I have been thinking about Abraham and Mary the mother of Jesus and realized that God put much more pressure and stress on Abraham than he did Mary.

Abraham didn’t understand God telling him to kill his son on an altar, but he did know that God made a Covenant with him and He was able to raise up his son Isaac, even from the dead. And Mary being a virgin is what God expects from all of His single male and female children. So Joseph and Mary being virtuous, moral and Godly is God’s norm for His people in the 1st and 21 Century (no exception).

Consider a farmer who goes to his barn in search of a pig and a chicken. This farmer has talking animals. So he tells the pig and chicken that a very good friend has arrived from a long journey and is very hungry and tells these animals that he would like them to volunteer to provide ham and eggs for his famished friend. The chicken is very enthusiastic about this request and looks forward to blessing his friend with her eggs. The pig, on the other hand, is very reluctant and sad that the farmer is requesting such a commitment that demands the “Ultimate sacrifice” of obedience and love to the farmer.

Mary is like the chicken, and is not making any great or unusual sacrifice like the pig; nor is her actions causing her Son’s death, but she is like all virgins (male and female) who are just making good moral choices in life that help them avoid guilt, shame, punishment, and unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

The bottom line: Equate God’s moral sexual purity law as the “Norm” for all humans. If Mary the mother of Jesus filled-out a job application and stated on the form that she is a virgin; no one would care then or now. Joseph and Mary were not perfect, and the sins they did, and you and I “Do commit” is what separates us from God. Mary called Jesus her “Savior”, ONLY SINNERS NEED A SAVIOR!!!