-care provider when we are well; that way every society and area of the globe can have a paid to-stand-around medical team and mostly train for “Emergencies only” patients and not have the 80% plus “Self-induced lifestyle” illnesses destroying us physically and financially.

Everyone wants to invest their money in companies and corporations that produce a high rate of return on a person’s investment. Stockholders and companies want you and me from cradle to grave to take their over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Once a product is in the marketplace and is being sold at wholesale or retail; it is almost impossible to get it pulled off the shelves. No Food and Drug Administration, Medical Association, food processor, politicians or government worker is going to demand unhealthy items to not be sold in the public or private sector of a nation.

If a person experiences a “Slow death”, then there is no “Smoking gun” and there is no way for a judge or jury to conclude that a certain junk food or drink item killed someone after they in-jested it. No, I am not suggesting that all companies be put out of business that sells harmful food-stuffs; for there would be 10’s of millions of people in a nation in the unemployment line soon after they go out of business. Automakers, “Re-tool” their factory equipment when they decide to make a different model car. In the same way, the judicial branch of a government should hold the legislative Branch accountable to pass laws that protect their nation from those who profit from the sale of harmful substances.

For a start, have food processors to be mandated by law to sell only food and drink that would be considered “Good enough” to be carried in a health-food store. Also, our nation’s goal is to force health-food stores to eliminate “Their own” harmful products. Do a search, “The dark side of soy” (un-fermented) or “soy dangers” on website.

Health-care worldwide should be defined as managed-care (they “Managed” to take all your money, and they “Don’t Care” about preventing or curing our diseases or ailments. Most health-care employees are ecstatic and joyful that they have the opportunity and the brain-power to be in such a lucrative rewarding vocation. Health-care will bankrupt all economies if we don’t stop thinking the insane idea that more money for baby boomers is going to heal them. I can literally choose a good medical doctor who can cure me of all self-induced illnesses, but I can’t get my insurance provider to pay my cost for treatment. We have a very evil and corrupt society who lets special interest allopathic medical practitioners and drug companies to demand that our insurance provider only pays our insurance claims if we use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery etc. as a (supposed cure). Get an A.C.A.M doctor “American College for Advancement in Medicine” (less likely to injure or kill you L.O.L.).

Throughout history, entrepreneurs encourage all of us to buy what they say is the latest product or procedure to ensure our health. When politicians seek to collectively give baby boomers around the world untold billions of dollars over the next 18 plus years; please ask yourself, who benefits the most from this money stolen from the taxpayers. If tomorrow 10 million people worldwide joined the health-care staff of our doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes; health-care jobs would still increase because we have chosen to treat the symptom and avoid pointing out the cause of an illness.

You will not find a university or medical school that will show you a line graph that depicts the decline in the need for medical services. Diagnosis is examining the symptoms and prognosis is an educated guess on the chances of recovery; but prevention and cures are the more compassionate, moral and ethical health-care which accomplishes a righteous goal, to “Do the patient no harm” during treatment.

Someone has said that there are only 2 things in life that remain, death and taxes; Special interest groups should be added to the list entitled “Infamous social injustices of antiquated medical practices and procedures” that don’t get removed from all medical practices for the good of mankind.

It’s all about the money. People get fearful, angry, and defensive if their medical skills or drugs are obsolete and no longer needed or wanted. All companies and individuals do “Damage control” when a new medical product or procedure hits the medical free enterprise market and the news floods the Internet and spreads like a wildfire of interest that threatens everyone who might lose perspective patients.

Hundreds and thousands of years ago, scurvy had a nutritional cure, vitamin c, and some herbal remedies. My eye doctor never told me that putting prescription eye-drops in my eyes can be a natural cure to prevent, treat and reverse cataracts. If the 21st Century doctors and the legally sanctioned drug dealers of our nation could be transported back in time they would mandate all ship captains to dispense prescription drugs to stop the scurvy. If some of the doctors are skilled surgeons, they will prescribe cataract surgery for the common sailors and the ship’s officers and other elitist and wealthy on board the ship will receive eye drops to cause a natural cure to prevent, treat and reverse cataracts.

Prevention and relatively inexpensive procedures would destroy the drug companies, and also make obsolete the harmful medical equipment and supplies that should be recycled or thrown in our nations dumpsters. To be fair, if you want to view a picture of a special interest individual; then just look in a mirror, for we all acquiesce to our primal depraved, egocentric nature and completely ignore that we do harm to self and others in our life choices.

Mr. Henry Ford was interested in alternative fuel sources in the early 1900’s for his Ford automobiles, but the oil companies bought-up patents strong-armed politicians and did everything they could to protect their special oil interest.

An average of 40,000 people die in automobile accidents in the United States of America each year; that is over 400,000 total individuals who died from 2001-2010 (someone’s family member, friend or co-worker etc.). The untold billions of dollars in health-care revenue would be lost just in the United States if we had a national outcry to fit computer technology to every car in the U.S. so that human error would be virtually eliminated. America can spend over 3 trillion plus dollars in our middle-east wars, go to the moon and other planets in our solar system but job security and profits are more important to us in our workplace, and protecting human life and property is sacrificed on the altar of what is expedient to maintain plenty of “Black ink” on our health-care spreadsheets, and we Americans truly do have blood on our hands that even the blood of Jesus can’t wash-off (unless we repent)!!!

I am sad to prophesy that euthanasia will be the economic solution to the world’s pandemic health-care crisis in the near future concerning all baby boomers and others. The healthy in all societies will consider the mentally and physically handicapped to be “Useless eaters”. Plus others will want and demand population control to eliminate their enemies and overcrowding of metropolitan areas; and will also want to return country areas back into the playground for the wealthy aristocrats around the world.


P.S. Please share this letter with others; for you know that I share the truth.